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Ai VEE: Technology Innovation and Talent Strategy

[] Shandong Ai Vivot Technology Co., Ltd. successfully selected the pilot list of intellectual property rights using the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

It is reported that Avivate attaches great importance to the work of technological innovation and intellectual property, as of dozens of patents.

  According to reports, Avivate is a high-tech modern enterprise integrating chemical products R & D, production, sales and import and export, covering medical intermediates, pesticide intermediates, feed additives and other fields. The company has received 12 provincial and ministerial rewards, and it is identified as a national specialized new small giant enterprise, the national intellectual property advantage, Shandong invisible champion enterprises.

  "Science and Technology innovation is the original movement of enterprises, and it is also the guarantee of enterprises’ survival and market competition.

Talents are the cornerstone of enterprises, and they seize talents and also seize the fundamental of enterprise development.

Only by allowing technological innovation and talent strategy, the company can be courageous in the current economic high quality development. "In an interview with a reporter, the chairman of Shandong Aiyte Technology Co., Ltd. said. In order to accelerate the development of enterprises, Avivate has made a series of work around Scientific and Technology Innovation under the leadership of Zhou Wei. First, the establishment of research and development institutions Shandong Province Traceful to the Green Chemical Research Institute, continuously increase research and development, annual capital quota accounts for more than 5% of the annual sales revenue.

The second is to strengthen school enterprise cooperation, close cooperation with Chinese Academy, Qingdao University of Science and Technology, etc., together with innovation, and innovation through joint research and development, entrustment development.

  As a typical technician entrepreneurship, Zhou Wei always adheres to the development of enterprises with scientific and technological innovation. In response to problems with low reaction rates in high-end special chemicals, high safety risk, serious environmental pollution, Avivate continues to carry out technical innovation, overcome the water phase organic synthesis technology of multiple products, and achieves full steps Industrialization of synthesis technology.

The company has controlled the production of pollutants from the source, reducing production costs and environmental costs, and products have a reputation in peers at home and abroad.

  "Based on the development of technology innovation and market demand, we highly attach great importance to the excavation and cultivation of talents. In the choice of good people, use good people, retain people, and establish a high-quality talent team.

The company insisted on talents, relying on scientific and technological innovation, achieving leap-forward development. "Zhou Wei said. In order to achieve rapid development, Ai Vivot introduces high-end talents such as national key engineering talent experts, forming research and development teams, building a postdoctoral in Shandong Province, and building a high-end talents covering fine chemical, water phase organic synthesis and efficiency Cleaning separation, etc.

With the support of scientific and technological talents, the company’s product varieties are increasing, and competitiveness is constantly enhanced, achieving fast and sustainable and leap-forward development. Zhou Wei believes that it is based on technological innovation and talent strategy, and Avivate’s products will lead the market from adaptation to the market.

  Talking about the development and planning of Avolt, Zhou Wei is very confident: "The company puts the listing as a financing strategy, which has already launched a listing plan. In the next five years, some products of Evofite should fight in the field of segment, faster Well layout domestic and global markets. "Where the source is" Economic Reference News "or" Economic Reference Network ", digital media products, etc., copyrights, copyrights, economic reference newspapers, no Written by the Economic Reference Newspaper shall not be published in any form, play.

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Conclusion: The anti-epidemic barrier of the external defense input by the policy is changed by the policy

  With policy intentions, he warm heart Hebei Shijiazhuang Zhang Zhifeng Spring Festival, many people choose to have a lot of policies, and do a good job in service guarantee.

Among them, a measures of Yiwu, Zhejiang, have won many people. Locally promoted the primary and secondary schools to hold free winter camp activities, students voluntarily participate, solve the problem of "difficulties" in the work of the children’s children.

More thoughtful considerations, solve the practical difficulties of some people, so that the city gives more belonging.

  New crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control requires everyone’s participation.

Many people choose to go to the New Year, which is a strong support for the prevention and control of the epidemic.

Under the premise of preventive and control, all places actively create a good atmosphere in the ground, carrying out colorful cultural activities, meeting the needs of the masses. The policy is to have a warm heart.

What are the expectations of the masses, it may encounter any difficulties, urban administrators may wish to think more, thin, and constantly improve the people’s feelings, happiness, and safe sense. The epidemic prevention barrier of the outer defense input Shanxi Taiyuan Liu Xinyu has recently been confirmed by my country ‘s local area, and there is a case of new coronal pneumonia in China. This reminds us that in the context of the global epidemic, the external defense input cannot be relaxed. From the perspective of prevention and control, strengthen the source prevention and control is critical. On the one hand, there are many effective external anti-input normalization management experience, it is necessary to turn these experiences into operable specific mechanisms and management specifications; on the other hand, it is necessary to further comb, and investigate loopholes. Short boards, avoid new risk points due to management issues. Attachment of new situations, new features, new issues, and the latest research progress, and timely absorption of effective prevention and control methods, and dynamically update it to external prevention input. The front movement of the mouth is not relaxed to grasp the work of the external prevention input. We can better build an anti-prevention barrier of the outside prevention, so that the work of the masses is safer and peace of mind. (Editor: Su Heng, Changguo Water).

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China Spoorweg tweede bureau Nanyu spoorwegmaatregelen om de bouw van bouw te versnellen

2021 is het sleuteljaar van de constructie van het South Yushu-spoorwegproject, het werk is strak, de productietaak is zwaar.Om de jaarlijkse bouw- en productietaak te voltooien, organiseert de projectafdeling de promotie van de constructie- en productiesessie, verduidelijkt de spirituele arrangementen en draagt ??u de geest van de "Open Weg" van China Railway Second Bureau. Alle medewerkers hebben snel ingesteld van de constructie van een lange climax.In het licht van vele interne bouwwerkpunten is de bouwperiode moeilijk, de projectafdeling is niet toegestaan, onder de juiste leiding van het bedrijf, de wetenschappelijke organisatie, die de bouwperiode omdient, wekelijkse productieplannen te formuleren; en actief uit te voeren " Strijd voor drie kwartalen, volledige vooruitgang "Arbeidsconcurrentie-activiteiten, duidelijke verantwoordelijkheidsdoelen, goed aandacht voor bouwvoordelen, strikt controle van de veiligheidskwaliteit, versterken ter plaatse servicemanagement, streven naar samenwerken met de bouwproductie en zorgt ervoor dat de doelwit taak is voltooid .

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A 4.7-magnitude earthquake in Sichuan County has not received the casualties report

China Newcom Service November 18 (Reporter He Weiqing) China Earthquake Network officially determined: 23:36 in Yibin City, November 17th, the earthquake occurred in Yixian County (north latitude, east), 13 kilometers .

As of the press release, the local injury and property loss report have been received. The earthquake was the third level and above earthquake occurred in 2021. On February 15, 2021, Zhang County had a level earthquake; on September 3, Jixian had a superior earthquake.

This earthquake has caused a sense of earthquake in the sense of earthquake, Chongqing, Leshan, Luzhou, Chengdu.

"Chongqing Yubei is obviously felt, the first reaction opened Weibo to see, it has not been sent, then look at it, announced!" Netizen "Lan Zehui" said in the network social platform. After the earthquake, Jixian immediately launched the seismic disaster relief headquarters to set up the work of the earthquake relief and disaster relief.

In the earthquake, Shanglu Town and the Town, Yuhe Township, Quanquan Town and other villages, organizational organ workers, and village cadres adopted the private room package to carry out the disaster investigation.

In the preliminary investigation of the Sichuan transportation departments, highways, Yisi, Yisi, Leyi, Yibin, other expressway toll stations and service areas, are not affected by the earthquake.

In terms of ordinary roads, there is no report of national trunk road blocking or damage. Some section of the rural road has a small amount of falling stone, but does not affect the pass. It is understood that Jixian is affiliated to Yibin City, Sichuan Province, and is connected to Daxue Mountain. It is seen from Wei Xin County, Yunnan Province. It is an important energy, building materials and chemical base in Sichuan Province.


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315 co-ordination areas in the country have opened ordinary outpatient costs cross-provincial direct settlement

Original title: 315 overall regions of the country have opened a general outpatient fee cross-provincial direct settlement reporter learned from the State Council Policy Routine Blowing Concert, the national 315 co-ordination area opened ordinary outpatient cost cross-provincial direct settlement, covering the country 70 % Coordinate area.

  The National Medical Security Bureau issued the "Opinions on Optimizing the Service of the Ministry of Medicine", clearly before 2021, at least 1 general outpatient cost cross-provincial network medical institutions, each province is basically realized in general outpatient expenses. Cross-provincial direct settlement; before 2022, at least 1 medical institution in each county can provide medical expenses, including medical expenses, including outpatient costs, cross-provincial direct settlement services.

  "From the current perspective, progress is basically in line with expectations." Jiang Chengjia, head of the medical insurance industry management center, introduced, 18 provinces and Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, including general outpatient, cross-provincial direct settlement, Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei It has fully covered all co-ordination area in the region.

  Jiang Chengjia said that the frequency and settlement volume of the outpatient medical treatment is much higher than that of hospitalization, and there are differences in the regional medical insurance outpatient reimbursement policy. The direct settlement has been widely connected. These characteristics determine the main settlement of the outpatient cross-provincial direct settlement for the national medical insurance information system. Stability and service capabilities put forward higher requirements.

  He said that the National Medical Insurance Bureau will consider these difficulties and block problems, gradually solve the imbalance of medical security development, inadequate problems, and promote the establishment of health care mechanisms for the establishment and improvement of the basic medical insurance outpatient medical insurance outpatient medical insurance. Chemical, standardized construction, and fully promote outpatient costs.

  According to reports, from January to June 2021, the national outpatient costs cross-province directly settled about 3.39 million, involving medical expenses billion, and the fund payment is 100 million yuan. (Peng Yunjia, Mu Tiecheng) (Editor: Musheng Yu, Xu Qian) Sharing Let more people see recommendation reading.

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People’s Daily: One of the most exciting stories in human history

  The socialist system of Chinese characteristics is the key to China’s poverty reduction. This system is rooted in China’s outstanding traditional culture, adapting to China’s national conditions, in line with the needs of Chinese people and expecting new coronary pneumonia epidemic, global poverty reduction, facing a more severe situation, more difficult tasks.

The primary goal of the United Nations Sustainable Development Agenda is to eliminate all forms of poverty in all worlds, and China’s great achievements in poverty alleviation will prove that this is entirely achievable. When I first visited China at the end of the 1970s, China’s poor population was 100 million, and the incidence of rural poverty was as high.

In 2020, although it was influenced by new gown pneumonia epidemic, China completed the new era of poverty against the poverty, the current standards, all the rural poor people were poverty, the poor counties were taken, eliminating the absolute poverty and regional overall poverty, nearly 100 million poor people Get rid of poverty.

In just 40 years, so many people have achieved poverty, this is a great miracle.

  In the early 1990s, I was working as a diplomat to Shanghai. At that time, Pudong was still a wasteland, and the local farmers’ life was more difficult. More than ten years later, when I served as a leader in the Poland, Pudong already had a top architecture in the world. Shanghai has also become a real international metropolis, which is a rapid development of China’s economic and social development. The socialist system of Chinese characteristics is the key to China’s poverty reduction.

This system is rooted in China’s excellent traditional culture, adapting to China’s national conditions, in line with the needs of the Chinese people and expectations. The Chinese government has always made poverty alleviation as one of the focus of work, has developed an operability of poverty alleviation policies.

China puts resources to poverty alleviation in poverty alleviation, providing guidance and assistance in rural and farmers, and has established social security systems covering the whole people.

China’s poverty reduction has fully played the organization advantage of the Communist Party of China. It has a targeted pair of poverty alleviation. Deep poverty path.

  As the world’s largest developing country, China has become a leader in the global poverty reduction, and has established a model for other developing countries.

More and more countries began to pay attention to the successful experience of China’s poverty alleviation poverty reduction. In recent years, China has implemented real poverty alleviation cooperation in many developing countries, China improves rural infrastructure conditions, improves rural public service levels and enhances farmers’ self-development capacity, and has made good results in many countries. Good results.

I think China’s poverty reduction experience can provide practical significance for the world’s poverty reduction.

In recent years, I have also continued to introduce China’s poverty alleviation and economic and social development through translation and writing. This year is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China.

Unusual people struggle, making China a second largest economy in the world, step by step to get rid of poverty and rush to well-off. From any angle, this is one of the most exciting stories in human history. I sincerely hope that China has developed better and better, contributing more to the world’s peace and development.

  (The author is the leader in the front of the Shanghai Poland).

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Counterattack, "economic attack" Turkey, President Turkey wants to take the "Apple"

  Turkish President Rayp Tower Warning 14th, Turkey will boycott American electronic products, "Apple" is named. [Resist] Erdoan said in a meeting on the same day, Turkey is being "economic attack", will unite "defending economic independence". "They use the economy as a weapon." Erdoan said.

He refers to the most recent sanctions and tariff tools to earth. Declining a US pastor with the earth, the US government announced the sanction of the Minister of Interior and the Minister of Interior and the Minister of Justice in Turkey; on the 10th, the US announced that the high tariffs of Turkish steel and aluminum products were doubled. These two measures further reserves the original weak Turkish Dira, and the lift is low on the 13th, which is: 1.

  Taking American Apple’s smartphone iPhone as an example, Erdoan said, "We will resist US electronic products", in turn, other foreign brands and Turkish local brands.

  A local brand stock price mentioned in Erdoan has climbed 7% in the Istanbul exchange. Turkish Airlines and Turkish Telecom announced on the 14th that it will respond to a campaign on Turkish social media, stopping new business advertisements in the US media.

  [Dialogue] With Erdoan to the United States, Turkish commodity transactions and Chamber of Commerce jointly issued a statement on the 14th on the 14th of the Turkish Industry and Commercial Federation, called on Turkish government to alleviate tension with the United States and the European Union. These two organizations also appeal to the government to allow Turkey’s central bank to increase interest rates to ease the Liraji crisis. Turkey and the US government confirmed that the US Presidential National Security Affairs Assistant John Bolton met with Turkish Ambassador Serbal Klei, USA, Washington on the 13th. Turkey Foreign Minister Mevrüte Chamus, said that Cletic told Bolton, stress and threats to fall into the "confusion", and then bilateral relations can improve after the US is abandoned.

  Simous Oluba also said that the US Temphor Office in Turkey will explore the American pastor Andrew Brensen.

The Turkish government refers to Brandon and Turkey, the Turkish Religious People, Turkish Religious People, Turkey, Turkey, Turkey, and Turkish Party. Agglin denied planning and coup; the US government refused to extract to the earth, and urged the earth to immediately release Brensen. Turkish Finance Minister, Erdoan’s son-in-law Bellat Albairack is scheduled to hold a remote conference with approximately 1,000 foreign investors on the 16th.

Reuters reported that Albairack will appease investors’ concerns about the Erdoan government economy and financial policy. Turkish Dira stopped to decline on the 14th, rising by about 5% for the US dollar exchange rate. (Hui Xiaofeng) (Xinhua News Agency Specialization).

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Tibet Fire Rescue Corps: Transformation and Upgrade Bear Mission Rationality

For three years, Tibet Fire Rescue Corps Training and Fighting Security Detachment (hereinafter referred to as "detachment") adhering to the work philosophy of "higher altitude high stations, bigger and bigger and big, and suffering from bitterness", show The responsibility of "small bridge must be big as a big as the first-class", the first-class "," Leading all the warfare firm confidence, burying his head, attacking hard, forging a new team, establishing a new image, cultivating the new spirit, creating a new performance. Strengthening the party building leading the leadership collective detachment party committee adheres to the party building high standards, fully implementing the basic system of collective leaders, "three sessions", democratic reviews, the team puts the direction, universal, and grasping the big events; give full play to ideological and political work "Life Line" role, put unified thinking, cohesive strength as a central task, at least one centralized political study, combined with business work tips, conscientiously implement the spirit of the meeting, carry out various types of topics education, political life within the party , Principled, combatability is further enhanced; adhere to the collective research decision of major matters, fully promote democracy, strictly follow the requirements and procedures requirements of the Detachment Party Committee, standardize the implementation of education, training, team management, integrity, finance and other "seven" system, review Youtricot the first and "three major" topics research, enhance the scientific and reasonable decision-making level of the party committee; research and development of the Detachment Party Committee Theory Center Group Learning Program, combined with key work to conduct centralized discussions, stages, division modules, high frequency Learning, promoting political theory and business capability effectively improvement. Focusing on the main business of the main business, the root base of the business is actively targeting the "national team, the main army" function positioning, keeping around the "full disaster, big emergency" task needs, and give full play to "the power of cradle". In the past three years, the detachment undertakes 4 batches of new firefighters in the employment education and training, and the new recruitment of firefighters will be trained for 2 batches.

The detachment has carried out new training work, always follow the principle of "training, training, people-oriented, quality", successfully organized new firefighters "Golden Wax" competition, completion report performance and Tibet Fire Industry Vocational Skills Competition and other activities Education and training have a number of new era firemen to adapt to Tibet rescue characteristics, in line with grassroots actual combat needs, and comprehensive quality.

Based on the new direction of the team, the new goal, detachment adheres to the "unified command, flat war combination, rapid response, ordered coordination", and actively explore all kinds of disaster accident programming, clearly preparing, dispatched, Guide to arrive, expand, end, and return, etc. 42 vehicles in the battle, grinding all aspects of security, cooking, equipment, oil, command, camping, life, etc., formulating a perfect plan, fully preparing, striving to achieve, There is a strong work goal.

Tightly around teaching training, service support functions, grasp the hardware and improve the "rejuvenation project", complete the training room heating and transformation and library, party membership centers, electronic reading room construction, improve water rescue simulation facilities, chemical equipment With the construction of analog tunnel equipment, coordinate local companies to donate 500 sets of anti-epidemic services and put into use, successfully completed the management of 32 batches of training and 2,600 people’s guard assignments, ensuring that the quality of training guarantees steadily improved. The target "two strict two quasi" took the initiative as a detachment party committee always adhered to the strict governance team, and the rheumatics, always put the team safely in the first place.

The detachment formulates the introduction of two-level quantitative management regulations and mobile phone use management regulations, and strengthen the implementation of the fake system. Establish a new firefighter’s key personnel file, designate a special person to manage family members, and do not pay tribute. Actively docked the relevant business office room, clarify the work requirements of the team management, examination guarantee, food security, medical epidemic protection during the training task, and supervise the armed pointers to strictly implement a day living system, prevent all kinds of safety hazards, and eliminate each The illegal and safety incidents occurred. Enable the "staple" software to perform the top production attendance, and summarize the analysis of the safety management situation per week, informing the situation of attendance, strict implementation of the provisions of the public service car dispatched, cuisine, etc., continue "two frequent Sexual work, focus on highlighting holidays, "8 hours" and other key time management, strengthen the commander of the warriors, standardize its words and deeds, and build a family communication platform to achieve two-way education, prevent safety accidents.

Do a good job in learning education and dying, the effective detachment is always based on the party history, learning education, with "I do practical things for the people", based on the service of the masses, strengthen the management team, standardize the work order, and scientifically promote the professional skills appraisal work of Tibet Fire Industry. Effective removal. Based on the construction goal of the intermediate identification station and the requirements of the "Construction Standards for Vocational Skills Identification Station", ICT, fully guarantee budgetary funds, standardize project construction management, pay attention to the department coordination, and complete the acceptance preparation, effectively accelerate the upgrade of the identification station Reconstruction, ensuring that the level of professional skills appraisal is steadily improved.

In order to establish a good image of the snowfield fire rescue team, ask the people to ask for the people, ask the people to open the fire industry skill appraisal service hotline, release integrated business system use and theoretical examination guide, formulate appraisal assessment scheme, and actively solve the masses "Urgent" problem.

Focus on improving the professional skills of staff, establishing the responsibility, award punishment, dynamic management, and formulating transparent petition disregard channels, integrity education programs, issuing examination work implementation plan and theoretical machine test implementation procedures, carrying out full processes, The link, full coverage simulation test actual combat drill, forming long-term mechanism, continuously promoting the regular construction process of vocational skills appraisal team.

Adhere to the cultural leadership payment of the service of the mass detachment focused on casting the souls and cultural leadership, improving the attraction and effectiveness of political education. The detachment actively exploring the new way of education teaching in the online underline, the detachment is organized, the ceremonial education, special discussion, ideological and discovery, warmth and care. The trainer revisit the 100-year-old party history "" Tibet Xiaoshi "," the party history "of the Red Song, has formed a" Voice of New Training "Broadcasting Station, and has propagated more than 500 times on the political and team of the current situation. New library, create a party history reading area, to achieve the party’s party building, to learn, expand the knowledge coverage of the war party history, and constantly improve the learning effect.

The detachment is based on the grassroots, and is incorporated into the important agenda of the party committee into the important agenda of the party committee, and lists 12 related items.

The detachment is based on the special geographical environment close to the 318 National Highway, and sets the fire-fighting convenience service point, actively serves the masses; organize 103 warpersers to donate more than 20,000 kill of milliliters, providing support for 24 medical institutions in Lhasa, Lhasa, China; County Seniors Centralized Support Center established a long-term helper to build a mechanism, carrying out 3 times of condolences to the elderly; working with stationary primary schools, carrying out "fire safety into campus" publicity activities, and organized teachers and students to participate in fire drill training; coordination completion The detachment cadres and firefighters settled, and the firefighting referred to the warfare warfare, solving the children of fire warfare, and eliminating their worries.

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Tianjin Health Health System: Ideal Thought, Great, Sprinkle New Journey

Original title: Ideal for the Greatness of the New Journey "Xi Jinping’s important speech, standing in the two-year-old history of history, comprehensively reviewing the glorious history of our party’s hundred-year-old, highly evaluated our party group In order to realize the historical merits established by the National Great Rejuvenation, the Chinese people enhance the glorious tradition and revolutionary spirit of the party in the struggle of the party, and the valuable experience and practice of accumulating, profoundly clarify the development of the party and national business in the new journey. A series of major problems.

"On July 26, members of the Municipal Party Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, president of the Municipal Communist Party of China, Professor Liu Jingquan, deputy secretary of the Municipal Communist Party of China, the Secretary of the Secretary of the Nankai University Special propaganda report.

  "In-depth study, the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping, the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping, the Chinese dream of the Chinese nation’s great rejuvenation," has a great reality and far-reaching historical significance.

"At the preliminary meeting, Liu Jingquan made a comprehensive, systematic and in-depth interpretation of General Secretary of General Secretary Xi Jinping. The party members and cadres of the city’s health system listened to the report on the scene and video conferences. Everyone said, The report focused on highlighting, connotation, exciting, inspiring, and strong guiding effects on the comprehensive study of General Secretary of Xi Jinping, "July" important speech spirit.

  After the report meeting, the on-site young party members cadres were still unfailed to gather around Liu Jingquan and exchanged interactive. Lin Chunguang, deputy director of the Municipal Health and Health Committee (Emergency Office), said: "Listening to the topic report is very inspired, the health emergency work responsible for his own department, in the future, we must continue to do a good job in normalized epidemic prevention and control, do new crown vaccination Implementing a decline in flood control and relief measures. Unwavering the direction along General Secretary of Xi Jinping’s important requirements in Tianjin ‘three focused on the important requirements, struggling to write a new chapter in the new era of Tianjin medical and health care industry reform.

Xia Yingyi, Director, Director of the Municipal Health and Health Committee Co-Exchange Office, said: "In the presentation report, Xiaokang is not well-off, the key to see health, this sentence makes me impressive. In the future, we must deepen the development concept of "people-centered", further enhance the historical consciousness, political consciousness and action of ‘two maintenance’, keep in mind the initial mission, carry forward the revolutionary spirit, and show hygiene in strengthening party spirit and people’s position. Health System Communists’ Times and Spiritual Characters.

"(Reporter Xu Yang) (Editor: Han Wei, Cui Xinyao) Sharing let more people see.

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South Korea "with the epidemic coexistence" is high in dangerous cases

  According to the Han Dian, the Han Dynasty has launched the "Strain Restoration Daily Life" in early November (the so-called "coexist") epidemic prevention mode, the critically ill patient has increased.

As of 10th, there have been 460 cases of domestic critically ill patients in Korea, and the highest record of history.

  Specifically, from September 1st to 5 this month, the number of critically ill patients has always maintained at a level of more than 300 cases, an increase in 411 cases on 6, and more than 400 cases for five consecutive days.

460 cases of critical illness cases, more than 82% of the old people over 60 years old.

Specifically, the 60-year-old population accounts for more than 70s, accounting for 25% of the people over the age of 80. In addition, the 50-year-old population accounts for%, the 40-year-old population accounts for%, accounting for%, and the 10-year-old population accounts for%. The Korean epidemic prevention department believes that loose epidemic prevention measures have led to the expansion of diagnosis cases, and due to the earlier vaccination time of the old population, the current protection effect is reduced, and the seasonal factors are affected, the health risks faced by the elderly. When the Korean State Prime Minister Jin Fuqian, he presided over the Conference of the Central Disaster Safety Council. It was said that the deterioration rate of new crown significant cases, death cases, and viral basic regeneration, etc. were higher than expected.

Sun Yinglai, a head of the Social Strategy Group of the Central Emergency Disposal, said in the press conference, the existing medical resources are not problematic in terms of treatment of critically ill patients, but in the future, the diagnosis scale of uncharged vaccine people is very important. However, as of 5 pm a day, South Korea’s new crown significant bed usage has reached%. In the case where the diagnosis case is more concentrated, Seoul City is%, and the city is%, and Gyeonggi Province is%. This has been close to the government’s preproppion to restore the standards of daily life order and launch the "Emergency Plan", that is, the significant bed use rate reaches 75%. Jinyuzhu, a professor of infection in the infection of Jiuri University, said that this winter’s epidemic situation will be very severe, and severe patients will continue to increase.

He said that the government did not develop the "emergency plan" standard and thought that the current medical system can stably deal with the epidemic, regret. Article Source: Han Dian Social Network →→ Editor: Shen Yuhuan, Zhou Yulao).

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