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Yoga Breathing Lectures (2)

Yoga Breathing Lectures (2)

Respiration is an axis that connects physiology and psychology, and is a window for understanding physiological and psychological conditions.

Normal breathing is the foundation of a person’s physical health and the soul of yoga practice.

Modern people make the right changes, and the rules of healthy life are getting farther and farther, and as a result, there are more and more physical and psychological diseases and problems.

The manifestation of this dispersion is imbalance and disturbance of breathing.

Watching breathing is the best way to correct this alternative.

As yoga says: changing your breath changes your body; changing your breath changes your mind; changing your breath changes your destiny; therefore, understanding the significance and mastery of breathingThe right breathing method is a top priority for yoga practice.

  The following is the introduction of Yoga’s completely natural breathing method.

  It can not only effectively clean up the toxins in our body, supplement the vitality of life, but also has outstanding achievements in improving the peace of mind and improving concentration.

  While sitting, stepping on it slightly about two inches high, keeping your body straight and alert.

Put your hands comfortably on your knees, close your eyes lightly or slightly open, and stare at the nose.

  Everyone breathes day and night, but they don’t even notice it, because no one has focused their mind on breathing in minutes and seconds.

And now all you have to do is focus on your breath.

The method is: just breathe and breathe as usual, don’t exert any force, just focus your mind on this exhalation, inhale, and watch out for the inhalation and exhalation, keep the vigilance of this breath, so that it is always at all timesIt is clear from this dynamic.

Sometimes you breathe deep, sometimes shallow, it doesn’t matter, just breathe naturally.

The only point is that when you breathe deeply, you must know in your heart that these are deep breaths, and when you breathe shallowly, you must know that these are shallow breaths.

In fact, your mental strength should be focused on breathing, so that you are unaware of the changes in its movements, forget about your surroundings and everything else, do not look up or look away, such a trial for 15 minutesTo thirty minutes.

  In the early stages, you will find it hard to concentrate on breathing.

You will wonder why your heart is running like this.

It just refuses to stop.

You think east and west, and only the outside sounds are heard in your ears.

Your brain is in chaos and your thoughts are flying.

You will also feel frustrated and disappointed.

But if you continue to practice, one morning and one evening, every 15 minutes to 30 minutes, your heart will gradually focus on breathing.

After a long practice, you will experience the momentary settlement. Your mind is completely absorbed in the breath, and even the sound of closeness is turned a deaf ear.

This short experience is an amazing experience, full of joy and tranquility.

You wish you could keep it.

But at this time you haven’t been able to do this. However, as long as you keep practicing, this experience can happen again and again, and each time will gradually increase.

At this time, your physical health will return to a good state, and your mind will be full of tranquility, joy and wisdom.

  This thought is inseparable from the yoga practice of breathing and watching. It is the simplest and most esoteric method. It is the foundation of all cultivation.

It allows you to focus your attention and generate deep insights that can help you resolve the pain and annoyances of life and understand the truth of life.

In addition to this, breathing exercises go beyond immediate effects. It is great for your health: it can improve your sleep, relax your nervous body, and improve your work efficiency.

It can make you calm and peaceful, more than the charm of life.

Even when you are nervous or excited, if you can practice yoga breathing for a few minutes, you will immediately feel quiet and calm down, as if you just wake up after a break.

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Yoga makes fitness a great exercise

Yoga makes fitness a great exercise

Taking some time to warm up and relax with yoga moves can turn a normal workout into a great workout.

Warming up can heat muscles and allow blood to circulate through the body.

In this way, the tension of the joints is eliminated, and the exercise is better prepared for exercise. Similarly, relaxation can help the muscles become softer, prevent the soreness and stiffness after exercise, and it is easier for the muscles to return to normal the next day.

  ARD can increase the twist and strength of the spine, supply blood to the abdomen and massage the internal organs of the abdomen.

  Sit down and stretch your legs forward.

With your right knee bent, place your right foot on the outside of your left thigh with your feet on the ground.

Bend your left knee and bring your left foot closer to your right.

Turn slowly to the right, holding your right leg or placing your left upper arm on the outside of your right knee.

Put your right hand behind your right foot, support your body with your right hand, and twist.

Keep your head, neck and spine in a straight line.

Fracture the spine every time you inhale and twist the spine deeper each time you exhale.

Alternate and repeat.

  EkaPadaRajakapotasana (single-legged pigeon style) is a common boxing practice that helps to correct the pelvis and sacrum.

  Landed on all fours.

Place your left knee forward between your palms.

An angle of approximately 30 degrees is formed between the calf and thigh.

Touch your left hip to the ground. If you can’t touch it, use a cushion to support it.

With your hips at right angles to your body, turn your right hip forward and pull your left outer foot back.

Top and right legs.

Pull the tailbone inward and down toward the pubic bone, and place your hand slightly back to the tail.

Lift your ribs completely from the pelvis, with the back of your bow and your breasts like a pigeon.

Take a deep breath into the pelvis for 30 seconds.

Then relax, land on all fours, swap the other side.

  Navasana (boat style) lies on her back with her legs straight.

Place your arms flat on your side, palms down.

Inhale while lifting your head, upper torso, legs and hips, with your toes and head about 30 feet off the ground?
60 cm straight forward parallel to the ground.

Hold your breath while holding this position for as long as possible, but don’t force it.

Then, lower your legs and main shaft back to the ground while exhaling slowly.

Relax your body and repeat.

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Men’s mentality in love is fully revealed

Men’s mentality in love is fully revealed

Regardless of blood-type symptoms: these men are generally in an active offensive state in love activities. When they meet a girl who agrees with the person in their dreams, or when the girl they have been longing for gives themWhen there is a glimmer of hope, their nerves will be highly excited, so they will desperately devote themselves to the love movement, launching the most violent attack on the target regardless of the cost.

  In this situation, the men in love always maintain a state of high excitement. In order to get the love and love of their lovers, they can say that they have spared no effort.

  Once, when the lover saw a jewellery with a price of 8,500 yuan in the mall, she was very moved, and our male protagonist only earns 750 yuan a month. At present, the bank deposit is only 10,000 yuan.I bought this jewellery for my lovers, even though they determined that the relationship was less than a month old, and even the girl might soon become another multimillion-dollar fashion in the store and expressed great interest.

  Symptoms of Gain and Loss: Men with Gain and Loss are a classic paradoxical complex.

They may have met their lovers themselves or they were introduced by others.

Such men are often too calm, too calm, showing too much trouble in their relationship with their lovers.

Number of people, they fall in love with their lover (or have not yet determined whether they fall in love with each other at all), and hope to work with her to join together, but instead, they are reluctant to spend too much time, income and money for theirBecause they are not sure whether they and their lover will succeed in the future, they don’t see the hare or the hawk.

The reason is that the typical man is too realistic and relatively lacks the passion of love; or because he has felt some setbacks emotionally, which causes heavier suspicion and is afraid to be deceived again.

  Self-righteous symptoms: This man is often talented and at the center of public praise, so he feels generally superior.

In love activities, they are mostly passive, but they also have a sense of self-domination.

He said that he was in a passive state because the girl around him was not his effort to chase it, but someone else was attracted by the charm of our hero, in this case, no matter how good the girl isRarely, our male protagonist is also unaware, so he will have an inexplicable sense of superiority, and thinks that as long as he doesn’t disapprove, the girls around him will stay with them forever.They always appear in front of lovers as a charity, and sometimes even arrogant.

  Depression symptoms: Men with depression are generally known to lovers through introductions from others.

Such men are usually not very good in their own conditions, and lack a healthy and cheerful attitude, so they lack self-confidence and inferiority.

They rarely show their strengths in front of the opposite sex, and even deep in their hearts is very eager to have the love and tenderness of their lovers.

Therefore, once someone cares about him and introduces friends, he will be grateful and will cherish this opportunity.

But the bad thing is that the stubborn inferiority complex is always present and lingering.

When his lover talked happily with other men, when his lover temporarily rejected one of his invitations due to physical inconvenience, when his lover was given the opportunity to be promoted or raised . The inferiority demonHe jumps out at any time, he puts all his attention on the lover, and cares too much about the views and evaluations of the lover and the people around him. Over time, he will increasingly ignore his own advantages and charm.The advantages and charms that are not superfluous continue to die away.

  Sloppy army-type symptoms: Most of these men ignore the nature of love and are more indifferent to psychological pleasure.

They know that skin contact is more than emotional communication. They acknowledge that the end of marriage is more than the process of love. Therefore, they adopt a sloppy attitude towards love. As long as they see the girl, and the girl is willing to marry herselfIn that case, they don’t even feel like getting married right away, it doesn’t matter if they are in love.

So as long as there is a little external cause to catalyze, they immediately made a request to their lover to enter the siege.

A junior heard that the unit was to be divided into houses, and he did not hesitate to go back to the one who asked him to marry, but he ignored the fact that the two knew each other only one or two months (note!

They are not the kind of lovers who fell in love at first sight, and maybe they haven’t really pulled them together). It can be said that he is a typical sloppy special force.

It’s amazing that this kind of person still has a good market, just like the old man mentioned above, in the end, he really did as he wished for the harvest of the house lady, and he was praised by his friends, especially his father-in-law.: Well, my son-in-law is so capable.

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Don’t let the efficacy of Chinese medicine be lost in the decoction

Don’t let the efficacy of Chinese medicine be lost in the decoction

The “Administrative Regulations for Traditional Chinese Medicine Decoction Room of Medical Institutions” issued by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine stipulates that the hospital’s traditional medicine decoction room should replace iron and other corrosive vessels as decoction containers.

So, in the process of boiling Chinese medicine, are there any other matters needing attention?

Experts said: “In the process of Chinese medicine, some details will indeed affect the efficacy of the medicine, so we must pay more attention in normal times.

  The effect of traditional Chinese medicine on the effect of distilled water was estimated uniformly by the quality of distilled water.

For the decoction, the famous doctors of all ages have strict requirements. For example, Li Shizhen divided the decoction into 5 types: rainwater, dew, and snow. These waters are natural distilled water, which is less hard than ordinary spring water, river water, and well water.Pure, can minimize the impact on the active ingredients of the drug.

  Although we can’t pursue water quality like the ancients, if conditions permit, we can use distilled or purified water, and it can be cool and white.

Tap water can be heated to remove the chlorine, but hot water or boiling water can not be used to decoction directly. Allow it to air dry.

  Many households are using large barrels of mineral water, but for decoction, mineral water is not a good choice.

This is because mineral spring water contains some minerals and metal ions, such as calcium, which also have a certain effect on the efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine.

  Do not use casserole and earthenware pots for iron pot decoction containers; glass containers, enamel containers (intact) are the next best; iron pots, copper pots, aluminum pots and tin pots should not be used for decoction.

It was pointed out: “This is because the chemical composition of traditional Chinese medicine is very complicated. Because of the active nature of metals such as copper, iron, aluminum, etc., it is easy to chemically react with the chemical ingredients in traditional Chinese medicine.

“For example, iron easily forms residual acid iron with sulfides, which deepens the color of the drug solution, and causes the drug solution to have a rusty taste, which affects the effectiveness of the drug. Aluminum reacts with organic acids to form compounds that are absorbed by the body and accumulated in the liver and kidney.Damage to the human body in other tissues; copperware is easily oxidized by heat to generate patina that is harmful to the human body.

These will affect the quality of the decoction, which is directly related to the clinical efficacy of the traditional Chinese medicine decoction.

  In addition, some people will use the casserole decoction for cooking at home, it is necessary to pay attention to washing and cleaning, so that the surface does not appear oily after adding water.

Because oil will affect the efficacy of Chinese medicine.

  Don’t touch the medicine with your hands This is the detail that everyone most easily overlooks.

The traditional Chinese medicines bought are mainly wrapped in paper, and some are packed in small plastic bags.

When putting the medicine in the decoction container, many people’s hands will touch the traditional Chinese medicine. As everyone knows, this action sometimes affects the efficacy of the traditional Chinese medicine. If you apply hand cream or the aromatic odor with soap at this time,It is also a kind of pollution to Chinese medicine.

Therefore, it is best not to touch the traditional Chinese medicine with your hands, and you should pour it directly into the container.

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Parenting misunderstandings easily lead to myopia in children

Parenting misunderstandings easily lead to myopia in children

Experts from the Beijing Tongren Hospital Acupuncture Health Center said that the theory of traditional Chinese medicine believes that all human tissues and organs rely on the maintenance of qi and blood. Therefore, weakness or distortion of qi and blood caused by various reasons will cause vision loss to varying degrees.Preschool children are most harmful.

The health center has conducted statistics on more than 100 primary and secondary school students who treated myopia during the summer, and found that more than half of them are young students in grades one and two.

  The survey found that the parents of these children misunderstood the three parenting misunderstandings of overuse of the brain, decreased blood and nutritional imbalances. Although many children’s pseudomyopia has undergone a comprehensive treatment of traditional Chinese medicine for one or two courses, vision has been restored, but among themThe true myopia of some senior and junior high school students has been difficult to recover, which has brought difficulties to future schooling and job hunting. Some parents even proposed to take their children out of school for one year for vision care.

  Experts introduced these 3 parenting misunderstandings in detail.

Some children have a strong thirst for knowledge and a wide range of hobbies. They have n’t even read and watched TV for too long. However, because parents are quick and quick, they choose too many hobbies for them too much, which leads to overuse of their brains.

The other part of the children are even talented, but they are very obedient to parents’ arrangements. Parents can learn whatever they want.

In fact, these two improper parenting methods will gradually make the child feel powerless, cause qi and blood, and cause poor vision development or damage.

There are also children raised by grandparents. Because of the unbalanced diet structure of the elderly, the diet is single and the food processing tends to be soft and rotten. As a result, the child’s nutritional imbalance and ocular muscle dysplasia can also cause premature myopia.

It is regrettable that for children with early-onset myopia at an early age, parents often do not find out until the child enters primary school, or even later, and as a result miss the best treatment period for myopia.

  Experts suggest that for children with myopia, in addition to eye health, overcoming partial eclipse to regulate, but also to prevent liver and kidney qi and blood for the purpose of traditional Chinese medical care.

Because children’s eyeballs have a strong ability to adjust, if targeted treatment methods such as acupuncture, massage, auricular point pressure and other traditional Chinese medical treatments are adopted, and treatment plans are formulated for individual differences in children, often a course of treatment can be effective.To good therapeutic effect.

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Why are Chinese good teachers

Why are Chinese good teachers

There is a saying: before the reform, they were also revolutionary and trembling comrades; after the reform, they were not bosses, employees, teachers, students.

In today’s society, not only has the name “sir” revived, but “teacher” has gradually become a common interpersonal title.

  If you think about it, you will find that the party that usually gives the title of “teacher” has no intention to worship the teacher, and it is difficult for the recipient to preach, practice, and puzzle.

What does it mean to be a teacher by showing respect?

  For a certain countryman, there is a reasonable explanation: the seriousness of being a good teacher on one side, that is, overwhelming self-reliance, prefers to be a self-taught teacher, while the other side does what it likes.

Of course, the good teacher on one side may potentially be in a latent state, but is induced by the other.

  From this point of view, “being good at being a teacher” may be a trait in the character of Chinese people.

So, how exactly is it made in a specific socio-cultural melting pot?

  The family education situation is the first furnace of the Chinese “good teacher.” Chinese people have always valued family education. The so-called “love the child, teach the righteous one, and turn to the evil,” and “the first time a woman teaches, she teaches less.”

The credo of “Three Character Classic” is not familiar to many people.

Inadvertently, the family education situation has also become the first furnace of our Chinese “good teacher”.

  To be right, individual human beings must go through a long period of learning from ignorant babies to adults with basic social skills.

In traditional society, the family as a social cell is not only the main living area of people, but also the main place of social production, as well as the main educational base.

In this sense, parents are both participants in family production and life, and they are also the main teachers or teachers of their children’s learning.

Even in a modern society that already has a socialized school education, it is both a responsibility, an obligation, and a relationship for parents to give their children some education.

In fact, parents do have some qualifications for early education for their children as adults.

Chinese people have the same advantages as foreigners.

  However, too many parents in China are promoted by bad ideas such as “looking for success”, “immediate success”, “strong face”, under the control of, even if they can’t catch it, they always like to be full-time teachers in front of their children, lifelong teachers and evenThe role of life mentor.

  Therefore, we can see that some parents who face the poverty-stricken “100 thousand whys” of their children are actually unable to respond. The Qiang donkeys are poor, but they are not willing to put down the “teacher” shelf.Dare to tell the truth.

As everyone knows, “know what you know, what you don’t know, you know.”

  Faced with children who have already grown up, parents who are completely parents still need to guide love, marriage, family, work, and provide all-round guidance for life.

As everyone knows, the growth of their children is like “the ape on both sides of the strait can’t cry, the light boat has passed the million mountains.”

  In fact, the youngsters’ academic progress, the laws of their physical growth, and the corresponding education must naturally follow the rules.

Although parents know longer than their children in the early stages of their growth, and even have a long-term advantage in certain knowledge and skills, understanding does not mean that they understand the laws of youth growth, nor do they mean that they have mastered the laws of education., Or have educational ability.

However, it is precisely in the context of the above-mentioned family education that deviates from the formal education, that the parental “good teacher” characteristic has been tempered.

Correspondingly, the “good teacher” who is a child may also resume enlightenment, which is influenced by the parents’ willingness to teach themselves.

As the saying goes, “If you have a father, you must have a son.”

  The rigid method of knowledge transmission is the second furnace of the Chinese “good teacher” Chinese knowledge system has always been called “learning”.

Ordinarily, where do you “learn” without “ask”?

However, in fact, the way of Chinese scholars’ knowledge transmission is mainly direct indoctrination, that is, the communicator does not care whether the object of the communication “asks” or “asks”, but just thinks that the other party does not understand and must “learn”.It is the teacher of this “learning”.

  Obviously, if there is no basis for “question”, then the so-called knowledge may not correspond to “question”. This kind of knowledge may also be “words of the family”, and the indoctrination of the “words of the family” will completely increase the knowledge or thoroughness of the traineeSolving its practical problems is far from enough.

In fact, it is this “word of the family” academic communication situation that constitutes the second furnace for us Chinese to practice the “good teacher.”

  We know that Mencius is known as “Asian Saint” and also said: “The suffering of man is a good teacher.

“But he” has been educated by the world’s talents. ”

Han Yu said in “The Teacher’s Guide”: “Teachers, therefore preach, practice, and solve puzzles.

We heard that there were successive orders and specialization in the surgery industry.

“This interpretation of” teachers “is indeed a classic, and I am afraid no one has done so far.

  However, since the beginning of Confucius and Mencius, most of the Chinese teachers have been unable to achieve true “preaching, practice, and puzzlement”, and have spread the so-called scripture knowledge directly.Regardless of whether you have any problems, first memorize the four books and five classics by rote, and if you don’t understand, then listen to Mr. Teaching’s explanation, question, refute, and communication is far from enough.

Until the contemporary exam-oriented education in China, although the content has changed, the backward way has remained stubborn and continued.

  Under the influence of this method, many people are often immersed in the blind self-confidence in their own knowledge system, prefer to transcend their majors, and in areas that they are not good at, they still use the instructor to hold themselves and adopt direct indoctrination.Fourth, the so-called knowledge of self-righteousness is widely disseminated, isn’t that a good teacher?

  More importantly, the scholar who grew up in the context of direct indoctrination is probably only able to learn to be the teacher, the indoctrination style of his predecessors and academics, but he does not necessarily force education.

As a result, generations of “good teachers” went forward.

  Self-learning expansion is the third furnace of the Chinese “good teacher” If the family education situation and the learning communication situation are just people’s external field of activity, its furnace as a “good teacher” may not be enough, then self-learning expansionIt is the third furnace that people set up for “good teachers.”

  In fact, Confucius once participated in leading the wise men and disciples to travel around the country. After exile, he tried to teach the kings of all countries about the idea of governing the country. Mencius also used the “kingship” to lobby the princes of the world . Perhaps Confucius and Mencius as teachersThe way of teaching, but the robes want to become the teacher of the king, I am afraid that their learning may not correspond to the “question” in the minds of others, in fact, they are suffering from uncontrollable, teacher-friendly problems.

  It can be said that Chinese scholars have achieved self-learning expansion during a certain scale of learning, or based on being able to “reach the world,” based on being able to “learn and excel,” or based on being able to stand side by side with kings.The role of a teacher or consultant, such as a national division, a military division, a division, a division, etc.-in modern words, it is a character in a think tank, which is really bad, so I have to teach and even become ordinary.
So the ancients said: “Learn, do it, go up; in other words, go up to it; teach people, and then also.

It’s salty.

“It is true that once a person’s self-learning swells, from his own subjective point of view, it is astronomy and geography, natural mystery or governing the country’s strategy, and what else does he do not understand?

Of course, the degree of self-learning is also different, or self-proclaimed college students, learning through ancient and modern Chinese and foreign, or self-proclaimed wise, elders, people who come here, the implication is to be more knowledgeable or experienced, the so-called “eat more salt than you eat”There are more meals”, “There are more bridges than you can go”, and so on.

  In fact, there is no limit to learning and manpower is limited.

Who knows everything?

Besides, scholars have the scholar’s way, the king has the king’s way, and the teacher has the teacher’s way. Although the three have commonalities, there are huge differences in knowledge, application, and conduct.

Of course, life experience is important, such as “failure is the mother of success”, “eat a maggot, grow a wisdom”, but “there are no two leaves in the world”, I am afraid that the experience of different people can only be referenced.

  Expansion of self-learning is our hearth to refine the “good teacher” traits. If we add an excessive sense of responsibility, utilitarianism, vanity and other generators, it is no wonder that we do not make a good “good teacher”.

  There are always some past events, and I ca n’t bear to look back; there are always some thoughts that linger; there are always some emotions that cannot be relieved . because we have a shadow in our hearts.

  The so-called shadow is actually a self-experience and self-image that we vaguely acknowledge in the world of life, but we dare not agree with it, we do not want to accept it, and we cannot face up to it.

In fact, when we encounter overlapping experiences in life practice, it is possible that shadows may appear, or that shadows are generated in the heart.

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How do I know if I have liver disease?

Look at these 4 changes in hands and feet

How do I know if I have liver disease?
Look at these 4 changes in hands and feet

There is no doubt that the liver organ is the detoxification organ of the human body, and it is self-evident to the nature of the human body.

If liver organs are damaged, it may have a direct impact on the body, poor detoxification, and accumulation of toxins, which will cause inconvenience to yourself and cause great harm to the body.

In fact, if there are lesions of liver organ damage, the health of liver organs can also be observed from changes in hands and feet.

  How do you know if you have liver disease? Look at these four changes on your hands and feet. 1. There are red dots on your arms. Liver organs are important detoxification organs in the human body.

If liver organs are damaged and detoxification is not good, some red spots will appear on the arm.

This is because the liver contains bilirubin. Due to abnormalities in the liver organs, the liver cannot work properly, the metabolism is too slow, bilirubin cannot be excreted in time, and it will circulate to the limbs, especially the arms and feet.

If you have red spots on your body, please go to the hospital for a check in time.

  2. Swelling of fingers Under normal circumstances, the human finger will change through the changes of the body.

Thin people have thinner fingers, while fatter ones have rounder fingers.

But when you notice any swelling of the pinched fingers, everyone should pay attention to the liver organs.

Liver organs are very likely to be abnormal, leading to abnormal detoxification in the body and long-term fatigue.

It accumulates and circulates to the fingers, causing abnormal swelling.

Therefore, people should pay special attention.

  3. Nails are messy and interlaced.

  Basically, young people’s abundant nails and shiny, smooth and rosy fingernails can prove that they are healthier.

In the name of the elderly, the fingernails are not so bright, but still smooth and rosy.

But if the nails are found to be rough and transitional, and the vertical lines of the nails are obvious, then this is the case.

It may be due to the untimely release of liver toxins.

Pay attention to liver organs when cutting nails, and pay attention to nail abnormalities.

  4. There are cracks in the hands and feet. Due to the dry air and small amount of water, the human skin is dehydrated and peeling.

This is a normal phenomenon, as long as the water is added in time, this situation can be suppressed.

However, when sufficient water is added and protection is in place, the air humidity is high, and the skin of the hands and feet is abnormally cracked. It may be that the vitamin intake is too small or the vitamins are not fully absorbed by the liver. If the liver has problems, vitamin absorption will be greatlyDecreased, the body’s lack of this vitamin can lead to insufficient water.

So the skin may crack.

This not only affects the United States, but may also cause cracked pain.

  Therefore, in daily life, everyone needs to do a good job in body care.

Only in this way can liver disease be prevented.

Active prevention of liver disease will greatly reduce infectivity.

Especially for those who do not have good living habits and eating habits, it is easy to cause damage to the liver.

It not only causes liver disease, but also worsens the liver disease after increasing the burden on the liver.

Therefore, in order to alleviate the liver disease, it is necessary to adjust the diet.

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Do n’t be angry is actually a recipe for liver protection

Do n’t be angry is actually a recipe for liver protection

Grumpy is often regarded as a person’s personality traits. In fact, from a Chinese medical point of view, people who have a bad temper and are prone to anger often have liver dysfunction or even organic nature.

Traditional Chinese medicine classifies it as “liver fire”.

  ”Liver fire” can be divided into “virtual” and “real”.

“Real fire” means that the liver fire is prosperous, mostly due to long-term mental depression, emotional inconvenience, stagnation of liver qi, and discomfort caused by depression.

In addition to irritability and irritability, it often manifests as dizziness and pain, red face, red eyes, bitter mouth and dry mouth, or flank pain on both sides of the flank, fractures, constipation, short yellow urine, and poor sleep.

“Xihuo” means that the yang of the liver is normal, but the deficiency of yin and blood makes the yang of the liver relatively strong.

This is often caused by irritated liver injury, qi stagnation and fire, fiery consumption of yin and blood of liver and kidney, or excessive intercourse, old liver and kidney yin deficiency, and liver yang hyperactivity.

In addition to the above-mentioned symptoms of “real fire”, there are also manifestations of yin deficiency such as weakness in the waist and knees, light head and feet.

  ”Liver fire” is easily irritating, and anger is very harmful to the body.

A foreign scientist once conducted an experiment in which the mouse was placed in the gas exhaled when the human was angry, and it was found that the mouse died of poisoning soon!

So how to improve this situation?

  The first thing to do is to regulate your emotions.

The relationship between emotion and “liver fire” is extremely serious. Poor emotional stimulation can cause liver damage, and liver damage can increase emotional imbalance.

Therefore, in order to fundamentally correct this situation, we must learn to regulate our emotions independently, deal with people and things around us with tolerance and peace of mind, and actively deal with the adversity of life.

  The second is to form good living habits, get enough sleep, and sleep well.

Some people think that just sleeping for 8 hours is enough. In fact, the more important thing is sleep time and quality.

In the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, 11 to 1 am the next day is the time for the liver to work. If you do not sleep during this time, it will cause an excessive workload and damage the liver over time.

  The third is to eat properly.

Eat more protein foods such as eggs, milk, chicken, duck, fish, shrimp, and meat, and eat fresh vegetables and fruits that consume vitamins. Drinks should use a variety of fresh fruit juices. Yogurt and corn juice are also good.The liver is good, and you should drink as little or as little as possible.

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Babies and toddlers eat honey

Babies and toddlers eat honey

Honey is not only a good tonic, but also a good cure for diseases. Because it is not only sweet and delicious, but also rich in glucose, fructose, vitamins, many organic acid salts and trace elements that are good for human health, many people like honey.

Some young parents prefer to add honey to their baby’s milk and warm water to increase nutrition or to place stools unobstructed.

However, although honey is not good, not everyone is suitable for consumption, especially infants and young children. If it is not eaten scientifically, it will not only give full play to the nutritional health and medical effects of honey, but may also cause adverse consequences.

So, what is so special about infants eating “honey”?

1. Babies under the age of one should not eat “honey”.

Foreign scientists have discovered that soil and dust around the world often contain a bacterium called “botulinum toxin”, and bees often bring pollen and honey with bacteria back to the beehive during the process of using pollen to make honey.Contaminated by botulinum, babies are stable due to insufficient balance of microbial ecology in the body, poor disease resistance, easy to cause ingested botulinum to multiply in each other and produce toxins, and the liver’s detoxification function is poor, causingBotox food poisoning.

Adults have strong resistance. After eating honey, botulinum spores will not multiply and develop into botulinum and produce botulinum toxin in the body, so they will not develop disease.

Babies with honey poisoning may experience symptoms such as delayed paralysis, weak crying, weak breastfeeding, and difficulty breathing.

Therefore, scientists suggest that in order to prevent problems before they occur and ensure the healthy growth of infants and young children, it is advisable that infants under the age of 1 do not feed honey.

2, children eat “honey” contraindications.

Honey is milder, slightly cooler, and has the effect of enhancing intestinal motility, which can significantly reduce bowel movement time. Therefore, honey should be used with caution in children with abdominal distension or diarrhea to avoid aggravating the condition.

3. Eat “honey” in science.

Fresh ripe honey can be eaten directly, or its ligand solution can be used as an aqueous solution because it is more easily absorbed than pure honey.

But remember not to use boiled water to cook or cook the honey at high temperature, because irrational heating will seriously destroy the nutrients and active enzymes in the honey, make the color of the honey darker, the aroma will be volatile, and the taste will change.

Therefore, it is best to use warm or cold water below 40 ° C for consumption.

Especially in the hot summer, you can drink honey with cold water to relieve heat and relieve heat, and it can be used as a good refreshing health drink for young children.

4, the best time to eat “honey”.

Children eat honey with a lot of time, usually 1-1 before meals.

It is more convenient to eat it for 5 hours or 2-3 hours after a meal, because eating honey at this time does not affect the child’s normal diet, but also helps the body’s digestion and absorption, and promotes the child’s appetite.

Consuming honey before sleep every night for babies with poor sleep can promote sleep, because honey has soothing and nourishing effects and improves sleep.

5. Eat a reasonable amount of “honey”.

The amount of honey consumed by young children is mainly different from the purpose and need of taking honey.

The general dosage is better to consume 30 grams per day, it can be divided into warm water for several times.

Under normal circumstances, the dosage is slightly larger when used for treatment, and appropriately smaller when used for health care.

At the same time, it needs to be flexibly controlled according to the actual situation of each child’s body. If the dosage is too small, the corresponding effect will not be achieved. If the dosage is too large, it will not be necessary. It depends on people’s discretion.

In addition, infants and young children should pay attention to honey. It is not appropriate to eat honey with tofu or leek, because these two foods with honey not only do not help the body’s biochemical reaction, but also easily cause infants and diarrhea.

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What mystery is implied by rubbing hands?

What mystery is implied by rubbing hands?

In life, seemingly subtle actions are often the easiest to “sell” us.

Like rubbing our palms and clinking the copper coins in our pockets, all of them reveal our inner thoughts.

  First, rub the palm of the hand. When the child sees his mother pushing a car from the supermarket, he is likely to rub the palm and make the gesture of expectation.

Or, a 60-year-old company president is presiding over an important meeting. At this moment, the secretary sends a note. After reading, he stands up and rubs his hands, saying, “Dear, we have reached a contract with a huge company amount.

“In the videotape of the negotiation, someone rubbed his hands quickly, as if expecting something.

At the beginning of the negotiation, some people saw that this gesture was very difficult, and they would immediately pause and ask the other party if they had other arrangements in advance.

His smile will tell you that his hand rubbing motion only convinced us that he knew and liked what was coming.

People often wash their hands and rub their hands before performing this activity.

Unless he has a cold hand, he is suggesting an interest in that activity.

Maybe this is why the gambler always rubs his hands before rolling the dice.

  Another stance is a sudden bad mood, which is to slowly rub your wet hands with a cloth.

This gesture is not an expression of self-confidence, but it seems to be nervous and upset.

Many people dry their sweaty hands on something when they are nervous.

Men usually use pants, and women often use handkerchiefs or toilet paper.

Testifying in court, newcomers giving speeches or athletes waiting to play, often made some gesture to wipe off the sweat on the palm.

  Second, ringing the copper plate in the pocket. Dr. Sanderman observed that people who often jingle the copper plate in the pocket are either very meaningful or short of money.

Anyone who arrives at the Las Vegas seat must remember playing dice, slot machines or other gambling equipment. The copper plates in their pockets always jingle.

  One of our friends is a producer of a film company. He is always used to ringing the copper plates in his pants pockets. When you ask him why he did this, his answer is: “Remind me when I had no money.

“Did you notice how the beggar walked past you, he always jingled the money in the tin can, indicating that they needed the money.

Service staff who live on tips often seem to ring coins as a means of passing information to guests.

  Third, the gesture of pressing your middle finger on your index finger with crossed fingers can return to our childhood.

Young children often cross their fingers when they tell an insignificant lie to their parents, or when they are looking for good luck.

  In his “The Habits of Speech and Posture”, Dr. Sander Federman pointed out that it was “a magical, avoiding evil attitude, regardless of whether the evil is born of the heart or foreign.

“A friend travelled by plane to transfer at an airport that is known for being always late. He crossed his fingers and said to others,” Maybe you can catch the transfer plane.

“In business or social situations, this stance is often more secretive than the common problems we know, and it soon separates after splitting.

In many stressful situations, this attitude was photographed.

When a party makes a request or request, they slightly cross their fingers and express their hope that his wishes will be recognized.

  In certain countries, the gesture of crossed fingers indicates that they are very close.

In the United States, two fingers are joined together without crossing, and they say, “We are so close.

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