Shen Ziyao:Nothing,In fact, this is easy to avoid,As long as the coffin is up,Insist on cremation,To avoid zombies。

And your two apprentices missed to finish bombing the ink fountain under the coffin,Otherwise the zombies won’t come out。
These two brats!Hear the prophet,The Jiu Shu in Yizhuang just cursed。
Wencai and Qiusheng who were just about to come in,Abruptly retreated outside。
“Master, what’s wrong,What are we doing??”Wencai looked at Qiusheng,Weirdly asked。
“You ask me who do i ask?”Qiu Sheng rolled his eyes。
“Did you mess with the master??”Wencai began to blame Qiu Shenglai。
“I should ask you this, right?,You are with the master today, okay!”Qiu Sheng couldn’t help but fight back。
Wencai only remembered today,Then said“its not right,Today I went to drink foreign tea with the master, but it was a great sight,How can you be angry?”
“What are you two sneaky doing outside,Not hurry in yet。”In the confusion between the two,Uncle Jiu’s voice reached the ears of the two。
Wencai and Qiusheng straightened their bodies quickly,Bite the bullet and walked in from outside。
Can go in,Seeing the master whose entire face is black,Shocked again。

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