Male No. 2 in Little Beauty almost talked about crosstalk

Male No. 2 in “Little Beautiful” almost talked about crosstalk | New Forces of Actors
In order to play fastboard and learn to dance, and mistakenly hit the entrance examination for the Chinese drama, taste the popularity before the graduation, everything is full of misalignment but natural, he is Gao Zhiting, is “To our simple little beautyWu Baisong, who is very popular in the movie, is also a small martial artist in the action suspected drama “Ham City”.Not long ago, Gao Zhiting was eliminated when he took part in the acting variety show “Actors are in place”. At that time, many netizens complained about him on the Internet, but Gao Zhiting himself had a good mentality.When you’re done, everyone can like it, and everyone can act comfortably.The ultimate goal is to give the audience a good look and feel.”Poke the video to watch a clip of the impromptu performance” Let Bullets Fly “by Thunder.Sauna Night Net News produced Gao Zhiting’s birthday: June 1995 School: Central Drama Academy Representative works: “Hard City”, “Bird Collection” and “To Our Simple Little Beauty” Participating in a variety show to give yourself an alarm: the effortWhen Gao Zhiting participated in the variety show, the group director Li Shaohong inscribed the names of everyone else in the same group, but he did not choose Gao Zhiting.At that time, many netizens complained about him online, but when the sauna and Yewang asked Gao Zhiting about this, he found his mentality was good. “It may be that the director likes it. I don’t think there is anything.”Gao Zhiting said that he didn’t need to get a place to participate in the show,” I can play this role well and finish the work. It seems that these three people are like a family, and the show is more beautiful.”In the beginning, Gao Ting was hesitant to participate in the show. Later, he asked his teacher Liu Tianchi,” the teacher said that you can go to participate. You are still young and need more practice.The actor basically plays three roles a year, and there are four more. Participating in such a show is hard work for you.”So Gao Zhiting feels that the biggest gain from participating in such programs is that he can sound a small alarm for his career path.” Since it has not succeeded, it means that I still have many shortcomings and I need to continue to improve myself and tell myself thatWork harder.”Gao Zhiting is in the variety show.At the age of 12, he came to Beijing to study dance. Almost as a cross talk actor Gao Zhiting was born in a literary family. His mother was a singer. Later, she gave up her singing career because of the summary of the vocal cords.Gao Zhiting ran the band with his mother from an early age. My mother felt that Gao Zhiting should also have some skills, so she found a drama teacher to teach him, “If you learn to play Allegro and the like, if you don’t go to dance later, maybe I willIt’s a cross talk actor.”Thinking of this, Gao Ting laughed.During the study of Quyi, Gao Zhiting’s main station was not straight, “Teacher is very strict and always hopes to correct my problem. I always say this.My mom was also embarrassed, so I said let the kid learn dance and exercise his body.”So initially Gao Zhiting learned to dance in order to better play the Allegro behind, but also to allow him to stand better. As a result, he was unstoppable in the dance profession.At the age of 12, Gao Zhiting was encouraged by his mother to enter the Beijing Dance Academy Attached High School dance and dance class. Separated from his classmates, Gao Zhiting’s biggest feature is: he doesn’t want to be home.”When I was about seven or eight years old, my family was too busy and sent me back to my hometown for a summer vacation. At that time, I already felt homesick and cried every day, so after I came to Beijing to go to school, I was our dormitoryThe calmest one.”Sauna, Ye Wang, Guo Yanbing and Gao Zhiting remember very clearly. He felt very fresh when he first entered the school. He was very happy except for the painful practice of daily practice.” My classmates in the dormitory are not good.The upper bunk sat on the bed without saying a word, I asked what happened?Then he started sobbing, one started crying, the other started, and finally cried there, saying homesick.”I entered the Chinese opera by mistake, and I wanted to drop out of school and spent my high school time happily. When I was in college, Gao Zhiting had already been admitted to the Beijing Dance Academy.Try, “I didn’t even want to go that day. Later, my mother said that if you took the ranking, you would have a face in the North Dance. I think it makes sense to go.”” Gao Zhiting’s examination in the Chinese opera was very smooth. At that time, Liu Tianchi was his chief examiner, and later became his class teacher.”When I passed the third test at that time, I told the teacher that I had passed the Northern Dance. The teacher said: Are you playing us?”In the end, Gao Zhiting chose the Central Academy of Drama with the encouragement of everyone, but he didn’t expect that he had just wanted to drop out after he had just finished freshman year.”I don’t understand, because acting is not like dancing, there are right and wrong standards.”The teacher gave a scenario where everyone would do it according to their own understanding, and the teacher would not say right or wrong, because everyone was right.I felt like I couldn’t come and was confused. I didn’t know how to learn.”The freshman year was very painful. Gao Zhiting even called my mother to show her determination to drop out of school. With her mother’s persuasion, she felt like trying again.”Later, the teacher discovered my problem and slowly guided me.In addition to the sophomore year, we started to have a script, at least there is a standard, I only touched the doorway.”Because” Little Beauty “became popular, Gao Zhiting was always the class leader when he filmed” Hancheng “for questioning the university.” This is the first year of freshman. I raised my hand to raise myself.Say I don’t want to come, now I have to show my determination!”When I was the class leader, I was going to lead by example. Although it was painful to study in my freshman year, Gao Zhiting always worked hard. It was this effort that allowed teacher Liu Tianchi to replace him in the youth campus movie” Mint “directed by him.Play as Male No. 2 in “To Our Simple Little Beauty”.Before graduation, Gao Zhiting starred in the youth love drama “To Our Simple Little Beauty”, who played the seemingly cynical appearance, but the actual but very dedicated male No. 2 Wu Baisong, it is also the popular hit of this drama that made Gao ZhitingIt was loved by the audience: “I was filming” Ham City “in Malaysia when” Little Beautiful “was aired. There were a lot of children who knew me. At that time, one of our brothers said that his sister especially liked me.Want to sign and take a photo, and then everyone is wondering, our executive producer also asked: Who is this?Isn’t he just a newly graduated child in China?”Playing Xiaowu in” Hard City “.Gao Zhiting played Xiaowu in the action suspect drama “Ham City”. Although there are not many scenes and it is very popular, although there is no clear lens in the plot to prove Xiaowu’s ending, there are still many fans who want to be in the second part.Seeing that Xiao Wu could “resurrect”: “I have little experience in filming, and everyone takes care of me very much.At first, the director felt that I had a problem with my lines, but I couldn’t feel it myself, and then he asked me to listen to it, and I immediately knew what went wrong.Later, the director told me that if there are any problems in the future, don’t question others first, and learn to check yourself. If someone points you out, then you must have this problem.I thank everyone.”Sauna, Ye Wang Zhang Kunyu Photography / Sauna, Ye Wang Guo Yanbing Editing Tian Yani proofread Zhao Lin

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