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Jiang Zhipeng’s dangerous moves escaped the red card, Li Tie did not protect the short: violence on the court must be prohibited

Jiang Zhipeng’s dangerous moves escaped the red card, Li Tie did not protect the short: violence on the court must be prohibited
Jiang Zhipeng escaped the red card by kicking the opponent’s head in defensive action in the first match of the national football selection team in the East Asian Cup lost to Japan 1-2.After the game, he explained that he did not intentionally hurt anyone.Coach Li Tie said that stadium violence must be prohibited.Jiang Zhipeng’s dangerous action received a yellow card.Picture / Osports happened in the 30th minute of the game.Facing a high-altitude ball, the Japanese striker jumped to the top, but Jiang Zhipeng shot from the side, trying to unload the ball with his left foot.But at the time, Jiang Zhipeng’s feet were already as high as the opponent’s head, and the soles kicked to the side of the opponent’s head.However, the referee only showed a yellow card for this dangerous action.”I didn’t kick the ball, so it was not possible to give a red card.”Jiang Zhipeng said after the game that he didn’t intentionally hurt anyone,” I saw him on that ball, but I don’t think he can get the ball in his position.You can also see through the replay that I broke the ball with my foot in advance, and then his head touched my foot.But in the national team’s game, this action should still pay attention.”After the game, coach Li Tie also communicated with Jiang Zhipeng on this action,” he told me very positively that he didn’t see the opponent and only wanted to stop the ball.”But Li Tie also said that this is undoubtedly a dangerous move.This season, Li Tie led Wuhan Zhuoer to take the sixth place in the Super League. The team’s total number of red and yellow cards and the number of fouls are the least among the 16 teams. The net game time is in the forefront of the Super League, which is enough to prove that Li Tie is strict in governing the army.Leading the selection team, Li Tie has also emphasized the elimination of violence on the court.”We continue to communicate and communicate with the players and tell them how to play, not the violence on the court.”Li Tie reiterated at the post-match press conference that stadium violence must be prohibited.

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[Can fresh edamame be used for soy milk-]_ making soy milk _ can you

[Can fresh edamame be used for soy milk?

】 _Do soy milk_Can you

Soy milk is a very popular drink in modern life, because the taste of soy milk is strong and delicious. Drinking a bowl of soy milk for breakfast can make the body feel instant satisfaction, and the mouth has a fragrance. Soy milk is generally usedSoymilk is made from soybeans, and through the improvement of living standards, many other ingredients can also be made from soybean milk. For example, can fresh edamame be used for soymilk?

Edamame can be used for soy milk: Method 1: 1.

Fresh edamame peeled 2.

Rinse it 3.

Put edamame and 1.

Pour 2L of water into the soymilk machine together, and press the wet bean Jian 4.

After a few minutes, the edamame soy milk is ready for nutritional effects: edamame is rich in vitamin C and soy milk does not contain vitamin C. The same amount of edamame milk contains less energy and traces than soy milk, and the edamame yield is higher.In soy beans, it has the fragrance not found in soy milk, soy beans do not need to be soaked, which is more convenient and quicker than soy beans.

Cooking skills: The amount of edamame and the water you need to add are based on your own soy milk.

Method 2: Specific methods: 1. Remove the edamame shells and peel the edamame rice. When packing the beans, fold the halves in half and move the squeezed beans out. 2. Wash the edamame rice into a blender, soybean milk machine or smallPut a bowl of water into the mill to make a thin paste; if you use a soymilk machine, put the water in one foot at a time; 3, put the thinned paste into a pot, add water to replace the soy milk, and then boil on high heat,Add rock sugar or white sugar and simmer for 3 minutes, then filter.

The filtered bean dregs can be used for pancakes and steamed buns.

The efficacy and role of edamame1. The content of trace elements in edamame is higher than other types of vegetables, but mostly unsaturated fatty acids, such as linoleic acid and linolenic acid, which are necessary for the human body, can improve trace metabolism and reduceCholesterol triester and cholesterol content.

2. Lecithin in edamame is one of the indispensable nutrients for brain development, which can improve the memory and intelligence of the brain.

3, edamame is rich in dietary fiber, which can improve constipation, lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

4, the potassium content of edamame is very high, summer consumption can help make up for the loss of potassium caused by excessive sweating, resulting in fatigue and loss of appetite caused by the loss of potassium.

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[Baby Pork Liver Noodle Practice]_kids_how to make

[Baby Pork Liver Noodle Practice]_kids_how to make

For babies, it is good to eat a little pig liver. The nutritional value of pig liver is relatively high, there are iron elements, and rich in vitamin a. It has certain benefits for promoting the development of children.When it is liver, it can be made into pig liver mud or pork liver noodles. It has a good effect on promoting the absorption of nutrients. Let’s take a look at the practice of pork liver noodles.

The practice of baby pork liver noodles I. Ingredients: 500 grams of alkaline water noodles, 500 grams of pork bones, 250 grams of fresh pork liver, 250 grams of water fungus (about 60 grams) Seasoning accessories: 1 grams of pepper, MSG 1.

5 grams, spring onion 25 grams, appropriate amount of salt to adjust soup accessories: 260 grams of cooked lard, 50 grams of soy sauce, 20 grams of starch1.

Wash and cut the pork liver into thin slices, put it in a bowl, add starch and mix well.

The pork bones were washed and added to the sand jar, and then heated on water for 2 hours, and cooked into a milky white soup.


Take 5 soup bowls, add 10 grams of cooked lard, seasoning salt, monosodium glutamate, pepper, green onion and other seasonings, and pour into half a bowl of boiling bone soup.


Set on a hot pot, add water to a boil, add noodles and cook in 5 bowls.


Add 250 grams of cooked lard to the pot. When it is set on a hot fire and heated to 70%, add pork liver, pour the oil into a colander after the oil.


Heat the original pot on a hot fire, add oily pork liver, add 100 grams of bone soup, fungus, and boil the soy sauce. Stir in wet starch and serve on the noodles in 5 bowls.

Points to note: 1.

Pork liver slices should be starch-mixed and starched, smooth and crispy; 2.

When cooking the noodles, shake them and add them to a boiling water pot, and constantly stir with chopsticks. After boiling, add a small amount of cold water to cook.

Second, liver porridge cut pork liver into slices, simmer it with boiling water, chop into mud after removing.

Wash and cut the cabbage into filaments.

Put some oil in the pot, stir-fry the pork liver, add green onions, ginger, and an appropriate amount of soy sauce to stir in the flavor, then add an appropriate amount of water to boil, then take the washed rice and millet and cook until cooked.

Add cabbage and a small amount of fine salt and cook for a while.

Third, the liver mud custard cuts the liver into slices, adds it to the boiling water pot, removes it, and chops into liver mud.

Scoop the eggs into the bowl, adjust the egg liquid, dissolve the liver mud and egg liquid, add the seasoning, stir well, and steam in the drawer for 15 minutes.

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[Clearly peeling quail eggs]_How to peel_How to peel

[Clearly peeling quail eggs]_How to peel_How to peel

In fact, the nutritional value of quail eggs and eggs is similar, but in the eyes of children or women, they will be more likely to like to eat quail eggs.

Because quail eggs look small and cute, they make people appetite.

However, whether it is a raw quail egg or a cooked quail egg, there is a great disadvantage that it is difficult to peel.

This is a huge problem for those who like to eat quail eggs, so what is the method of clever peeling of quail eggs?

First of all, we need to lay the foundation when we cook quail eggs.

Add salt to the water of the boiled quail eggs, because salt can promote protein shrinkage, separate from the egg shell, and it is easier to peel.

Second, after the quail eggs are cooked, they should be quickly placed in cold water. This is based on the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, which allows the protein to be further separated from the egg shell.

After the above treatment, the next step is easy to handle. Some methods can easily peel the quail eggs quickly and completely-Method 1: Put the quail eggs in the palm of your hand gently, roll on the table to make the eggsFine-grained lines are formed on the shell, and then peeled by hand, it is quick and easy, and the quail eggs are easily peeled intact.

Method 2: Put the quail eggs in the box, close the lid, and then move the box vigorously for two minutes.

: After the box, you can see that the quail eggshell is completely broken but the egg is intact.

Pick up a quail egg, peel off the egg film from the bottom of the egg, and peel off the shell.

In five minutes, you can peel about 200?
300 quail eggs.

Method 3: Put the quail eggs into the washing machine, choose to dry, and finally rinse the broken shell with water.

This method slows down, but it consumes electricity and is suitable for large-scale operations.

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The market may gradually shift its focus to the return to work economy

The market may gradually shift its focus to the return to work economy

Securities Times Network Haitong Securities released early comments from investors. After the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index filled the gap this week, the GEM Index finally showed adjustment indicators. The two types of indexes have explained the structural differentiation to the fullest, so that the capital of Northbound has continued to flow into blue chips.Sector, contraction is the continuous issuance of new funds, which promotes the rapid advancement of the technology sector. Generally speaking, under the conditions of abundant liquidity in the first quarter, the market will continue to be active.

In terms of the Shanghai Stock Index, there is limited space for reduction due to the support of a dense moving average below it. In terms of the GEM Index, if it is difficult to further enlarge the trading volume, it is necessary to appropriately avoid part of the high-level sector in the near future.

In addition, from the perspective of market attractions, the recent resumption of labor has accelerated. If the focus of the previous market was on the “home economy”, then the mitigation of the epidemic situation and the recovery of people may gradually shift the focus to the “return economy””Up, the tourism, consumption and other sectors affected by the epidemic may be repaired in the early stages. Due to the limited production, the Apple company may delay the release in the spring and continue to be under pressure. 北京夜生活网 The related consumer electronics mobile phone industry chainA stock has also undergone many adjustments. It is believed that the fundamentals will also improve significantly as the market advances to replace and resume work.

At the end of the operation, it is still recommended that investors balance the style, combine positions, and focus on stock selection rather than timing.

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Yihua Shares (002897) Company Comment: Results in line with expectations

Yihua Shares (002897) Company Comment: Results in line with expectations

Company announcement: The company announced the third quarter of 2019, and the first three quarters of 2019 achieved revenue of 10.

32 ppm, a ten-year increase3.

67%; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 0.

48 ppm, a decrease of 23 per year.


Performance is in line with expectations, product structure is optimized, and gross profit margin is increased.

The company achieved revenue of 10 in the first three quarters of 2019.

32 ppm, a ten-year increase3.

67%, achieve net profit attributable to mother 0.

48 ppm, a decrease of 23 per year.

At 08%, the net profit of non-attributed mothers was zero.

4 ‰, a decrease of 29 per year.

89%, with a combined gross profit margin of 25.

8%, increase by 1 every year.

99pct, an increase of 0 from the previous month.

2pct; Among them, the single quarter of 2019 Q3 achieved revenue 3.

97.6 billion, a 10-year growth of 3.

5%, achieve net profit attributable to mother 0.

22 trillion, down 20 a year.

14%, with a combined gross margin of 26.

11%, an increase of 1 per year.

92 points, down 3 from the previous quarter.

66 points.

The company’s revenue in the first three quarters has maintained steady growth, while its comprehensive gross profit margin has improved. In essence, it is the optimization of the product structure. The increase in the proportion of high-end product revenue has driven the growth of the overall gross profit margin.The increase in preliminary R & D expenses, the company’s R & D expenses and management expenses in the first three quarters of 2019 were 0.

9.5 billion and 0.

59 trillion, an increase of 70 in ten years.

02% and 29.

9%, of which R & D expenses and management expenses in the third quarter of 2019 were 0.

3.6 billion and 0.

US $ 200 million, an annual increase of 80% and 11%; the number of related expenses increased as the company’s supplementary subsidiary did not reach the breakeven, there was a period of make up, and the company’s financial expenses increased from the same period last year.

We believe that the company’s first three quarter results are in line with expectations, benefiting from the optimization of its product structure and the improvement of its comprehensive gross profit margin. At the same time, the company continues to expand its research and development investment, improve and consolidate its high-end product structure, and actively deploy new business areas.

Optimistic about the development of high-speed connectors in the 5G era, performance will usher in an inflection point.

The 5G Internet of Things era will 杭州夜网论坛 greatly increase the demand for the number of network ports driving communication equipment, and put forward higher requirements for the single-port transmission speed of connectors.

As a domestic communication connector leader, the company has the independent development advantage of precision molds. It is one of the few domestic companies to achieve mass production of high-speed connectors. It has high technical barriers and continues to expand the market with major customers. With Huawei and Foxconn,ZTE, Xiaomi, Heshuo and other big customers maintain good cooperative relations.

Affected by the decline in consumer electronics and 4G demand, the sales of low-end connectors have declined. We believe that the overall expansion into 5G construction is expected to reach the bottom of sales of low-end connectors by the end of this year. At the same time, the company actively seizes 5G applicationsOpportunity, the sales revenue of high-end 5G connectors with high gross profit margins has achieved rapid growth, the product structure has been optimized, and the company’s performance is expected to usher in an inflection point.

The business layout is perfect, and the automotive connector imagination space is large.

Since 2010, the company has successively acquired or established companies in the fields of communications, consumer electronics and automobiles with connectors as the core. At present, it has established communications connectors as the core, consumer electronics connectors as the important components, and automobiles.Other connectors are laid out for extended strategic development.

With the increase of the degree of electronicization of automobiles and the popularization of new energy vehicles, automobile connectors will achieve both volume and price increases.The company established the Automotive Connector Division in 2017. In 2018, it established a holding subsidiary, Suzhou Yuanye Automotive Technology Co., Ltd., and new products are being actively developed for trial production.

The existing company’s automotive connector business revenue is growing rapidly, but the city’s share will continue to grow. In the future, the company will expand its R & D, production, and sales expenses, and it is expected to share the dividends of the new energy automobile industry.

Investment suggestion: Yihua Co., Ltd. is a leader in the field of domestic communication connectors. Its products cover the fields of communication, consumer electronics, and automobiles. We believe that in the 5G era, product upgrades, data network ports will increase, product demand will increase, and communication connectors are expected to appear.Prices are rising at the same time. At the same time, the company’s strong R & D strength and high-quality and stable customer resources will bring new space for the company’s performance growth.

We expect the company’s net profit for 2019-2021 to be 0 respectively.

One in 7.5 billion.

08 ppm / 1.

4.5 billion, EPS is 0.

13 yuan / 0.

19 yuan / 0.

25 yuan, maintaining the “buy” rating risk warning: the risk of intensified competition in the connector market; the risk of variation in the industrial chain layout caused by international trade games; market systemic risks

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Tongwei Shares (600438): Tongwei Yitian Stone Stack

Tongwei Shares (600438): “Tongwei” Yitian Stone Stack
Global photovoltaic demand will continue to grow, and parity on-line access is gradually approaching. At present, the 19-year domestic installation wave has gradually increased at the end of the third quarter, and it is likely to increase the demand for 20 years. At the same time, 20 years is the last domestic supplementary photovoltaicIn the year of supplementation, the domestic market may usher in “ultimate rush installation”.Germany started parity on the electricity side for 10 years, and parity on the power generation side for 12 years, with a photovoltaic penetration rate of 1.85% quickly increased to 4.19%.Analogous to the German parity process, the current inflection point of domestic premises policies and the eve of parity, by the end of 18, domestic photovoltaic penetration2.62% can still improve space.From a global perspective, 178 countries around the world have reached the upper limit of the Paris Agreement, and 146 countries have set renewable 南宁桑拿 energy targets. The Middle East, South America, and Southeast Asian countries will gradually expand demand for photovoltaic power generation due to photovoltaic economy and microgrid properties. It is expected thatGlobal photovoltaic supplementary installations will still maintain rapid growth.  By 2019, domestic polysilicon manufacturers will enter a period of concentrated production of new capacity, and the new capacity will reach 17.4 Maximum limit, total production capacity will be increased to 52 by the end of the year.7 is the lowest, but considering the actual launch time of new capacity and the climbing period of 1-2 quarters, it is estimated that the effective annual capacity of domestic silicon materials in 2019 is about 42.6.In the future, the production capacity of 1-2 large factories will climb steadily, but there are few latest expansion plans. The transformation will now be in a tightly balanced state. The company’s cash and cash costs are leading the industry, with a large number of orders and continued high production and sales.  Cells: The global leader in high-efficiency calibration has grown. In the long run, price cuts across the industry chain are the general trend, and short-term price cuts are more normal.The conversion of raw silicon wafers will usher in a wave of expansion in 2020, and the speed of cell wafer expansion will be significantly lower than that of silicon wafers.At the same time, the company’s non-silicon cost and capacity for sustainable production of the company’s cells, new expansion in the future will increase diluted costs.  Risk reminders: First, domestic photovoltaic policies have improved less than expected; second, the company’s capacity has been released and production has fallen short of expectations.  Investment suggestion: Maintain “overweight” investment rating. Tongwei is the global leader in “efficient battery + timing”.At present, the industry is driven by policies and superimposed parity. The internal installed demand is clear. The company’s reorganization and battery chips are continuously at the expected low point. The profit improvement trend in all aspects is obvious.At the same time, Tongwei is at a low point in historical estimates, and it is estimated that the space for upward revision and elastic penetration.Comprehensive relative and absolute estimates, we believe that the company’s reasonable estimation interval is 17.20-20.53 yuan / share (2019 third quarter report commentary estimates the company’s expected range is 15.78-18.75 yuan / share), and maintain the investment rating of “overweight”.

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Yoga 5 type empty stomach fat oil_1

Yoga 5 type empty stomach fat oil

After completing a set of actions, you should immediately drink another 500 ml of warm water and repeat the exercise.

First of all, you can feel defecation when you do it consistently.

At this time, you can go to the bathroom to try, but do not force yourself to relieve yourself.

“You have to be natural and relieve yourself easily.

“After one bowel movement, you still need to drink 500 ml of warm water, and continue to practice until the water is discharged.


Skyscraper: Stand upright with feet on shoulders.

When inhaling, slowly raise your blood pressure over your head, straighten your hands, and turn your wrists with your palms up.

When exhaling, the magnetic field drives the upper body to slowly bend down until the body is parallel to the ground.

Inhale again and slowly raise your hands. When exhaling, your hands are separated and fall on your side.


Wind blowing tree type: stand upright, feet close together, arms above and below the body.

When inhaling, slowly raise your hands over your head, close your palms on the top of your head, and raise your heels at the same time.

When exhaling, the upper body is bent from the waist, and the height is to the right.

Hold it for a few seconds and close it when you inhale.

Exhale to the left and inhale to the right.


Waist rotation: stand upright with feet separated, slightly smaller than shoulder width.

Inhale, raise your arms over your head, and cross your hands; turn your wrists, palms up.

Exhaling, someone slowly bent down with his upper body until his body was parallel to the ground; his eyes were fixed on his hands.

When inhaling, both hands will lead the body to try to turn to the right, and when exhaling, they will try to turn to the left.


Snake twisted: lying on the ground, palms on the floor, flat on the floor above and below the chest.

Inhale and lift your body with both hands until your arms are fully extended.

Exhale for a while.

Inhale, your head moves your body to the right, and when you exhale, your eyes look at your left heel.

Hold for a few seconds.

Inhale, turn your head to the left, and look at your right heel when exhaling.

People with better physical conditions can try to look behind themselves.


Abdominal massage: Squat down with your hands on your knees.

Bending your left knee will help place it on the ground.

Turn your body to the right as you inhale, exhale, place your chin on your shoulders, and keep your eyes behind you.

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Yam Fish Head Soup + Fresh Fiber Fruit and Vegetable Drink


Yam Fish Head Soup + Fresh Fiber Fruit and Vegetable Drink

Ingredients: 400 g catfish head, 150 g yam.

  Accessories: 50 grams of pea seedlings, 50 grams of kelp.

  Seasoning: 15 grams of vegetable oil, 3 grams of salt, 2 grams of MSG, 2 grams of pepper, and 8 grams of ginger.

  Make 1. Wash the fish and remove the gills, as long as the fish head.

  2, yam peeled, washed and cut into pieces, kelp knotted spare.

  3. Pour the oil in the pan and heat it up. Then remove the fish head when it is slightly yellow on both sides.

  4. Put another pot into the water and fish head, yam, kelp knot, ginger slices.

  5. After the high heat is boiled, turn to low heat and simmer for 30 minutes.

  6, add pea seedlings and cook for 2 minutes, add salt, monosodium glutamate, pepper.

  Nutrition Comment: Anchovies, commonly known as fat-headed fish, also known as big-headed fish, are one of the four most famous fishes in China.

The fish head is large and fat, and the meat is white and tender, making it the first choice for fish head replacement.

Especially, the head of catfish has delicious “grape meat”, which is most loved.

  Fish brain is rich in nutrition. The main component of saturated polyunsaturated fatty acids in fish oil is what we call “brain gold”.

This is an essential nutrient for humans, which is mainly present in the phospholipids of the brain, which can prevent the maintenance, improve and improve the function of the brain.

In addition, the meat under the fish’s gills is transparent and gelatinous. Recombinant collagen can fight the aging of the human body and repair the body’s cell tissues. Because there is too much water, it tastes good.

  Fat fish (fathead fish) is a high-protein, low-litter, low-glycemic fish, which has a protective effect on the cardiovascular system.

Plasma phospholipids and pituitary lutein, which improve memory, especially high content of the brain pith, regular food can warm the stomach, remove dizziness, nourishment quotient, help memory, delay aging, and even moisturize the skin.

  Chinese medicine believes that catfish is warm and sweet: it has the effect of replenishing weakness and warming the spleen and stomach; catfish meat can relieve liver and stagnation, strengthen the spleen and lungs, and weaken the weak, expelling wind and cold, and strengthening bones; it can be used for cough, edema, hepatitis, dizziness, nephritisAnd the diet of the frail.

  Yam, also called yam, is considered to be an inexpensive and tonic product since ancient times because of its rich nutrition. It can be used as a staple food, as a vegetable, or as a snack.

Yam contains mucin, amylase, saponin, free amino acid, polyphenol oxidase and other substances, and it is rich in content, can help digestion, nourish the spleen and stomach, has a tonic effect, and is a good food for recovery after illness.

Yam can increase human T lymphocytes, enhance immune function, and delay cell aging.

The combination of the mucus liquid inorganic substance in yam and inorganic salt can form bone and make the spine have a certain elasticity.

The trace amount in yam is almost zero, and the mucin contained in it can prevent the trace deposition of the cardiovascular system, prevent premature sclerosis of the arteries, and has a good weight-loss and body-building effect.

Chinese yam should be peeled and eaten to avoid abnormal taste such as tingling.

Yam has astringent effect, so those who have dry stools should not eat it.

  Because yam is sweet, cold, and cold, it has the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying, but it is rarely consumed by the general population, especially for people with hot constitution.

  Pea seedlings, also known as pea sprouts, dragon pea seedlings, etc., are fatty seedlings formed by the germination of pea seeds.

Pea sprouts have tender stems and leaves, which are delicious and delicious. They are high-quality green vegetables with high quality, rich nutrition, safe food, and fast-growing and pollution-free.

  Pea seedlings are rich in calcium, vitamin A, B vitamins, vitamin C, riboflavin, carotene, calcium and phosphorus and other nutrients.

In addition, it also contains a large amount of anti-acid substances, has a good anti-aging function, can make effective detoxification.

  Kelp, also known as konbu, is known as “longevity dish”, “vegetables on the sea” and “champion with iodine”.

From its nutritional value, it is a health and longevity food.

  Kelp is extremely rich in iodine, which is the main raw material for the internal synthesis of thyroxine.

The luster of hair is formed by the action of thyroxine in the body.

Therefore, eating kelp often can make your hair flutter.

The rich calcium in kelp can reduce the body’s absorption of high blood pressure, regulate and balance the pH of the blood, and lower blood pressure.

The gelatin in kelp can induce the resonance substances in the body to be discharged with the stool, thereby reducing the accumulation of repeated substances in the human body and reducing the incidence of retinal diseases.

  Reasons to Match: The high-quality protein polyunsaturated fatty acids in this dish are conducive to muscle growth. The meat under the fish gills is implanted with collagen, which can combat human aging and repair body cell tissues.The acid-base combination of fish and vegetables can integrate metabolites accumulated in the body and eliminate them as soon as possible.

This dish complements instantaneously and reduces uncle replacement.

In addition, seafood plasma potassium can maintain the cell’s moisture and enhance its activity, which helps the body to restore vitality. It is especially suitable for fitness people to eat after exercise.

  Ingredients: 2 tomatoes, 1 apple, 100 g of cabbage, 1 pack of sports beauty energy control drink (13 g production: Wash and cut tomatoes, apples (pitted) and cabbage, add 300 ml of warm water with the sports beautyBreak into a blender and serve.

  Nutrition comment: Tomatoes are rich in vitamins, etc. If an adult consumes 300 grams of tomatoes a day, it can meet the human body’s needs for vitamins and minerals a day.

In addition, tomato may also contain lycopene, which has various functions such as anti-oxidation, inhibition of mutations, reduction of nucleic acid damage, reduction of cardiovascular disease and prevention of cancer.

The organic acids such as citric acid and citric acid in tomato fruits, in addition to protecting vitamin C from being destroyed, must also soften blood vessels, promote the absorption of calcium and iron elements, and help gastric juice indigestion and protein, which are beyond the reach of other vegetables.

  Apples contain multiple vitamins and low sugars, and potassium ions in them can neutralize acid radicals in acidic body fluids, thereby reducing the acidity in body fluids.

It was determined that one apple (154 g) contained 5 g of precipitated fiber, 170 mg of potassium, 10 mg of calcium, 22 g of calcium carbonate, and 10 mg of vitamin C7.

8 mg of vitamin B7.

8 mg.

And it contains more calcium than ordinary fruits, which is beneficial to metabolize excess salt in the body.

Malic acid can be metabolized to prevent excessive lower body.

The soluble fiber pectin can relieve constipation, promote the release of lead, mercury, and manganese in the rehabilitation tract, regulate the blood sugar level and prevent the blood sugar from rising and falling rapidly.

  Cabbage is crunchy and sweet, with very low trace amounts, but has high nutritional value. Generally, it lacks protein, aunt and sugar in vegetables.

The contained nutrients can almost inhibit the synthesis of amine nitrite in the human body, but also prevent arteriosclerosis and gallstones and cholesterol.

  Athletic beauty expects accumulated fibers to be good for energy control.

  Reasons for matching: The mineral fiber, vitamins, chlorophyll, amino acids, pectin, carotene, etc. are added to the new fiber fruit and vegetable drink, which is directly connected with the sports beauty and can absorb nutrients.

The rich supplementary fiber can reduce trace and sugar absorption, promote the excretion of heavy metals and carcinogens in the digestive tract, achieve internal and external repair, and support internal and external activities.

Especially suitable for fat-reducing people.

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Why are Chinese good teachers

Why are Chinese good teachers

There is a saying: before the reform, they were also revolutionary and trembling comrades; after the reform, they were not bosses, employees, teachers, students.

In today’s society, not only has the name “sir” revived, but “teacher” has gradually become a common interpersonal title.

  If you think about it, you will find that the party that usually gives the title of “teacher” has no intention to worship the teacher, and it is difficult for the recipient to preach, practice, and puzzle.

What does it mean to be a teacher by showing respect?

  For a certain countryman, there is a reasonable explanation: the seriousness of being a good teacher on one side, that is, overwhelming self-reliance, prefers to be a self-taught teacher, while the other side does what it likes.

Of course, the good teacher on one side may potentially be in a latent state, but is induced by the other.

  From this point of view, “being good at being a teacher” may be a trait in the character of Chinese people.

So, how exactly is it made in a specific socio-cultural melting pot?

  The family education situation is the first furnace of the Chinese “good teacher.” Chinese people have always valued family education. The so-called “love the child, teach the righteous one, and turn to the evil,” and “the first time a woman teaches, she teaches less.”

The credo of “Three Character Classic” is not familiar to many people.

Inadvertently, the family education situation has also become the first furnace of our Chinese “good teacher”.

  To be right, individual human beings must go through a long period of learning from ignorant babies to adults with basic social skills.

In traditional society, the family as a social cell is not only the main living area of people, but also the main place of social production, as well as the main educational base.

In this sense, parents are both participants in family production and life, and they are also the main teachers or teachers of their children’s learning.

Even in a modern society that already has a socialized school education, it is both a responsibility, an obligation, and a relationship for parents to give their children some education.

In fact, parents do have some qualifications for early education for their children as adults.

Chinese people have the same advantages as foreigners.

  However, too many parents in China are promoted by bad ideas such as “looking for success”, “immediate success”, “strong face”, under the control of, even if they can’t catch it, they always like to be full-time teachers in front of their children, lifelong teachers and evenThe role of life mentor.

  Therefore, we can see that some parents who face the poverty-stricken “100 thousand whys” of their children are actually unable to respond. The Qiang donkeys are poor, but they are not willing to put down the “teacher” shelf.Dare to tell the truth.

As everyone knows, “know what you know, what you don’t know, you know.”

  Faced with children who have already grown up, parents who are completely parents still need to guide love, marriage, family, work, and provide all-round guidance for life.

As everyone knows, the growth of their children is like “the ape on both sides of the strait can’t cry, the light boat has passed the million mountains.”

  In fact, the youngsters’ academic progress, the laws of their physical growth, and the corresponding education must naturally follow the rules.

Although parents know longer than their children in the early stages of their growth, and even have a long-term advantage in certain knowledge and skills, understanding does not mean that they understand the laws of youth growth, nor do they mean that they have mastered the laws of education., Or have educational ability.

However, it is precisely in the context of the above-mentioned family education that deviates from the formal education, that the parental “good teacher” characteristic has been tempered.

Correspondingly, the “good teacher” who is a child may also resume enlightenment, which is influenced by the parents’ willingness to teach themselves.

As the saying goes, “If you have a father, you must have a son.”

  The rigid method of knowledge transmission is the second furnace of the Chinese “good teacher” Chinese knowledge system has always been called “learning”.

Ordinarily, where do you “learn” without “ask”?

However, in fact, the way of Chinese scholars’ knowledge transmission is mainly direct indoctrination, that is, the communicator does not care whether the object of the communication “asks” or “asks”, but just thinks that the other party does not understand and must “learn”.It is the teacher of this “learning”.

  Obviously, if there is no basis for “question”, then the so-called knowledge may not correspond to “question”. This kind of knowledge may also be “words of the family”, and the indoctrination of the “words of the family” will completely increase the knowledge or thoroughness of the traineeSolving its practical problems is far from enough.

In fact, it is this “word of the family” academic communication situation that constitutes the second furnace for us Chinese to practice the “good teacher.”

  We know that Mencius is known as “Asian Saint” and also said: “The suffering of man is a good teacher.

“But he” has been educated by the world’s talents. ”

Han Yu said in “The Teacher’s Guide”: “Teachers, therefore preach, practice, and solve puzzles.

We heard that there were successive orders and specialization in the surgery industry.

“This interpretation of” teachers “is indeed a classic, and I am afraid no one has done so far.

  However, since the beginning of Confucius and Mencius, most of the Chinese teachers have been unable to achieve true “preaching, practice, and puzzlement”, and have spread the so-called scripture knowledge directly.Regardless of whether you have any problems, first memorize the four books and five classics by rote, and if you don’t understand, then listen to Mr. Teaching’s explanation, question, refute, and communication is far from enough.

Until the contemporary exam-oriented education in China, although the content has changed, the backward way has remained stubborn and continued.

  Under the influence of this method, many people are often immersed in the blind self-confidence in their own knowledge system, prefer to transcend their majors, and in areas that they are not good at, they still use the instructor to hold themselves and adopt direct indoctrination.Fourth, the so-called knowledge of self-righteousness is widely disseminated, isn’t that a good teacher?

  More importantly, the scholar who grew up in the context of direct indoctrination is probably only able to learn to be the teacher, the indoctrination style of his predecessors and academics, but he does not necessarily force education.

As a result, generations of “good teachers” went forward.

  Self-learning expansion is the third furnace of the Chinese “good teacher” If the family education situation and the learning communication situation are just people’s external field of activity, its furnace as a “good teacher” may not be enough, then self-learning expansionIt is the third furnace that people set up for “good teachers.”

  In fact, Confucius once participated in leading the wise men and disciples to travel around the country. After exile, he tried to teach the kings of all countries about the idea of governing the country. Mencius also used the “kingship” to lobby the princes of the world . Perhaps Confucius and Mencius as teachersThe way of teaching, but the robes want to become the teacher of the king, I am afraid that their learning may not correspond to the “question” in the minds of others, in fact, they are suffering from uncontrollable, teacher-friendly problems.

  It can be said that Chinese scholars have achieved self-learning expansion during a certain scale of learning, or based on being able to “reach the world,” based on being able to “learn and excel,” or based on being able to stand side by side with kings.The role of a teacher or consultant, such as a national division, a military division, a division, a division, etc.-in modern words, it is a character in a think tank, which is really bad, so I have to teach and even become ordinary.
So the ancients said: “Learn, do it, go up; in other words, go up to it; teach people, and then also.

It’s salty.

“It is true that once a person’s self-learning swells, from his own subjective point of view, it is astronomy and geography, natural mystery or governing the country’s strategy, and what else does he do not understand?

Of course, the degree of self-learning is also different, or self-proclaimed college students, learning through ancient and modern Chinese and foreign, or self-proclaimed wise, elders, people who come here, the implication is to be more knowledgeable or experienced, the so-called “eat more salt than you eat”There are more meals”, “There are more bridges than you can go”, and so on.

  In fact, there is no limit to learning and manpower is limited.

Who knows everything?

Besides, scholars have the scholar’s way, the king has the king’s way, and the teacher has the teacher’s way. Although the three have commonalities, there are huge differences in knowledge, application, and conduct.

Of course, life experience is important, such as “failure is the mother of success”, “eat a maggot, grow a wisdom”, but “there are no two leaves in the world”, I am afraid that the experience of different people can only be referenced.

  Expansion of self-learning is our hearth to refine the “good teacher” traits. If we add an excessive sense of responsibility, utilitarianism, vanity and other generators, it is no wonder that we do not make a good “good teacher”.

  There are always some past events, and I ca n’t bear to look back; there are always some thoughts that linger; there are always some emotions that cannot be relieved . because we have a shadow in our hearts.

  The so-called shadow is actually a self-experience and self-image that we vaguely acknowledge in the world of life, but we dare not agree with it, we do not want to accept it, and we cannot face up to it.

In fact, when we encounter overlapping experiences in life practice, it is possible that shadows may appear, or that shadows are generated in the heart.

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