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Hou Baolin’s disciple, cross talk master Jia Zhenliang passed away at the age of 87

Hou Baolin’s disciple, cross talk master Jia Zhenliang passed away at the age of 87
On January 29, the grandson of Hou Baolin, crosstalk actor Hou Jun reappeared on his Weibo. The second-level national actor, crosstalk master Jia Zhenliang passed away at the age of 87.Number of him: “Grandpa’s apprentice, my uncle Zhenliang left, came to Hou’s family from an early age, grandpa sees him as a big disciple, an excellent crosstalk inheritor, and an educator is gone.farewell! “The picture comes from Hou Jun’s Weibo Jia Zhenliang born in 1933. He is a master disciple of Mr. Hou Baolin, a master of crosstalk.Lao Jia has been learning art with Master Hou Baolin since he was 15 years old, and is regarded as the “big brother” by Hou’s children.After becoming a disciple of Hou Men, Jia Zhenliang joined the Beijing Crosstalk Improvement Group and received training from Zhao Chuntian, Yu Shide, and Yu Lianzhong.After the training, he joined Beijing Quyi Three Troupe and partnered with Wang Xueyi.He once appeared in the explosive cross talk “Greedy Dream” and the comic “Laughter in the Morgue”.In his later years, he collaborated with Zhao Shizhong to perform “Diversion”, “Marriage and Superstition” and so on.Sauna, Night Net Editor Liu Zhen Tian Ai Ni Proofreading Guo Li

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The third movie of Deceptive World was stopped due to scandals, Nagasawa hopes to continue

The third movie of “Deceptive World” was stopped due to scandals, Nagasawa hopes to continue
Sauna Night News (reporter Li Yan) On February 19th, according to Japanese media, the third movie in the series “Deceptive World JP” was temporarily suspended due to public opinion, and the filming schedule originally scheduled for this autumn was temporarily suspended.East of Changda’s drama. The series of “Deception” and two movie versions of “Romantic” and “Princess” are all around three fraudsters (respectively played by Yazawa Nagasawa, Changda Higashi and Xiaori Xiangwenshi) in finance, real estate, art,The story of fraudulent huge sums of money in the beauty and other industries is unfolding. The Air Force, one of the main actors in the “Deception of the World JP” series, Tokui Changda is caught in the whirlpool of public opinion due to the derailment in marriage.The third movie, “May be based on the reaction of the audience, reduce the chance of going out, or make a major script change.”Nagasawa Yami.” Yazawa Nagasawa said at an event that she hopes the work will continue to be filmed, and she will be solely responsible for the promotion of the second film in the series, “Deceptive World JP: Princess”, which will be released in Japan on May 1 this year.Sauna, Ye Wang Li Yan editor Huang Jialing school against Zhai Yongjun

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Construction Machinery (600984) 2019 Interim Report Review: Tower Crane Leasing Leads Both Volume and Price Rise, Profitability Improved Significantly

Construction Machinery (600984) 2019 Interim Report Review: Tower Crane Leasing Leads Both Volume and Price Rise, Profitability Improved Significantly

2019H1 performance quadrupled short-termThe company released its 2019 interim report and achieved revenue13.

99 ‰, an increase of 51 in ten years.

92%; net profit attributable to mother 1.

880,000 yuan, an increase of 217 in ten years.

74%. This is due to the continued upward trend in the construction machinery leasing market since 2018. The company’s tower crane leasing business equipment holdings + rental prices have risen to drive rapid revenue growth.

Profitability continued to improve, and the tower crane leasing business dazzled the company’s gross profit / net margin in 2019H1 to 36.

76% / 13.

45%, an increase of 5 per year.


02 pct; period rate control is good, of which management / sales / finance rate are 11 respectively.

44% / 1.

15% / 6.

22%, ten years change -3.

17 / -0.



In terms of business, rental income from construction products12.

10,000 yuan, an increase of 53 in ten years.

67%, revenue accounted for 86%, mainly benefited from the continued high demand in the tower crane leasing market, the company continued to increase the purchase of leased equipment, and Pengyuan Leasing continued to expand its output value in the first half of 2019.

46 ppm, an increase of 41 in ten years.

1%, add equipment purchase 7.

54 ppm, +70 a year.

01%; Revenue from road construction equipment / tower sales / road construction product rental business is 0.



28 ppm, a decrease of 16 per year.

85% / 5.

87% / 30.

56% were slightly anesthetized overall.

“Quantity, price and efficiency” have risen together, and the company has entered a rapid growth channel.Since 2018, the subsidiary Pangyuan Leasing has seized the market opportunity for the development of domestic prefabricated buildings, fully relying on the advantages of the parent company’s listed platform, and continued to increase equipment investment.To increase market share and operating performance.

According to the survey information, the company currently has more than 4,800 tower cranes, the industry’s first, and the total tonnage of tower cranes has exceeded one million tons. The company’s rental price has remained stable and increased, according to the latest Pangyuan Index on August 18.1490, an annual increase of about 15%; the company’s tower crane tonnage utilization rate in July was 78%, still at a historically high level.

The increase in the company’s equipment ownership + rental growth + equipment maximization and the three-factor resonance drive the company’s rapid growth.

Earnings forecast and investment recommendations The company’s net profit for 2019-2021 is 4 respectively.



750,000 yuan, the corresponding EPS is 0.


75/0.94 yuan, corresponding to 14/11/9 times PE, maintain “Buy” rating.

Risk warning policy risks; real estate and infrastructure growth measures; less-than-expected development 深圳桑拿网 of fabricated buildings;

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[Does Hebrin need to be soft before eating]_How to eat_How to eat

鍦ㄧ敓娲讳腑鍚冩按鏋滄槸涓€绉嶉潪甯告湁鎰忎箟鐨勪簨鎯咃紝鍥犱负鍚勭鍚勬牱鐨勬按鏋滃綋涓笉浠呭寘鍚簡澶ч噺鐨勮惀鍏伙紝鍚屾椂杩樿兘澶熷府鍔╀汉浠彂鎸ュ嚭闃叉不鐤剧梾鐨勪綔鐢ㄣ€傜敓娲讳腑甯歌鐨勬按鏋滃寘鎷嫻鏋溿€侀钑夈€佹ⅷ銆佹潖銆佽タ鐡滅瓑绛夛紝涔熷寘鎷竴浜涗汉浠笉鎬庝箞甯稿悆鐨勬按鏋滐紝榛戝竷鏋楀氨鏄叾涓殑涓€绉嶃€傞偅涔堥棶棰樻潵浜嗭紝榛戝竷鏋楄杞簡鎵嶈兘鍚冨悧? 榛戝竷鏋楁€庝箞淇濆瓨锛氬湪甯告俯涓嬶紝0鎽勬皬搴﹀乏鍙冲氨鍙互浜嗭紝涓嶈浣庝簬0鎽勬皬搴︼紝鍚﹀垯瀹规槗鍐讳激鍙樿川銆傞粦甯冩灄鍜屽叾浠栫殑姘存灉涓€鏍凤紝涔熻兘鏀捐繘鍐扮涔嬩腑杩涜淇濋矞锛屼綆娓╄兘缂撹В姘存灉鐨勮厫璐ュ彉璐紝鑳借捣鍒扮煭鏃堕棿淇濋矞锛屼笉閫傚悎闀挎湡淇濆瓨銆傞粦甯冩灄鍦ㄥ啺绠变腑瀛樻斁鏃惰嫢娓╁害杩囦綆锛屼究浼氫娇鑺遍潚绱犵牬鍧忥紝鍙樻垚瑜愯壊锛岃櫧璇翠細闄嶄綆榛戝竷鏋楃殑钀ュ吇浠峰€硷紝浣嗘槸瀵归鐢ㄥ奖鍝嶄笉澶э紝浠嶇劧鍙互椋熺敤銆?榛戝竷鏋楄蒋浜嗘墠鍙互鍚冨悧锛氱湅鎯呭喌锛屽鏋滃懗閬撴€€殑锛屽氨鎵旀帀銆傝惀鍏诲尰甯堜粙缁嶉粦Ning Xia Xing Jiang Jiang Xuan Zhe Zuo Zuo Meng Zuo Mian Zuo Zuo Ding Zhe Ding Xie Ding Zuo Ding Zuo Ding Dian Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Dian Ding Dang Ding Dang Ding Dang Deng Dang Ding DangSorry, you will be able to find out how to use it, and you will be able to find out how to use it, and how to do it.How about simple gallium? How about the umbrella? Ammonia deficiencies. How about the bees? The simple code?1 銆 丷 撩 槙 璙 秙 駋 駋 楋 楄 兘 勭 幭 繳 铮 吮 吜 千 咃 啑 哑 壑 咰 駒 槒 駒 雧 雧 甧 雧 唔 唧 唔唔 唧 唔唔 尧 唔 尧 唔 甧犺€岄鏉庤兘淇冭繘娑堝寲锛屽鍔犻娆诧紝涓鸿儍閰哥己涔忋€侀鍚庨ケ鑳€銆佸ぇ渚跨缁撹€呯殑椋熺 鑟 Fan?2銆佹竻鑲濆埄姘存柊椴滃竷鏋楄倝涓惈鏈夊绉嶆皑鍩洪吀锛屽璋烽叞鑳恒€佷笣姘ㄩ吀銆佺敇姘ㄩ吀銆佽劘姘ㄩ吀绛夛紝鐢熼涔嬪浜庢不鐤楄倽纭寲鑵规按澶ф湁绉嶇泭銆?3銆侀檷鍘嬨€佸娉汇€侀晣鍜冲竷鏋楁牳浠佷腑鍚嫤鏉忎粊鐢欏拰澶ч噺鐨勮剛鑲补锛岃嵂鐞嗚瘉瀹烇紝I do n’t know how to donate to the government. I ‘m going to do a lot of research. I ‘ll take a look at it. I ‘m going to do a lot of research. I ‘m going to do a lot of research.姝㈠挸绁涚棸鐨勪綔鐢ㄣ€?4銆佺編瀹瑰吇棰溿€婃湰鑽夌翰鐩€嬭杞斤紝甯冩灄鑺卞拰浜庨潰鑴備腑锛屾湁寰堝ソ鐨勭編瀹逛綔鐢紝鍙互鈥滃幓绮夋粨榛戦化鈥濓紝鈥滀护浜洪潰娉解€欙紝瀵规睏鏂戙€佽劯鐢熼粦鏂戠瓑鏈夎壇鏁堛€傚埄灏匡紝娓呰倽鍏昏倽锛岃В閮佹瘨锛屾竻婀跨儹鐨勪綔鐢ㄣ€?

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[Authentic practice of braised lamb]_How to do_How to do

缇婅倝鏄皯鏁版皯鏃忕殑涓昏鑲夌被锛屾墍浠ュ浜庢眽姘戣€岃█鍋氬嚭鐨勭緤鑲夌被鑿滆偞姘歌繙閮戒笉濡傚皯鏁版皯鏃忓仛鐨勫ソ鍚冦€傛兂瑕佸涔犵儵缇婅倝鐨勬瀹楀仛娉曚竴瀹氳鍘诲皯鏁版皯鏃忓湴鍖哄銔 狅 甴 銲 銲 鍏 鍏 粬 獬 鍦 鍯 釱 懑 鐑 镑 ╃ 緤 礤 夲 駳 駸 縸 缁 翚 倚 鏀 鏀 邴 釴 重重 鏍 鏗 気 闗 Eastern笅闈㈢粰澶у浠嬬粛鍑犵鐑╃緤鑲夌殑鍋氭硶锛屽ぇ瀹跺彲浠ユ潵浜嗚В涓€涓嬨€備竴銆佸洓鑹茬儵缇婅倝揉 愭 枡: Ti Tuo inlaid?The negative chain is very important, but it is hard to find. It ‘s a good example. It ‘s a good idea. It ‘s a bit of a problem. It ‘s a real thing. It ‘s a real thing. It ‘s a real thing.癸紝鐩愩€傚仛娉?銆佽偐鍓旈娲楀噣锛屽垏鍧楋紝鍔犲鐗囧叆寮€姘撮攨;鍘昏娌幓鑶伙紝娌ュ共澶囩敤銆?Do you want to go? Do you want to go? Do you want to do it? Do you want to go?You can click on the link below, and then you will be able to find out how to do it. If you want to do it, you will be able to see how it works, if you do n’t know what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on?硸鍐掓场鏃舵斁鑲夌炕鐐掋€?銆佸緟鑲夊潎鍖€涓婅壊鍚庯紝鏀句簺椤婚叡娌癸紝鍚屾椂鏀捐懕娈点€佸鐗囥€?銆 佺 洊 阌 擊 镣?鍒嗛挓鍚庢斁鍏ユ俯姘达紝鐢ㄥぇ鐏倴寮€鍚庯紝鏀逛负涓伀鐐栥€?銆佸緟鑲変簲鎴愮啛鏃讹紝灏嗚敩鑿滃€掗攨鍐咃紝鏀剧洂锛屽皢鑲夊拰钀濆崪鍦熻眴鐐栫儌鐔熸椂锛屽嚭閿呫€Bei 鰆 罆 looked at the gong and chopping the tits and the tits and sorrows: Ti 婅 倝 鐗?00鍏厠锛岃姤鍏拌彍銆佸鏈€佽挏鏈€佺孩杈f鏈€佽懕鑺便€侀叡娌广€佹矙鑼堕叡銆侀娌广€佺硸銆佺洂鐩愩€佹矙鎷夋补澶櫧绮夈€佹按鍚勯€傞噺銆傚仛娉?1) What are you looking for?1) What can I do?0 闒 嗛 擓 揶 囩 护 劆?2)濮溿€佽懕銆佸ぇ钂溿€佺孩杈f娲楀噣鍒囨湯澶囩敤锛岃姤鍏拌彍娲楀噣鍒? 劎 藀 貀  銆?3)鍙﹀涓€閿呯叜娌哥殑姘村苟鍔犲叆璋冨懗鏂?2) 銆?4)灏嗚姤鍏拌彍鏀惧叆姹嗙儷鑷崇啛鍚庯紝鎹炶捣娌ュ共姘翠唤閾哄湪椁愮洏涓婂鐢ㄣ€?5) How to make up for it? How to make it up to you?6) What is the best way to do it? 8) What is it?7)灏嗚皟鍛虫枡(3)鐨勫お鐧界矇鍜屾按璋冨寑锛屽€掑叆閿呬腑鍕捐姟鐑╃倰鑷崇啛銆?8)灏嗙緤鑲夌墖鐩涜捣鏀惧湪鑺ュ叞鑿滀笂鍗冲畬鎴愩€備笁銆佺孩鐑╃緤鑲夎皟鍛虫眮鏉愭枡:绾㈤珮姹?500cc: Child?40cc: toilet, toilet, toilet, toilet, toilet, toilet, toilet, toilet, toilet, toilet, toilet, toilet, toilet, toilet, toilet, toilet, toilet, toilet, toilet, toilet, toilet, toilet00 toilets, toilets, soups, soups, 2 soups, pets, soups, soups, 180s, toilets, soups, soups, 20s, toilets, toilets, toilets, toilets, and toilets. 2 toilets, cuckoos, cuckoos?Toilet: Too bad? : Too ℃ ℃  撷 楷 餃 懷 戣  Adopted: 夽 寛 鐗 椤 埄 绾 ㈡ 琪?姹ゅ寵銆傚仛娉曪細1銆佸皢娲嬭懕鏈€佽挏澶存湯銆佹湀妗傚彾鐐掗鐐掑寑锛屽姞鍏ョ暘鑼勭叧銆佺暘鑼勫潡鎷岀倰銆?銆佸啀鍊掑叆绾㈤厭鐑х叜涓€涓嬶紝鍔犲叆绾㈤珮姹ゅ強瑗胯姽鏈€佺櫨閲岄鐓害1涓崐灏忔椂銆?銆佷互鐩愩€侀粦鑳℃绮楃矇璋冨懗锛屽悗鍔犲叆绾㈣悵鍗滃拰鐧借彍涓€璧风叜銆傚洓銆佺緤鑲夌儵闈㈡潗鏂?缇婅倝銆佺緤楠ㄥご銆佽懕銆佸銆佹枡閰掋€佸皬鑻忔墦銆佺洂銆佹捣甯︺€佹湪鑰炽€佽眴鑵愪笣锛岄鑿溿€佺矇涓濄€傚仛娉曪細灏嗙緤鑲夈€佺緤楠ㄥご娲楀噣锛岀敤娓呮按娴告场30鍒嗛挓锛屾斁鍐锋按閿呬腑鍔犵儹鑷虫哺锛屽皢缇婅倝銆佺緤楠ㄥご鎹炲嚭锛屽彟涓€閿呮按鍔犵儹鑷冲井娌革紝鎶婄緤鑲夈€佺緤楠ㄥご鏀惧洖閿呭唴锛屽姞钁便€佸銆佹枡閰掞紝鐢ㄥぇ鐏儳娌革紝鏀逛腑鐏倴2涓皬鏃讹紝灏嗙緤鑲夋崬鍑哄鐢ㄣ€傞潰绮夊姞鍐锋按鍜岀洂锛屽皬鑻忔墦(鐩愮殑姣斾緥涓烘瘡500g闈㈢矇10g鐩愶紝灏忚嫃鎵撴槸鐩愮殑涓夊垎涔嬩竴)鍜屾垚闈㈠洟锛岄啋30鍒嗛挓鎻f弶涓€娆★紝濡傛鍙嶅3娆★紝鎻夎嚦闈㈠洟琛ㄩ潰鍏夋粦鏈夊脊鎬с€傚皢闈㈠洟鍒嗘垚姣忓潡100g宸﹀彸鐨勯潰鍓傦紝鍒蜂竴灞傞鐢ㄦ补锛岄啋15鍒嗛挓锛屾搥鎴愮墖鍒囧皬鍧椼€傛捣甯︽场杞礂鍑€锛屽垏缁嗕笣;鏈ㄨ€冲彂濂芥礂鍑€;绮変笣锛岃眴鑵愪笣锛岄鑿滄嫨娲楀共鍑€鍒囨;缇婅倝鍒囦竵銆傞攨鍐呮斁缇婅倝姹わ紝姹ゆ哺锛屽皢闈㈠澂鎷夋垚闀挎潯锛岃杽鍘氱湅鑷繁鍠滄锛屾斁鍏ラ攨涓紝鍔犵緤鑲夈€佹捣甯︿笣銆佽眴鑵愪笣銆佹湪鑰炽€佺矇涓濄€佺敤涓伀鐑?鍒嗛挓锛岀洓鍏ョ鍐咃紝鎾掗鑿滐紝娣嬮娌瑰嵆鍙€?

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Sanqi Mutual Entertainment (002555) In-depth Report: Buying Volume Boosts Mobile Game Business and Constantly Boosts Performance

Sanqi Mutual Entertainment (002555) In-depth Report: Buying Volume Boosts Mobile Game Business and Constantly Boosts Performance

The volume model created a mobile game giant.

1) The company initially served as the R & D and operation of page games, and successfully launched major works such as “Legend of Domination” and “Angel Sword”, and accumulated rich experience in traffic operation; 2) Later extended the mobile game business, “The Eternal Age” 2017 In March of this year, the global monthly water flow was as high as 3.

500 million, can be called “page change hands” benchmarking products, and then the company successively launched “Douluo”, “Dawn of the Dragon”, “Sword Passed”, “Elf Festival” and other works, with a leading buying capacity to create highMasterpieces of mobile games in flowing water; 3) Rich mobile game reserves, self-developed products include “Codename YZD”, “Doulos 3D”, “Mountains and Beauty”, etc. Agent games include “Fantasy of Tomorrow”, “Song of Cloud City””.

The rapid growth of performance has made mobile games the main driving force.

1) From 2015 to 2019H1, the operating income was 46.





7 trillion, an increase of 678 each year.

4%, 12.

7%, 17.

9%, 23.

3%, 83.

8%, net profit attributable to mothers is 5, respectively.




5 (asset impairment) / 10.

3 billion, an increase of 1224 each year.

2%, 111.

5%, 51.

4%, -35.

4%, 28.

91%; 2) High growth in mobile games is the mainstay of mobile game products, and mobile games have driven the company’s high growth; 3) 2016-2019 H1 mobile game revenue accounted for 31.

23% / 53.

06% / 73.

13% / 89.

39%, with gross profit accounting for 30.

66% / 59.

23% / 77.

62% / 90.


Profit forecast and rating.

EPS 0 is expected for 2019/20/21.



24 yuan, closing price on September 12 corresponds to 18/16/15 times PE. In 2019, the company continued to launch new products, allowing docking with traffic platforms, allowing rich game products to be held, revenue and profit maintained a high growth rate, and the industry chain.The upstream and downstream bargaining power has continued to improve. New products such as the Elf Festival were launched online in the second half of the year, and performance is expected to maintain high growth, covering the “prudent increase” rating for the first time.杭州桑拿网 Risk reminders: The game goes online less than expected; industry competition intensifies; game policies tend to be tight; major shareholders reduce risk; goodwill impairment risk.

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Lianchuang Electronics (002036) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review: Third Quarterly Report Results Meet Expectations

Lianchuang Electronics (002036) 2019 Third Quarterly Report Review: Third Quarterly Report Results Meet Expectations
The results for the third quarter of the year were in line with expectations, and the performance improved significantly from the previous quarter. The company achieved revenue 42 in the first three quarters of 19.68 ppm, an increase of 20 over the same period last year.59%; realize net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies.24 ppm, an increase of 22 over the same period last year.42%, net of non-attributed net profit1.880,000 yuan, an increase of 26 in ten years.53%, performance in line with market expectations. The company’s gross profit margin for the first three quarters of 2019 was 14.64%, an increase of 2 over the same period last year.46 units.Net interest rate 4.86%, a reduction of 0 per year.27 units.19Q3 single quarter revenue of 15.98 trillion, ten years +19.15%, 19Q3 single quarter gross margin of 16.03%, an increase of 2 over the same period last year.52 units. New products in the optical industry are gradually being ramped up, and new growth points are continuously developed.Mobile phone customers and major downstream ODM customers were acquired and significantly increased. In the future, production capacity will be further expanded, and products will continue to develop to the mid-to-high end.The fingerprints under the optical screen began to be expanded in batches. It is expected that full production will be transformed into an important increase next year.In addition, the company’s in-vehicle lenses have passed the certification of automotive electronics manufacturers that have expanded their visibility and have begun mass production shifts. The company’s in-vehicle lenses have sufficient incremental potential and strong order stability and sustainability. It is worth looking 佛山桑拿网 forward to the continued heavy volume of vehicles in the future.In addition, the company has become the main supplier of many well-known large customers at home and abroad in the field of high-definition wide-angle lenses, and the high-definition wide-angle imaging module has become a new growth point. Touch display capacity continued to be released, and all-round layout steadily increased. The company continued to expand strategic cooperation with BOE and other major customers, expanded the scale of integrated touch display products, and developed many new front-line brand customers.The production capacity of the Chongqing Liangjiang Project has been further released, product types have continued to be enriched, technological capabilities have been continuously improved, medium-sized production lines have been continuously 杭州桑拿 expanded, product types have been continuously expanded, and performance has gradually improved with the release of capacity.The company invested in Mephax, jointly established Jiangxi Zhilian, and built core products such as wireless charging chips. Through the improvement of product solutions and mass production, it continued to increase the company’s performance. risk warning.The overall downstream demand did not meet expectations.The volume of new optical products did not meet expectations.The production capacity of the Touch Display business did not meet expectations. Endogenous and extensional layout of 5G, high performance growth potential is sufficient, we maintain the “Buy” rating We maintain our profit forecast and achieve net profit attributable to mothers in 19/20/213.40/5.03/6.5.8 billion.EPS0.48/0.70/0.92 yuan, a growth rate of 38.6% / 47.8% / 30.7%, currently corresponding to PE31.6/21.4/16.Four times, the company estimates that it is slightly larger than comparable companies, and the company’s performance has continued to improve significantly. Optics is expected to usher in a high-speed growth period and maintain a “buy” rating.

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Sanquan Food (002216): Logic Confirmation of Net Profit Surpassing Expected Fundamentals

Sanquan Food (002216): Logic Confirmation of Net Profit Surpassing Expected Fundamentals

The higher-than-expected net profit was due to accelerated revenue growth, lower expense ratios and reduced asset impairment losses.

  The company’s announcement predicts that the company’s net profit attributable to its mother will be 1 in 19 years.


14 ‰, an increase 重庆耍耍网of 80-110% in ten years; 19Q4 return to net profit of mother 0.


97 ppm, a year-on-year increase of 439-686%, exceeding market expectations.

We believe that the high net profit growth in 19Q4 was mainly due to the accelerated growth of the company’s revenue, lower expense ratios and reduced impairment of fixed assets.

1) We expect the company’s 19Q4 revenue to accelerate its growth. The advance payment plan for the first three quarters will be confirmed in the fourth quarter. The company will expand its distribution channels and coexist with price increases. It is expected that the retail business will accelerate in 19Q4 and the catering business will continue to grow at a high rate of about 40%.

2) The company’s traditional retail market achieved significant improvements in operating efficiency by optimizing its product structure, actively expanding sales channels, and increasing the efficiency of its internal organization. The company’s expense ratio during the first three quarters decreased by zero.

87pct, 19Q4 expense rate is expected to continue the downward trend.

3) In the fourth quarter of last year, due to the upgrading of the dumpling machine, the asset impairment loss was zero.

370,000 yuan, the influencing factor was eliminated in 19Q4.

Supermarkets reduce losses, catering efforts, net profit margin is expected to continue to increase in the next 3 years.

(1) The company’s direct business supermarket channels are in a state of replacement, and after the company gradually expands the business supermarket expenses, we expect that in the 21st year, the direct sales supermarkets are expected to narrow to 100-200 million; the company’s distribution channel net interest rate will increase, and revenue is expected to be maintainedSteady growth. We expect the net profit of the distribution channel to reach 4 trillion points in 21 years.

  (2) Net profit of catering channel in the first half of 19 was 6.

5%, higher than the retail channel, high growth in catering channel revenue is expected to increase net margin.

(3) The company deepened its internal structure adjustment, optimized performance assessment, reduced unnecessary expenses, and promoted team vitality.

profit prediction.

Regardless of the sale of Sun’s earnings for the time being, it is expected that the company’s net profit attributable to the mother in 19-21 will be 1.



20,000 yuan, an increase of 92 in ten years.

21% / 50北京夜网 .

04% / 36.

62%, EPS is 0.



50 yuan / share, corresponding to PE is 52/35/26 times.

Sanquan Food’s fundamental improvement logic is fulfilled, and future performance is expected to continue to improve, giving 45 times PE over 20 years, corresponding to a reasonable value of 16.

5 yuan / share, maintain BUY rating.

risk warning.

The cost of raw materials increased faster than expected; expenses exceeded expectations; food safety risks.

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The right way to wash hair

The right way to wash hair


Combing your hair before shampooing is the first step in removing dandruff. Combing is done with fingertips from the back of your head to the back of your head. It is like combing with a comb. The key is to apply even force to avoid hurting your scalp.

If you have dandruff, gently comb it with a comb before shampooing. This will replace the old cuticles on the surface.

  2 Use warm water at about 38 ° C to moisturize the hair for * minutes. You can test it with your palm. If the water temperature is too hot, it will hurt the scalp and stratum corneum. If the temperature is too low, the hair and hair products will not be washed away.

Make sure to wet your hair before washing your hair.

  3Apply the shampoo thinly to the hair twice before each shampoo. The amount of about 8ml is used. If the amount of shampoo is too large or too small, it can be slowly added.

The first time to gently rub the hair with foam, the purpose is to wash away the oil secreted by the hair and the surface dirt; the second time, the amount of shampoo is about half of the first, the purpose is to thoroughly clean the scalp.

  4 Nourish and remove dandruff while cooperating with the moisturizing essence. The feature of the moisturizing essence is to form a protective film on the hair to prevent the harmful environment from irritating and damaging the hair.

Experts point out that when using the moisturizing serum, first wipe it from the tip of the hair, to the middle of the hair, and finally to the root of the hair.

Do not wash too cleanly, but keep the hair smooth.

In this way, the hair can be kept moisturized and smooth all day.

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These Chinese medicines are poisons!

These Chinese medicines are “poisons”!

“Chinese patent medicine is non-toxic” is a misunderstanding.
If the proprietary Chinese medicines are not applied properly, they can cause toxic and side effects as well as western medicines.
  Liushen Pill: It is often used for the treatment of acute tonsillitis, pharyngitis, and scabies.
In addition to banning this drug for pregnant women, those with weak constitution should also be used with caution.
Some people take Liushen Pill because of sore throat, and as a result, itchy skin, irritability, pale, nausea and vomiting, lethargy, coma, and difficulty breathing and arrhythmia.
  Jinkui Shenqi Pill: Also known as Bawei Dihuang Pill, this medicine is often used to treat the symptoms of soft waist and legs, abdomen pain, insomnia, dysuria, or frequent urination.
However, some people will experience adverse reactions such as rash, nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea, edema, headache and increased blood pressure, and rapid heartbeat after taking the medicine.
  Xiaohuoluo Pill: Some people take this medicine due to traumatic periarthritis or sprained waist. As a result, symptoms such as chest tightness, dyspnea, and itching of the skin of the whole body appear. The symptoms disappear after treatment.
This may be related to the allergy caused by the animal protein contained in the earthworm (earthworm) in the prescription.
  Xiaoyao San: It is mainly used to treat headaches, dizziness, fatigue and other symptoms.
However, some patients took the drug due to trigeminal neuralgia. After 1 week, prickly pink papules appeared on the whole body, and swelling of the face and lower limbs occurred.
Fever and high fever, head pain, healed after stopping treatment.
  Sanxian Dan, An Gong Wan, and Zhu Sha An Shen Wan: They all contain cinnabar, namely mercury sulfide, which can be poisoned by Jiufu.
  In addition, improper taking of cough and asthma can lead to arrhythmia; abuse of Chaihu injection and pilose antler injection can cause anaphylactic shock.
In order to avoid the above-mentioned adverse reactions during medication, during the medication period, the reactions after the medication should be closely observed. If any abnormality occurs, stop the medication immediately and go to the hospital for treatment.

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