The first two waves of assassins,The strength is average,It’s all teamed up by several level six fighters,Strength alone is far from enough for Wright。

But the assassin killed,But you don’t have to fight head-on,Use some means,Assassins can kill enemies that are much stronger than themselves。
So these two waves of assassins poisoned the river where Wright drinks water,Shot when Wright resolves the hand,Even disguised as women and children,Pretending to ask for help,Then suddenly shot。
Wright is not afraid of poisoning,After all, within the realm of Neijiaquan,The body qi and blood run slightly,Naturally expel toxins。And the assassins disguised as women and children,Wright can only doubt the opponent’s intelligence,This is sunset mountains!Whose women and children have the ability to travel all the way without being eaten by Warcraft。
But an assassin killed Wright when he was relieved,This is too cruel。The target that the opponent chooses to attack is also vicious enough。This made Wright angrily,Pressed several assassins about their organization,Then directly kill the camp of this organization。
The camp of the Assassins is really difficult to deal with,But Wright is not just a fighter,Also a seventh-level magician,After quietly touching the valley where the Assassins are located,Take advantage of the night,Unleash the destructive magic he currently has the widest range。
Seven levels of magic‘Earth Gun Array!’
Countless half-meter long rock spears pierced from the ground,The rock spear containing the earth elements alone is more powerful than your sixth-level warrior who uses his fighting spirit to stab his spear.,And attack at night。Although these assassins are well trained,But also lost most of it under this blow。
And when these assassins flee,,Wright used a flying knife to kill one by one。Until the leader of these assassins suppressed,After forming a defensive circle,Six or seven assassins have died under Wright’s throwing knife。
Only eight assassins left,Although I also found Wright,But at this moment their strength is no longer Wright’s opponent at all。
That is to rely on various traps to emerge endlessly,Makes Wright’s pursuit a little troublesome。
If the opponent has an eighth-level fighter,Even the seventh-level fighters are slightly more,Maybe you can defeat or even keep Wright。But no but,The most powerful assassin in this camp is a mid-level 7 fighter.,Was defeated by Wright in the final chase。
Chapter 14 Treasure Map
However, this camp belongs to an assassin organization under a certain power,Not much oil and water at all。
Plus Wright is wary of what these assassins may leave behind,So every tent first attacked with earth magic,And then search in the rubble,So there are fewer belongings to be found。
“Tut,These assassins are too poor, right?,I remember this is a sixth-level fighter,There are only five gold coins。”
“Woo,This rich,It’s actually a purple gold coin!There are forty-three”I have never heard of Zijin Coin Wright in my hometown,I only found out after I arrived at Puang No. 1 School of Magic,There is this currency on gold coins,Zijin coins are actually made of alchemical materials‘Red copper’Made by mixing a certain proportion of gold,Itself is extremely valuable material。The value of purple gold coins and gold coins are not in a certain ratio,It depends on the weight of the Zijin coin,Of course a purple gold coin,Basically equal to about five thousand gold coins。Forty-three purple gold coins,About two hundred thousand gold coins!
“Pity,That estimate is for financial management within the organization,I didn’t meet the second such rich!”
“Nice artwork,It’s a pity that I broke it!”Wright saw a beautiful copperware,Sighed,But it’s not a pity,Just those forty-three purple gold coins,It’s a great harvest。

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