“You guys chat,I don’t care about you。”Yang Yong finished,Just drove away,He’s going to pick up the baby at Xia Shuyue’s house。

“Ok,Brother Yang,You go first。”Everyone turned around and waved to Yang Yong。
Yang Yong parked the car at the gate of the community,I quickly climbed the stairs to Xia Shuyue’s house,His daughter had a good time,I cried when I saw my dad coming。
Yang Yong walked over and picked up his daughter,“Don’t cry,Dad came to pick you up。”
284 They bully me
The little girl was crying,Crying,“father,Woo,Woo,You finally came,They bully me,Don’t give me food。”After finishing talking, pointing at Wang Sulian and Xia Shuyue。
Xia Shuyue was dumbfounded when she heard it,This kid who was still in kindergarten opened his mouth and said nonsense,After all, it’s not my own child,Say this,Everyone can’t get off the stage。
Wang Sulian hurriedly explained,“Just fine,Also ate a big bowl of rice,look,You come in and play with toys,Obediently。”
Yang Yong holding the baby,Made a gesture to Wang Sulian,Nod at the same time,Said it’s okay。
Wang Sulian still wants to explain,Xia Shuyue watched her,Shaking head,Let her stop talking。
“father,I don’t want to stay here anymore,I want to go home,Woo,Woo……”Little guy crying again,Crying more sad。
“it is good,We go home,Do not cry。”Yang Yong holds the baby and prepares to leave。
“You won’t sit for a while?”Xia Shuyue asked。
“Forget it,too late,Tomorrow the child will wake up to study。”Yang Yong smiled and shook his head。
Wang Sulian saw the child cry like that,I’m really sorry,Send Yang Yong downstairs,To the gate of the community。
Yang Yong comforted her,“Aunt,Nothing,You go back,The child will be fine after crying for a while。”
“You drive slower。”Wang Sulian doesn’t know what to explain,I’m afraid this kind of thing gets darker,She nodded。

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