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Tonic guide for women of different constitutions in winter

Tonic guide for women of different constitutions in winter

Women’s tonic in winter should start with adjustments, reconcile the internal and external balance of the body, keep the body in a state of qi and blood flow, and then determine whether tonic is needed based on the situation.

Physiological characteristics of women In some men, women take blood as their most important factor. The key to winter supplements is blood regulation, but different tonic schemes should be formulated according to different situations.

  How can a woman with qi deficiency make up?

  Qi deficiency is mainly manifested by fatigue, shortness of breath, and burnout, that is, the whole body is not good, and the energy is weak.

  Tonic principle: The representative supplements of Qi deficiency are ginseng, including American ginseng, white ginseng (raw ginseng), wild ginseng, red ginseng (Korean ginseng, Korean ginseng), etc.

About qi deficiency and mild fever, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, coronary heart disease, chronic hepatitis, and menopausal syndrome are suitable for American ginseng.

Those with simple qi deficiency can take white ginseng (raw sun ginseng), and those with more severe qi deficiency can take wild ginseng, because wild ginseng has a significant effect on replenishing qi.

Those with qi deficiency and coldness should use red ginseng (Korean ginseng) as tonic. Red ginseng has the effect of warming Yang.

Qi deficiency women should eat more radish, jujube, pork rib soup and other Qi-enriching foods in the autumn and winter seasons; on the medicine supplement, you can drink the “Four Gentleman Soup” made of Astragalus, Ginseng, Atractylodes and Licorice.

  Diet plan: Chinese yam barley tea, Huai yam, 9 grams each of barley kernels, decoction for tea.

Drinking yam barley tea often can make you full of qi, good spirit and good complexion.

But be aware that good yam is white. If it is purple or red, the effect is only equivalent to eating sweet potatoes.

  The four god soup lotus seeds, Italian barley kernels, Huai yam, and Zhishi boiled soup is a health diet suitable for people with qi deficiency.

Some people are accustomed to adding ribs and chicken to Sishen soup. To prevent excess nutrition and gain weight, you can remove the attached fat and cook again.

  Mushroom loach porridge Mushroom loach porridge is very effective for people with qi deficiency and poor perfusion function.

The loach, garlic, shiitake mushrooms, rice and spring onions are boiled into porridge, which not only tastes good, but also has high nutritional value.

  How can women who are afraid of cold make up?

  Some women, especially menopausal women, are especially afraid of cold in winter, which is medically called cold sensation.

Medical research believes that women are particularly afraid of cold in winter due to their reduced body resistance and poor cold resistance due to menstrual periods, pregnancy, puerperium or complications of anemia, metabolic disease and chronic illness.

In addition, nutritional deficiencies, hypotension or hypothyroidism can also cause local or systemic blood circulation disorders, resulting in cold hands and feet.

  Tonic principle: Medical doctors of all ages believe that eating more lamb, beef, dog meat, chicken, quail, garlic, pepper, ginger, parsley, onion, longan, chestnuts and other warm foods can help protect against the cold.

In order to prevent or reduce the feeling of cold, you should actively participate in appropriate physical exercise, especially women in the military who are sedentary or standing, should pay attention to work activities, and do more hands, feet and waist movements.

  Diet plan: Ginger and mutton lamb cut into thin slices, ginger and shreds.

Add a small amount of oil to the pot, add peppercorns, star anise, fry the flavor, stir-fry ginger, add lamb slices and stir-fry, add salt, monosodium glutamate, and sprinkle sesame oil when it comes out of the pot.

  Jujube Chinese wolfberry mutton soup mutton is cut into eight large pieces, and the bleeding water is simmered in a boiling water pot for later use.

Wash 5 jujubes and 15 grams of wolfberry.

Add water to the pot, add mutton, spring onion, ginger, and season the ingredients.

When it is half-cooked, add jujube, wolfberry, salt, and cook.

Add 1 when zooming in on dates?
2 slices of orange peel can reduce odor.

  How can women with anemia or blood deficiency make up?

  Blood deficiency is similar to anemia in modern medicine. Patients often experience symptoms such as dizziness, dazzling, chlorosis, insomnia, dreaminess, and irregular menstruation.

  Tonic principle: The representative supplement for blood deficiency is Ejiao, Angelica sinensis.

Ejiao is known as the “holy blood remedy”, which has the functions of nourishing blood and stopping bleeding, nourishing yin and nourishing the lungs.

The incidence of iron deficiency anemia in young and middle-aged women is relatively high, accounting for about 20.


Because the milk and eggs that are often consumed contain less iron, the blood supply is insufficient, and menstruation causes women to lose blood every month, so anemia is more likely to occur.

  For women with anemia or blood deficiency, iron supplementation is the most important. You can eat more iron-rich foods such as animal liver, lean meat, jujube, wolfberry, royal jelly, and protein containing fungus, kelp, and walnut kernels.Foods rich in hematopoietic materials such as iron and iron, those with conditions can eat more sea cucumber and abalone.
  For women with irregular menstruation and excessive menstrual flow, ginseng, angelica, chuanxiong, astragalus and other traditional Chinese medicines are optional, and traditional Chinese medicines such as Wuji Baifeng Pill and Ejiao tonic plasma are also available.
Eat sea cucumber, fish and shrimp, red dates, kiwi, grapes, longan, sesame, spinach and other foods in daily life.

  Diet plan: Longan red date porridge, 15g longan meat, red dates 3?
5 pieces, 100 grams of rice, cooked into porridge, served warm.

Longan red date porridge nourishes the spleen and nourishes and nourishes and strengthens.

  100 grams of coarse glutinous rice with red rice porridge, 50 grams of barley kernels, 15 red dates, boil the same porridge, add appropriate sugar when eating.

Drinking barley red dates porridge often can nourish yin and blood.

Egg yolks and 2 eggs.

Add water, boil a little salt, cook into the egg yolk, and drink 2 times a day.

Egg yolk has a good iron supplementation effect, suitable for women with iron deficiency anemia.

  How to make up for thin women?

  The spleen is the source of the day after tomorrow, the source of qi and blood biochemistry.

The spleen and stomach are healthy, the qi and blood are abundant, the muscles are strong, and the limbs are strong.

Conversely, the body is thin and the limbs are weak.

Onset of weight loss must first rule out a variety of chronic diseases such as hyperthyroidism, liver disease, kidney disease and tumors.

  Tonic principle: Many thin women have picky eaters and partial eclipses.

Therefore, first of all, the bad habits should be changed, and the expected supplementary amount should be increased. The expectations should be rich and diverse, and eat a small amount.

In addition, high-protein foods, vegetables and fruits are not indispensable.

On weekdays, eat more healthy snacks, such as peanuts and toffee.

Slim women with weak gastrointestinal function, substitute for chicken, duck, fish and animal liver.

Those who are thin have more yin deficiency and less blood loss, so they should eat more Gan Run Sheng Jin, such as milk, honey, eggs, turtle (turtle), sea cucumber, white fungus and so on.

  Diet plan: walnut milk, honey drink, sea cucumber cream, turtle lily date jujube soup, turtle turtle kidney soup, white fungus pigeon eggs, lily chicken yellow soup, etc. are all good food for women who are thin.

Yin deficiency often has internal heat, and those who are thin often see irritability, irritability, dry mouth and sore throat, hypersexuality and other endogenous phenomena. Therefore, while nourishing, you should also pay attention to clearing fire.Meat slices and so on.

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Three types of sports get fatter

Three types of sports get fatter

It is said that exercise can lose weight, this is not absolute!

Recently, the United States “Plastics” magazine wrote that the three types of sports will make people more fat.


Massive exercise.

If the amount of exercise is too large, the body’s required oxygen, nutrients and metabolites will increase accordingly. At this time, the heart must increase the output of blood for transportation.

  When the amount of exercise is large, the blood output of the heart cannot meet the body’s need for oxygen, leaving the body in an anaerobic metabolic state.

Anaerobic metabolism does not use adults as the main energy release, but mainly breaks down the glycogen stored in the human body as energy release.

  Because in a hypoxic environment, a few can not be used at all, and some incompletely oxidized acid substances, such as ketone bodies, can reduce human endurance.

After a short period of high-intensity exercise, the blood sugar level will decrease, causing serious problems. At this time, people will have an appetite, which is extremely unfavorable to weight loss.


Short-time exercise.

When performing aerobic exercise, the glycogen stored in the human body is first used to release energy; after 30 minutes of exercise, the energy conversion from glycogen release to trace release energy begins.

After about an hour of exercise, the energy required for exercise is mainly accidental energy supply. Then, just when it started to break down, people stopped exercising, and the weight loss effect was naturally not good.


Rapid explosive sports, such as sprinting, ball sports, etc.

Human muscles are composed of many muscle fibers, mainly divided into white muscle fibers and red muscle fibers.

Such as rapid explosive power exercise, the main muscles are white muscle fibers, and the cross section of white muscle fibers is thick, so the muscle group is easy to develop and thick.

With this method, you will become more and more fat.

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There are good things to not report

There are good things to not report

Four strategies to help you overcome the difficulties of getting along with your colleagues.

  Look in the mirror.

  Have you considered that your approach to a challenging task may exacerbate the pessimism of your cynic colleagues?

For example, if you are a person who follows the trend and she is a person who is looking for trouble, your easygoing nature may trigger her to fear that you have not taken your work seriously.

At the same time, a determined, manageable attitude may signal that you are not interested in risky warnings.

Feeling neglected or improved is enough to make the employee feel frustrated and skeptical when she gives an opinion.

Let your colleagues know that you welcome constructive comments to avoid problems early.

  Find out why your colleagues are negative.

  No one likes their talents, and knowledge or skills are questioned.

But even a slight attack can trigger a crisis of confidence for insecure people.

So if a colleague doesn’t agree with her, you are overly defensive and try to increase compassion instead of getting more and more annoyed.

By coaxing her to explain her perspective more clearly, and turning her reviews into production solutions, maybe you can find common ground.

  Arrange one-on-one with her destructive behavior.

  Whether you are a colleague or manager, prepare a checklist when she messes with your ideas or projects.

If she loves revolutionary, take out your notes and keep a detailed record of your negative situation.

But be careful not to criticize her; just state her destructive behavior and its effects.

  Teach her to be a re-constructive player.

  Encourage her to continue asking questions, but the framework approach can make the brainstorming process more constructive and creative.

This can be frustrating because people usually revert to what is easiest for them.

But don’t give up.

A stress-free environment is worth the effort.

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