“All right,Actually, there is nothing to entangle,right now,Or just let it go,Either,Just end it all。”

Wang Teng’s remarks,Is a new talk directly about the business war。
What about Shang Zhan Xin,In his heart,I’m actually very happy to do this。
So next,Actually, there is no need for Wang Teng to say anything。
The new speed of business war starts to accelerate,The whole person doesn’t say anything,Directly choose to start shooting right here。
It’s here,Shang Zhan New Side,Other people are also talking。
“makes sense,In this case,Then what are we entangled,Go straight。”
“Actually it’s right,There is no need to continue to consume it。”
“What you want me to say,Start now,Actually, we don’t have to continue to struggle。”
At this moment,Those around,I didn’t forget to say here。
After these people finished talking,For all of this,The more you look at the new business war, the more you feel,These things,Actually it’s nothing at all。
And looking at all of this,at this time,Wang Teng shrugged。
“Interesting,But now,Let’s not talk about other things for now。”
“You have to continue toss,Just let go!”
When Wang Teng saw this,at this time,Wang Teng’s face,Is filled with a faint smile。
And looking at it all,Now,Wang Teng didn’t feel it at all,What’s wrong with this look。
See these,Wang Teng said:“Since your businessmen,Have trouble with me。”
“Then now,Businessmen,Don’t leave one!”
Wang Teng waved his hand,I spoke directly to my eyes very simply。

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