As for where Chen Geng is from、How to get this3000Deer whip,What does that have to do with myself?Anyway, I only need deer whip!

unfortunately,Chen Geng shook his head cruelly:“impossible,I will only give you at most100only。”
“100only?No no no,This is too little,Too little,”Jotson shook his head subconsciously:“Fernandez,At least give me500……Do not,1000only。”
if there is not3000Only this major premise,Stably provide to myself every year100A deer whip can make Jotson smile and tilt his mouth at night,But with3000Only this major premise,Jotson would never look down on“District”100Only。
Chen Geng slowly、But shook his head firmly:“Chotson,You should know,to me3000It may not be enough,I need to use this stuff more than you。”
Another meaning of this,Just:Why should I hang on your tree?
Qiao Tesen was shocked,Then smiled bitterly:Yes,I think too much,I and Fernandez are good friends.,But this friendship is also very limited,Specifically,I’m afraid it’s more than1000Deer Whip……Thought of here,He couldn’t help being curious:Where did Fernandez find such a stable supply channel??
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First554chapter The source of the artifact
? Where did Chen Geng find such a stable supply channel??
Of course it is China。
ThinkcenterContinue to sell well in European and American markets,But the technical transformation has been completed one after another、Jinmen that can produce black and white picture tubes for displays、Kotoshima、Magic Capital Three Picture Tube Factory,But did not usher in the large orders they were expecting,Even if they drop the price again and again,Reduced the price toRCA、NEC、Panasonic and other similar products70%about,Fernandez has no intention of expanding orders。
Four machine department、State Administration of Computer Industry、The leaders of the State Administration of Radio and Television Industry are distraught!

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