I don’t know if the dolls in these six crane machines are worth it2000Yuan。This really makes the boss who bought the dolls make money。

In fact, when Xiao Fan told him about these dolls,They take away,But when the claw machine is left, the boss will refund him the money,But Xiao Fan did not agree。
I have already said that the money has been paid for the purchase,There is no reason to come back。Besides, he doesn’t lack the money。
Xiao Fan took Lin Yoona home,If your ears are warm, you only need to be a supervisor in the company。
Wen Xu found a designer while he was away,In Baiqi’s office, watching these renovation workers decorate。
And the company has security on weekends,So there is no need to worry about losing things in the company, even if it is lost, the company still has monitoring,360No dead ends。
Except for the toilet,All other places can be monitored。Then the security risks of the entire company are almost zero,So nothing to fear。
At this time in the cafe,The woman who opposed Xiao Fan and the others in the playground is still making a lot of noise,It also said that he should let his husband help solve this matter。
Don’t know。Her husband is frowning at home。When she was making noisy,Her husband called her。
Her husband said:“Someone reported him,He is going to be taken away,Cooperate with investigation。”
this matter,The woman slumped in a chair after receiving the call,No love。
Her husband is the backbone of the whole family,If you are really caught,How can she and her daughter spend the rest of their lives?,What should I do。
Although she has been making noise,But ah,His friend told him,That he offended someone who shouldn’t be offended,That’s her fault。
Who made her so bad,I didn’t go to the amusement park。
This woman has finally calmed down now,After hanging up the phone call from her husband, she told her friend:“I’m offended,People who shouldn’t offend,What can I do?”

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