Frank·Robinson feels extremely unreal。

Watching frank·Robinson’s reaction,Chen Geng sighed in his heart:It seems Collins·McKenney’s name is still good。
He smiled to Frank·Robinson asks:“Do you think I would make jokes about this kind of thing?”
Frank·Robinson became silent,on the one hand,The knowledge in his heart told him,This is impossible;But on the other hand,Frank·Robinson understands better,Fernandez·Chen can’t make a joke about this kind of thing。
Kelly·Hicks interjected in due course:“To please Mr. McKenney,bossBut it cost a lot,Not only owed Sir Robbins a big favor,It also promised Mr. McKenney’s guaranteed three times the monthly salary and the new company20%Shares of。”
That’s understandable。
After listening to Kelly·Hicks words,Frank·Robinson nodded silently,He knows Rawls·Royce’s chairman of the board is Ralph·Sir Robbins,If Fernandez·Chen spent a great price,This can also make sense why Collins·McKeniken went to work for Chen Geng:Double the guaranteed annual salary and20%Company shares,Really enough to impress anyone。
on the other hand,With Collins·McKenney, a master in the field of aero engine, sits,Frank·Robinson was so tough on Chen Geng“sell”This engine,But finally got a little confidence。
“If the chief designer and chief engineer of this engine are both Collins·Mr. McKenney,So I really have nothing to worry about the quality of this product,”Frank was finally relieved·Robinson,I feel better:At least prove that Fernandez·Chen is serious about working with Robinson Helicopters、Responsible,Instead of holding deceitful ideas,But he still has some doubts:“But the price you mentioned earlier……”
Speaking of,Frank·Robinson refused to cooperate with Chen Geng、I think Chen Geng has no sincerity in cooperation,Kelly can be blamed for more than half of the reason·Hicks’ previous engine offer:One200Horsepower turboshaft engine,Quotation as long as5Wanzhi6Ten thousand U.S. dollars,Isn’t this nonsense!When is the price of turboshaft engines about the same as the price of piston aviation engines??
Although the power of this engine is not great,But no matter what, it’s a turboshaft engine.?When will the price of turboshaft engines be as low as five figures?
Meet Frank·Robinson’s suspicious look,Chen Geng nodded affirmatively:“Yes,It’s the quote Miss Kelly gave you before。”

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