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Yoga Breathing Lectures (2)

Yoga Breathing Lectures (2)

Respiration is an axis that connects physiology and psychology, and is a window for understanding physiological and psychological conditions.

Normal breathing is the foundation of a person’s physical health and the soul of yoga practice.

Modern people make the right changes, and the rules of healthy life are getting farther and farther, and as a result, there are more and more physical and psychological diseases and problems.

The manifestation of this dispersion is imbalance and disturbance of breathing.

Watching breathing is the best way to correct this alternative.

As yoga says: changing your breath changes your body; changing your breath changes your mind; changing your breath changes your destiny; therefore, understanding the significance and mastery of breathingThe right breathing method is a top priority for yoga practice.

  The following is the introduction of Yoga’s completely natural breathing method.

  It can not only effectively clean up the toxins in our body, supplement the vitality of life, but also has outstanding achievements in improving the peace of mind and improving concentration.

  While sitting, stepping on it slightly about two inches high, keeping your body straight and alert.

Put your hands comfortably on your knees, close your eyes lightly or slightly open, and stare at the nose.

  Everyone breathes day and night, but they don’t even notice it, because no one has focused their mind on breathing in minutes and seconds.

And now all you have to do is focus on your breath.

The method is: just breathe and breathe as usual, don’t exert any force, just focus your mind on this exhalation, inhale, and watch out for the inhalation and exhalation, keep the vigilance of this breath, so that it is always at all timesIt is clear from this dynamic.

Sometimes you breathe deep, sometimes shallow, it doesn’t matter, just breathe naturally.

The only point is that when you breathe deeply, you must know in your heart that these are deep breaths, and when you breathe shallowly, you must know that these are shallow breaths.

In fact, your mental strength should be focused on breathing, so that you are unaware of the changes in its movements, forget about your surroundings and everything else, do not look up or look away, such a trial for 15 minutesTo thirty minutes.

  In the early stages, you will find it hard to concentrate on breathing.

You will wonder why your heart is running like this.

It just refuses to stop.

You think east and west, and only the outside sounds are heard in your ears.

Your brain is in chaos and your thoughts are flying.

You will also feel frustrated and disappointed.

But if you continue to practice, one morning and one evening, every 15 minutes to 30 minutes, your heart will gradually focus on breathing.

After a long practice, you will experience the momentary settlement. Your mind is completely absorbed in the breath, and even the sound of closeness is turned a deaf ear.

This short experience is an amazing experience, full of joy and tranquility.

You wish you could keep it.

But at this time you haven’t been able to do this. However, as long as you keep practicing, this experience can happen again and again, and each time will gradually increase.

At this time, your physical health will return to a good state, and your mind will be full of tranquility, joy and wisdom.

  This thought is inseparable from the yoga practice of breathing and watching. It is the simplest and most esoteric method. It is the foundation of all cultivation.

It allows you to focus your attention and generate deep insights that can help you resolve the pain and annoyances of life and understand the truth of life.

In addition to this, breathing exercises go beyond immediate effects. It is great for your health: it can improve your sleep, relax your nervous body, and improve your work efficiency.

It can make you calm and peaceful, more than the charm of life.

Even when you are nervous or excited, if you can practice yoga breathing for a few minutes, you will immediately feel quiet and calm down, as if you just wake up after a break.

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Don’t step on these 5 skincare minefields

Don’t step on these 5 skincare “minefields”

As the saying goes, “details determine everything”, skin care and beauty are the same. If these small details are not good, they will become skincare “minefields”, which will greatly reduce the effect of skin care!
  护肤雷区1、脸洗得越久越干净  洗脸越久越干净是个错误的观念,因为洁面产品在脸上停留时间过久,细胞间脂质流失就越多,肌肤会变得干燥较无弹性,所以Don’t wash your face too long, it is recommended to control the time to about one and a half to two minutes.
  护肤雷区2、洁面产品清洁力越强洗得越干净  如果选择强效洁面产品,会刺激肌肤,且过度清洁会造成皮肤干燥敏感,甚至可能出现红肿、脱皮等现象,所以应该选择适当且适合Cleansing products, after washing the face should feel refreshing, not tight, a little moisturizing but not sticky is best.
  护肤雷区3、洗完脸用毛巾擦干  都知道洗完之后水分留在脸上,如果等其蒸发的话,会带走肌肤的水分,让皮肤变干,所以很多妹子一洗完脸就赶紧Drying with a towel is not completely wrong. It is OK to use a towel. Try not to wipe, gently press on the face, and just absorb the excess water on the skin surface.
If rubbed vigorously, it will hurt the skin.
  护肤雷区4、面膜没有变干可以多敷一会  敷面膜的时候不能聊天跟做表情大家都知道,但敷的时间很多妹子都不知道,总觉得上面的精华还没干,多敷一会It will not be wasted. In fact, this is wrong, because not only will not absorb more nutrients for too long, but it will become dry and produce fine lines, and may even cause allergies.
Therefore, the time to apply the mask is about 15 minutes, and it is best not to exceed 20 minutes.
  护肤雷区5、一直使用同一套保养流程  现在使用的流程觉得皮肤挺好的,所以就一直用同一套保养方式与流程,这是不对的,因为不同的季节或者身体变化会让肌肤的状况有It ‘s different, so you should make some adjustments according to the current skin condition. The best is for the skin. If you do not adjust the process for a long time, it may cause a burden on the skin. Be sure to distinguish the situation.

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Seven whitening and slimming teas you should drink regularly in summer

Seven whitening and slimming teas you should drink regularly in summer

The first type: flavored green tea materials: 1 packet of green tea, 10 grapes, 2 pineapples, 1 teaspoon of honey, and 2 lemons.

  Practice: 1.

Take the green tea bag into the cup, add boiling water and soak for 7-8 minutes; 2.

2. Press the pineapple slices and grapes into juice; 3.

Pour the juice, honey, lemon and green tea into the glass at the same time and block it.

  Efficacy: It can gently and safely promote skin metabolism, blood circulation, renew the aging cuticle, and break down the melanin of the epidermal layer, making the skin more uniform, smooth and fair.

  The second section: Rose honey tea material: 6 roses, 1 tea bag, a spoonful of honey, a small slice of lemon, 550 ml of white water.

  Practice: 1.

Pour the water into the pot and boil, add black tea bag, brew for about 6 minutes; 2.

Put the roses into the black tea liquid and mix, and continue to boil over low heat; 3.

Pour in the honey and turn off the heat and add the lemon slices.

  Efficacy: mild in nature, lowering fire qi, regulating blood gas, promoting blood circulation, beauty, and has the functions of eliminating fatigue, healing wounds, and protecting the healing of the liver. Long-term replacement can also help promote metabolism and reduce body fat.

  The third paragraph: mung bean chrysanthemum tea material: 10 grams of chrysanthemum, 30 grams of mung bean paste, 10 grams of lemon, a small amount of honey.

  Method: Put the chrysanthemum into the water and boil it. Put the juice of the squeezed lemon and mung bean paste into the chrysanthemum water and stir. Add a small amount of honey instead.

  Efficacy: Detoxifying and nourishing, smoothing the rough pores of the whole body to make the skin smooth and clean.

  The fourth paragraph: aloe black tea material: aloe 20cm long section, a chrysanthemum, a black tea bag, 1 spoon of honey.

  Method: Peel aloe and take only the inner layer of white meat. Put aloe and chrysanthemum in water and cook slowly over low heat. After boiling, add black tea bag and honey.

  Efficacy: It improves cell vitality, accelerates adult digestion, regulates the physiological functions of the human body, improves skin radiance, and slows skin aging. It is a good recipe for whitening and beauty.

  Fifth paragraph: tomato rose drink material: tomatoes, cucumbers, roses, lemon juice, honey each amount.

  Method: Peel the tomatoes, wash the seeds and cucumbers, crush them with fresh roses and filter, add lemon juice and honey.

  Efficacy: Promote skin metabolism and hypopigmentation, making the skin delicate and tender.

  The sixth paragraph: Runbaixue milk black tea material: 100 grams of fresh milk, 1 grams of salt content of black tea.

  Method: Fry the black tea until the juice is thick, then mix the boiled milk into it, add some small salt and stir well.

  Efficacy: Nourishing, nourishing, filling and replenishing Qi.

Consistent taking can enhance the physique and make the skin white and elastic.

  Section 7: Coix Seed Tea Take Coix Seed Tea daily and you can see the effect for one month.

  Function: Lightens dark spots and whitens skin

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What you need to know about fitness equipment taboos

What you need to know about fitness equipment taboos

Fitness equipment.

The space walker must not swing too much. What is the space walker?

It’s popular because many people think it’s easy to play, not too hard, and it’s fun to toss it around.

The doctor said that the space rambler is actually very easy to strain the lumbar muscles, especially the aged muscles due to aging, the moisture is reduced, and the flexibility is poor. If the amplitude of the swing of the legs is too large and the speed is too fast, it will easily strain the muscles around the spine.
Therefore, it is best for the elderly to swing their legs at about 45 ° C and the frequency to be 3-4 seconds each time they do a “space walk.”

  Elderly people with hip osteomalacia don’t play with pedals. This device is mainly used to exercise the strength of the lower limbs and waist, but for those who have just caught osteomalacia, this exercise is not suitable.

The main symptoms of so-called hip osteomalacia are usually knee pain, and you feel weak when going up and down the stairs.

Such an elderly person would have a poor weight-bearing function of the hip joint. If the pedaling device is used again, the extensor muscles of the knee joint may be damaged, thereby aggravating the symptoms of the consequences.

  If you suffer from disc herniation, do n’t hit the ride. This kind of equipment overcomes the strength of hands and feet to make up and down movements, so as to stretch the whole body to achieve the purpose of moving all joints in the whole body.

In principle, this exercise is suitable for those who often work at the desk and have strains on the neck and waist muscles.

However, if the disease has progressed to herniated discs, do not use this type of equipment, because the spine absolutely can not withstand the “toss” of pulling and pulling.

  To play the tractor, first try the function of the pull-up upper limb tractor to the hospital for traction treatment. It is good for stretching muscles and preventing disc herniation.

However, it is recommended that the elderly who do not have enough power should not play this sport.

To test your hand strength, whether you can do pull-ups as a standard. If an elderly person who can’t even pull-ups can do it, it is better to choose another stretching exercise.

In addition, many elderly people like to use the leg press to exercise their flexibility. The doctor reminds that it is best not to raise the leg more than the shoulder joint, otherwise it will easily damage the knee ligaments and muscles.

  The twisting range of the twisting device should not exceed 180 ° C. The twisting range should be controlled, the speed should be slow, and the movement should be gentle, otherwise there is the danger of straining the lumbar muscles.

The doctor suggested that the amplitude of the twist should not exceed 180 ° C, and the frequency should be controlled within 3-4 seconds to complete one action.

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