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How do I know if I have liver disease?

Look at these 4 changes in hands and feet

How do I know if I have liver disease?
Look at these 4 changes in hands and feet

There is no doubt that the liver organ is the detoxification organ of the human body, and it is self-evident to the nature of the human body.

If liver organs are damaged, it may have a direct impact on the body, poor detoxification, and accumulation of toxins, which will cause inconvenience to yourself and cause great harm to the body.

In fact, if there are lesions of liver organ damage, the health of liver organs can also be observed from changes in hands and feet.

  How do you know if you have liver disease? Look at these four changes on your hands and feet. 1. There are red dots on your arms. Liver organs are important detoxification organs in the human body.

If liver organs are damaged and detoxification is not good, some red spots will appear on the arm.

This is because the liver contains bilirubin. Due to abnormalities in the liver organs, the liver cannot work properly, the metabolism is too slow, bilirubin cannot be excreted in time, and it will circulate to the limbs, especially the arms and feet.

If you have red spots on your body, please go to the hospital for a check in time.

  2. Swelling of fingers Under normal circumstances, the human finger will change through the changes of the body.

Thin people have thinner fingers, while fatter ones have rounder fingers.

But when you notice any swelling of the pinched fingers, everyone should pay attention to the liver organs.

Liver organs are very likely to be abnormal, leading to abnormal detoxification in the body and long-term fatigue.

It accumulates and circulates to the fingers, causing abnormal swelling.

Therefore, people should pay special attention.

  3. Nails are messy and interlaced.

  Basically, young people’s abundant nails and shiny, smooth and rosy fingernails can prove that they are healthier.

In the name of the elderly, the fingernails are not so bright, but still smooth and rosy.

But if the nails are found to be rough and transitional, and the vertical lines of the nails are obvious, then this is the case.

It may be due to the untimely release of liver toxins.

Pay attention to liver organs when cutting nails, and pay attention to nail abnormalities.

  4. There are cracks in the hands and feet. Due to the dry air and small amount of water, the human skin is dehydrated and peeling.

This is a normal phenomenon, as long as the water is added in time, this situation can be suppressed.

However, when sufficient water is added and protection is in place, the air humidity is high, and the skin of the hands and feet is abnormally cracked. It may be that the vitamin intake is too small or the vitamins are not fully absorbed by the liver. If the liver has problems, vitamin absorption will be greatlyDecreased, the body’s lack of this vitamin can lead to insufficient water.

So the skin may crack.

This not only affects the United States, but may also cause cracked pain.

  Therefore, in daily life, everyone needs to do a good job in body care.

Only in this way can liver disease be prevented.

Active prevention of liver disease will greatly reduce infectivity.

Especially for those who do not have good living habits and eating habits, it is easy to cause damage to the liver.

It not only causes liver disease, but also worsens the liver disease after increasing the burden on the liver.

Therefore, in order to alleviate the liver disease, it is necessary to adjust the diet.

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Sweet and sour flower and fruit tea for weight loss and health

Sweet and sour flower and fruit tea for weight loss and health

Sweet and sour fruits, coupled with soft and passionate flowers and herbs, are dried together to become a warm and sweet flower and fruit tea.

Flower and fruit tea, like herbal tea, also has medicinal effects. It is not only natural, but also refreshing and thin.

In your free time, make a cup of flower and fruit tea for yourself, health, weight loss, kill two birds with one stone.

  Organic Lemon Ginger Tea: Lemon and Zinger Granules are added to the organic tea.

  Opinion: The color is light and elegant, and the natural refreshing taste of lemon is balanced in the gentle surrounding of the ginger.

The most important child ginger is also a slimming product, which is a natural weight loss product.

  Organic wild prune fruit tea production: Dried prune fruit granules are heated to form water.

  Opinion: Mixed fruit grows in the bushes and has a deep red appearance, with an unforgettable aroma and a delicious sweet and sour fruit.

  Organic Orange Coconut Tea Making: Add the cut orange and coconut into the organic tea to make it.

  Opinion: Fresh tasting oranges and silky creamy coconut, a surprising combination.

It has the effect of refreshing air and refreshing, suitable for replacement at work.

  Organic mint vanilla tea making: brewed by adding mint and vanilla to organic tea.

  Opinion: Vanilla can help digestion, the flavor of mint is unique, and the fragrance is clear.

Contradictions in drowsiness have the effect of eliminating fatigue and clear thinking.

Adding ice in the summer is a great way to eliminate the heat.

  Tip: How to make the nutrients in tea more fully absorbed?


Only absolute boiling water can make all the essence in tea leaves brew out.


Drinking tea does not get more nutrients, and the lignin and cellulose it contains can help digestion and defecation.


First, brew a cup of tea 4 times to brew almost all the effective substances in the tea.

  Drinking tea can also help you lose weight. Drinking organic herbal tea will allow you to have an enviable slender body while maintaining your health!

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Psychological stress may cause four major illnesses

Psychological stress may cause four major illnesses

Psychological stress is likely to cause four major illnesses!

When a person’s psychological pressure is too heavy, he will be unhappy all day, and even less communication in life, because he will be thinking all day, always thinking about his life.

Therefore, the original habits will gradually be changed, so that there is an opportunity for disease.

So, when a person’s psychological pressure is too great, what diseases will find him?

  Cause one: Cold If you feel exhausted for a few weeks and your throat is sore, it is likely that the stress has broken through the immune system function, making it easier for bacteria to invade the body and cause respiratory diseases.

  Preventive measures: such as: pay attention to cold prevention measures, such as: drink plenty of water, insist on washing your face and hands with cold water, try not to let your hands touch the mouth, nose and eyes.

Traditional Chinese medicines for preventing colds, such as garlic and houttuynia cordata, can take effective defense in the early stages of virus invasion.

  It’s also important to keep a good mood.

For those who are easily frustrated, walking outdoors often will make you feel better, and it would be better if you do some exercise.

  Severe two: headache and tension are the main source of migraine.

Usually one in 10 women will have migraines of varying degrees, but only half of those with migraines will actively seek treatment.

The causes of migraine are said to be different. Generally speaking, if you repeatedly feel pain around the eyes, nausea is likely to be a precursor to migraine.

  Countermeasures: First of all, you should not rely on analgesics, so as not to reduce the headache after medication.

The correct way is: continue to take the medicine twice a month to form a regular pattern, and then gradually reduce the number of medications, such as once every 4 or 7 days; second, you can add some vitamin B2 to prevent; finally, pay attention to eat less cheeseWine, nuts and meat food.

  Of course, before this series of preventive measures are implemented, don’t forget to give yourself a chance to change the air and split your limbs, even for 5 minutes, sitting in front of the computer desk.

  Cause 3: Insomnia Insomnia always shifts the stress and burdens and aggravates.

Other women are most likely to experience insomnia during the physiological cycle.

The usual situation is: lethargy as soon as the ovulation period, but after the ovulation period can not sleep.

  Reason: Eat a small amount of turkey, cheese or tuna salad and drink a glass of milk 1 hour before bedtime, but do not eat sweets before bedtime.

  If you still can’t sleep, don’t force yourself to play the sheep counting game anymore, you might as well get up and practice yoga.

After experiencing the pain of insomnia all night, the remedial work that can be done the next day is to find ways to take a nap at noon.

  In addition, you can have a cup of tea or coffee in the afternoon, and your armor will continue to work.

  Maybe four: cold sores About 50 million people worldwide suffer from cold sores.

If you are in an overloaded state for a long time, you may get more cold sores.

  Reason: When you have blisters, apply ice pack for 10 minutes, then remove it for 5 minutes, and repeat it twice to suppress swelling of the blisters. Then apply some tea tree oil.

In addition, taking 1000 mg of lysine (3 times a day) can also shrink and dry the blister.

  If it is a woman with frequent herpes, you can go for some lysine intake.

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What you need to know about a woman’s temperament chart

What you need to know about a woman’s temperament chart

The core tip: There is something in the book of war: know yourself and know yourselves, and you won’t be overwhelmed.

In the great pick-up career, if a man does not understand the temper of a girl, it is a big taboo.

Friends from all walks of life who are interested in picking up girls, please read the following girl temperament chart in detail, and you will get more results with less effort.

  Level 0-No wind At this time you can’t feel any girl’s temper at all.

Seems to be in a still air.

Usually this happens only when the girlfriend is not around.

And your spirit can be in a state of complete relaxation!

  Level 1-Soft Wind At this time you will feel a little reaction from the girl.

You will see the girls laugh and say they hate.

When you compare you you will feel her like the soft breeze of spring.

It feels very comfortable!

  Level 2-Light breeze At this time the girl has begun to show a little discomfort and usually spit out boring.

To represent her feelings.

But turning around quickly and walking away from this level may not have any effect on you!

  Level 3-Breeze At this time you will find that the girls are beginning to show more dissatisfaction.

Usually it hits you with a little thing.

Let you know to stop but may not affect you because you would think she was joking with you!

  Level 4-Zephyr you will find.

Girls started using some voice language to express their unhappiness!

  Level 5-Breeze At this time you should feel a little chill. Usually girls will give you a hard glance.

Some cool words will be said soon.

Do n’t think it ‘s just a breeze. If you have been in this situation for a long time without knowing it, then I have to remind you that this level is separated from the strong wind of the next level!

  Level 6-Strong wind This level is usually a girl who has scolded her hands and started cursing.

And the tone has been turned up.

You should know how to advance!

  Level 7-The blast has begun to soar at this time, and the cursing sounds are constantly heard. You can know what are called “shrews scolding the street” and “hedong lion roared”.

  Level 8-The gale level is a bit scary from the beginning. In addition to the constant cursing sounds, it is accompanied by some loud noises and noises. Usually it is to slap the table while scolding!

  Level 9-The gale will start to lose some property, usually she starts to drop some small things that you can easily take, such as pens, mobile phones, and shoes!

Often it will cause the damage of some small things. Remember, at this time you must have the ability to receive things in the air.

  Level 10-Storms often have a lot of things broken and hurt at this time. At this time, don’t pretend to be calm or strong. When encountering flying objects coming in and pointing at you, it is best to find cover., The treatment is the same as in the case of an earthquake.

  Level 11-The level of Gale is just like the name. She will rush over and hit people like crazy, often causing some human disasters, usually Baba can’t run away.

  Level 12-This level of hurricane is also known as a strong typhoon. If it is not prepared for prevention, there are usually casualties and disasters.

  The cause of temper tantrum in the “hidden iron deficiency” Lily has always been obedient, well-behaved girl.

But recently, it was uncharacteristic. She had a lazy life and a weird temper. She quarreled with each other and blatantly opposed her parents. Sometimes she was crying in the corner alone. After going to the hospital for a comprehensive physical examination, she found that Lily had “hiddenSexual iron deficiency. ”

  Why is your temper getting hooked on iron deficiency?

Modern medical research has found that iron deficiency reduces the amount of oxygen carried in the blood, which affects the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the brain, and the robe affects spirit and emotion.

Therefore, the uncontrollable bad temper has become a more obvious feature of early iron deficiency.

  Some women do not like meat and fresh vegetables, and they like sweets and pastries. This partial habit of eating leads to insufficient iron content, which makes women emotionally irritable.Emotions are changeable, and they are often upset for small things, and I always feel angry.

In menopausal women, the symptoms of irritability are more obvious.

  It is recommended that women should eat some iron-rich foods in moderation: animal foods such as animal blood, liver, lean meat, and plant foods such as black fungus and red dates.

May distort bad moods, help improve brain attention, and maintain a toxic state.

  Here we recommend two dishes with expected iron: 1. Black fungus fried lean pork ingredients: 50 grams of dried black fungus, 100 grams of lean pork, 50 grams of bell pepper, 5 grams of ginger, 5 grams of peanut oil, and 3 grams of salt.
  Production: Put oil in the pan after heating, fry the ginger with the meat for a few minutes, stir fry with the black fungus that has been soaked and simmered with water for 3-5 minutes, or you can blanch for 2 minutes and sprinkle with colorPepper and salt, stir fry and serve.

  Nutrition Review: This recipe is simple to make.

However, the nutritional value is very high. It is a combination of high-speed iron dishes. They all say that eating meat is afraid of high blood lipids, but we use lean meat, less aunts, and black fungus that lowers blood lipids to offset it, and eat with confidence.

Just don’t pour too much oil when frying this dish.

  2. Mung bean sprout pork liver soup ingredients: 100 g mung bean sprouts, 25 g pork liver, 10 g ginger, 5 g cooking wine, 3 g sesame oil, 3 g salt: make the water in the pot and add the cooking wine and gingerMarinate the pork liver for 10 minutes. This is to remove the fishy smell. After 2 minutes, add the green bean sprouts and cook them together for 2-3 minutes. After putting the sesame oil and salt together, you can fill the bowl.

  Nutrition comment: pig liver iron supplementation effect is better, animal is better than plant iron supplementation. If iron absorption is better, vitamin C can be replaced to replace more foods, and fresh mung bean sprouts can be added to vitamin C. PigsThe combination of liver and mung bean sprouts is a good dish for VC to promote iron absorption.

  Men’s anger is actually sick. In people’s minds, men seem to have a stronger temper than women.

But do you know that a man who loses his temper at all times is actually a disease-male irritability syndrome, which can lead to excessive depression.

  Women’s menopause, women’s hormones will change, but why do men become prone to emotional fluctuations, irritability and seclusion when they reach a certain age?

This shows that men also have menopause, and they may become victims of male irritability syndrome.

  As men’s social roles change, more and more people develop the disease.

Because more and more women enter the workplace, more men don’t know what role they should play.

As a result, men’s economic prospects are gradually threatened, which naturally affects emotions.

  In social relations, women do not want to be with men who are unsuccessful or incapable of success.

They are also reluctant to marry men who are less capable than them.

Therefore, more men feel that they are unattractive and cannot even win the hearts of a woman.

  ”Male irritability syndrome” was first proposed by a Scottish researcher.

He found that when the testosterone levels of rams dropped sharply, they became manic and angry, lonely and irrational.

  He analyzed data from more than 6,000 men and found that about half said they felt depressed, depressed or negative all along or most of the time.

  The survey results show that 40% of the respondents are often or always in a state of irritability and irritability.

Most people who admit that they have negative emotions also experience hormonal mutations: a decrease in retinal pill hormones, accompanied by increased stress and loss of male sexuality.

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