Ai VEE: Technology Innovation and Talent Strategy

[] Shandong Ai Vivot Technology Co., Ltd. successfully selected the pilot list of intellectual property rights using the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

It is reported that Avivate attaches great importance to the work of technological innovation and intellectual property, as of dozens of patents.

  According to reports, Avivate is a high-tech modern enterprise integrating chemical products R & D, production, sales and import and export, covering medical intermediates, pesticide intermediates, feed additives and other fields. The company has received 12 provincial and ministerial rewards, and it is identified as a national specialized new small giant enterprise, the national intellectual property advantage, Shandong invisible champion enterprises.

  "Science and Technology innovation is the original movement of enterprises, and it is also the guarantee of enterprises’ survival and market competition.

Talents are the cornerstone of enterprises, and they seize talents and also seize the fundamental of enterprise development.

Only by allowing technological innovation and talent strategy, the company can be courageous in the current economic high quality development. "In an interview with a reporter, the chairman of Shandong Aiyte Technology Co., Ltd. said. In order to accelerate the development of enterprises, Avivate has made a series of work around Scientific and Technology Innovation under the leadership of Zhou Wei. First, the establishment of research and development institutions Shandong Province Traceful to the Green Chemical Research Institute, continuously increase research and development, annual capital quota accounts for more than 5% of the annual sales revenue.

The second is to strengthen school enterprise cooperation, close cooperation with Chinese Academy, Qingdao University of Science and Technology, etc., together with innovation, and innovation through joint research and development, entrustment development.

  As a typical technician entrepreneurship, Zhou Wei always adheres to the development of enterprises with scientific and technological innovation. In response to problems with low reaction rates in high-end special chemicals, high safety risk, serious environmental pollution, Avivate continues to carry out technical innovation, overcome the water phase organic synthesis technology of multiple products, and achieves full steps Industrialization of synthesis technology.

The company has controlled the production of pollutants from the source, reducing production costs and environmental costs, and products have a reputation in peers at home and abroad.

  "Based on the development of technology innovation and market demand, we highly attach great importance to the excavation and cultivation of talents. In the choice of good people, use good people, retain people, and establish a high-quality talent team.

The company insisted on talents, relying on scientific and technological innovation, achieving leap-forward development. "Zhou Wei said. In order to achieve rapid development, Ai Vivot introduces high-end talents such as national key engineering talent experts, forming research and development teams, building a postdoctoral in Shandong Province, and building a high-end talents covering fine chemical, water phase organic synthesis and efficiency Cleaning separation, etc.

With the support of scientific and technological talents, the company’s product varieties are increasing, and competitiveness is constantly enhanced, achieving fast and sustainable and leap-forward development. Zhou Wei believes that it is based on technological innovation and talent strategy, and Avivate’s products will lead the market from adaptation to the market.

  Talking about the development and planning of Avolt, Zhou Wei is very confident: "The company puts the listing as a financing strategy, which has already launched a listing plan. In the next five years, some products of Evofite should fight in the field of segment, faster Well layout domestic and global markets. "Where the source is" Economic Reference News "or" Economic Reference Network ", digital media products, etc., copyrights, copyrights, economic reference newspapers, no Written by the Economic Reference Newspaper shall not be published in any form, play.

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