Inside the black cloth,All heads!

The stench immediately filled the hall,Some young ladies who have not seen war much are even more frightened.,Almost screamed away。
Yang Xiu continued to tear down the black cloth,But his hands are already shaking。
These heads,He recognizes every one!
Just before he took the welcoming team to Zulong City State,He also had a drink with each of them,At that time, these heads were still on them,Now it is wrapped in dirty black cloth one after another,It even rolls without holding it……
These people’s faces,Yang Xiu couldn’t be more familiar,Shouldn’t they have already entered the West Fourth City of Zulong along the Zhixia Gorge in the west?!!
Why are they all here,And only the head!!!
Yang Xiu’s hands are full of blood,When he looked at Li Yunzi again,No longer the meaning of frivolousness,But eyes full of fear!!
She killed everyone!!
She killed everyone!!
This devil,She killed all the soldiers of Lingxiao City who sneaked on the West Fourth City,He also cut off the heads of the main generals and sent them here……
What raises the conditions,What temporary evil intention……
If not sure,How dare he Yang Xiu run wild in this Ancestral Dragon City State Council???

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