“found it!But you have to hurry up”Long Yuan opened his eyes,Shen Sheng said。
Fuming eyes condensed“what happened,Something happened?”
“Hehe,You’ll know when you arrive,Forward right200Rice place,They are there!”
“follow me!”Fuming finished,Direct energy,Lightning flashes under your feet,Turning into an afterimage, moving towards the distance,Yang Pinyi waved his hand and led the team to follow。
A group of people followed behind Fuming,I was surprised by the speed and speed“This guy,Stronger again!”Bai Ai is watching Fuming’s back,Burning in the eyes。
“Not playing with you,Time to enjoy you!”He Xingyuan rubs his claws,Little sparks,The grinning smile on his face became more apparent。
The three of Xiaoyuan closed their eyes as if resigned,He Xingyuan’s sharp claws are raised high。
“Get out of my way!”A sharp shout came from a distance,An euphorbia wrapped in rich thunder and lightning quickly zoomed in He Xingyuan’s eyes,Almost a second,He Xingyuan quickly left his original position,Euphorbia was inserted on the ground and burst out with strong power!
He Xingyuan rolled around in embarrassment,Head up suddenly“who is it!”He is very upset now,The most annoying thing for him is being interrupted while eating!
The bad eater following He Xingyuan suddenly appeared behind He Xingyuan,Each exudes a dangerous atmosphere。
Fall from the air,A splash of dust,The dust and smoke dispersed, revealing a tall figure,Pull out the halberd and point towards He Xingyuan“To kill you!”The tone is full of arrogance and domineering。
He Xingyuan looked behind Fuming,Yang Pin also rushed to the place with people,The two sides took out their weapons as soon as they met,Staring nervously at this opponent。
The anger in He Xingyuan’s heart is also growing stronger“Hehehe,really interesting,Unexpectedly, there are desserts!”
Xiaoyuan and the three were even more excited and wept“at last,Finally someone came to save us!!!”
Yang Pin looked to the side to Fuming“This kid,Not easy,If you come later,I’m afraid the three of them are in danger”Look at Xiaoyuan leaning on the tree,When seeing the injuries on them,The eyes are getting colder。
“Now named as Bailian Academy,Kill you!!!”The team behind Yang Pin climbed to its peak,The same goes for bad eaters,Both sides must die in this battle!

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