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Memory Fragments Unforgettable Tour of Italy

Memory Fragments Unforgettable Tour of Italy

When it comes to Italy, many friends will be like Jane, what ancient Roman ruins, St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican, Venice in the water city, Renaissance and Florence, and Italian football.

I have longed for the Apennine peninsula and always hope to be close to the Italian style.

So when I completed the African mission five years ago, even the accommodation and transportation took care of myself, and only three days, I did not hesitate to choose to stop in Rome. And now, many memories have become fragments, onlyThe following things made me unforgettable, as if it was yesterday. First, the “terrorist” “Chinese” was at 5 am on April 27, 2003, and the plane arrived at the Rome International Airport on time.

After I finished the immigration procedure and picked up the baggage, I walked to the hall door with the scattered passengers.

I have contacted my friends in advance and asked him to pick me up.

I saw this door as Gate 21, I was worried that he was looking for the wrong exit and wanted to call him.

There is a coin-operated phone next to it, but I only have US dollars and need to be converted into Euros.

So I went to a man and asked if he could help change the money.

He first stunned and asked who I am?

When I said “Chinese,” he immediately raised a lot of hands, his hand to me, his expression was extremely horrible, and he even retired three steps!

The meaning is very clear: let me keep a certain distance from him.

Yes, when China was at the time of “SARS” and “猖獗”, the whole world was frightened and everyone talked about it.

I immediately indicated that I have been from Africa and have not returned to China for two years.

At this time, he was relieved. When I returned to China on the 29th, I saw the Air China Boeing 747-400 entering the station at the airport.

The ground crew of the airport, if they are close to the enemy, all wear masks, put on protective clothing, and then disinfect the aircraft. The flights of other countries are not subject to such “courtesy”. crush, if a country is out of healthThe problem is indeed a disaster for this country.

Because the central government took decisive measures, it only took a short time to defeat SARS. It is indeed remarkable.

  Second, the “brave” “Chinese” I stayed at the hotel near the train station in Rome, just a few minutes walk to the station.

My friend bought a round-trip ticket from Rome to Venice in advance.

On the morning of the 28th, I came to the station alone.

Different from the domestic railway station style, it is completely open, where the bus stop at the North Square of Beijing West Railway Station, you just need to find the corresponding train, and then check the ticket before the automatic ticket gate on the platform.You can get on the bus with a click.

After checking the ticket, I went to the store next to I bought some snacks and drinks, and I was ready to get on the bus.

While walking through the bustling crowd, suddenly three meters in front of me, a young man who came to the opposite side shouted, and lifted the carry-on baggage slightly.

I subconsciously feel that he is calling people, it seems to be a friend who has not seen for many days.

However, in an instant, his body fell heavily backwards, and I was close to him at this time!

Then, his eyes straightened and his mouth was foaming.

I immediately understood that he had an emergency!

Although I didn’t know how to deal with it, I did not hesitate to kneel down and step my right hand on the hole in his man. At this time his friend hurried over and shouted his name, surrounded byPeople, and my hands never leave.

About two minutes or so, his mind seems to be a little clear, and his eyes are also god.

Soon, the police arrived and prepared to take him to the hospital.

And I know that I don’t need me anymore, so I stood up and walked to the train. No one asked me because they were concerned about the patient.

I don’t know if his condition is so fast and it is related to my behavior.

But I understand in my heart that as a passionate, brave, upright, and sensible person, when others need help, I will always turn my own hands on the ground.

In a foreign country, I represent an upright Chinese.

  Third, the “angry” “Chinese” Even though I have lived in Europe for two years, this is the first time for a train trip.

Everything in the car is fresh and comfortable. The transparent sliding door aligns the “box” with the aisle, which reduces the noise and the scenery on both sides.

The car is very quiet, only the regular sound of the wheel and the rail contact, everyone is thinking about the matter.

My mood gradually calmed down from the excitement brought by the station’s “righteousness” and enjoyed the scenery outside the window.

Someone on the way, get off, I am the only man in the “box”, it is natural that I take the luggage.Just came up with a beautiful girl, sitting across from me.

Her polite temperament, especially the clear blue eyes with melancholy, makes people feel sympathy, compassion, and caring, which gives me a good feeling.

She is always reading, and occasionally talking to the ladies next to me.

Where does she come from?

Where to go?

I don’t know.

Got it, even if you know it, what can you do?

Self-love. gradually, my thoughts flew to the next goal – Venice.

  Unconsciously, I should get off the bus.

I told you goodbye, of course, including her.

“Goodbye,” can you see me again?

I will never see it again. The road to life is in a hurry. Why do you meet each other when you meet, and it is fate to meet.

Goodbye, good luck, girl!

  This car is less than the Venice Island—Santa Lucia station, you need to get off at the previous stop to change to other trains, and then pass a bridge, ten minutes.

After getting off the bus, I stood on the platform waiting, and many people were waiting here.

In order not to make a mistake, I still took out the ticket to verify the train I was going to take, and he nodded and expressed approval.

So, when the pit stop train stopped, I converted the people to the car.

The train started right away and it was getting faster and faster.

I wonder, why haven’t you seen the bridge yet?

Is it wrong?

I took out the ticket and asked the people next to them. They didn’t seem to understand.

In a short while, the car arrived, but the station name was not Santa Lucia.

As the train started again, my heart violently oscillated, and it was definitely the opposite direction.

Think about it carefully. It seems that I was back to the front in the previous car. After getting off the bus, I was confused. I didn’t pay attention to the general direction. Or did the beautiful MM make me lose my direction?

But in any case, the station staff should not make a mistake.

I had to get off at the next stop and go back.

It was supposed to go to Venice at 11 o’clock, and it turned out to be more than two hours late.

It’s really a “early morning, catching a late episode”.

Fortunately, there are still 4 hours, I can grab some time.

  Located on the Adriatic coast in northeastern Italy, Venice consists of 118 islands connected by more than 400 bridges.

As the world famous water city, it is worthy of the name.

The “transit” here is a ship, which is divided into different serial numbers and is essentially a bus on the ground.

I bought a ticket and started a Venice tour.

Strolling on the island, I savored this unique style: the main style of various styles, architecture, sculpture, stained glass, etc., even the imaginary St. Mark’s Square, it is indeed stunned and lingering.

  However, I did not forget the return time – 17:30.

The friend said that it takes only 30 minutes to get to the station by boat.

When I walked out of St. Mark’s Church, it was only 16 o’clock, and time was more than enough.

I came to the nearby pier and planned to go straight back, but I thought that since the bus is running around the island, why not go back from the other side and see more scenery.

So I set foot on another boat. the boat was moving forward, towards the distant island!

I am a little surprised, why not around?Maybe I will be back in a while, I comfort myself, I have enough time!

But the ship has never been in the direction of my heart.

I am worried, find the sailor directly, tell him that I am going to the train station, is this boat arriving?

He nodded. and walked for a while, and the intuition told me that the direction was wrong!

I asked the captain again, he said that you have to change another barge.

I hurriedly got off the boat, and once again carefully checked the ship and the station name, anxiously waiting. At this time it was around 16:50, only 40 minutes, and it took at least an hour from here to the station!

As time passed by, the desperate mood gradually spread throughout the body.

I am a little angry, because the new ship has not returned!

I really don’t know what the Italians are doing?

Although my English is not always clear, the ticket can tell you everything!

Do they not understand English or pretend to be grandchildren?

(American writer Dan Brown’s novel “Angels and Demons”, which also mentions that Italians do not speak English.) I think that changing trains and current encounters, I feel very helpless, extremely angry, really shouting a little, wanting to crytears!

  When you come back to your friends, you must make a good time, because there is no train to Rome that night!

At this moment, I have to admit that I am unlucky, and I regret that I did not return directly to the station.

At the same time, I began to think about the arrangement of the night, how to spend this long night in beautiful Venice.

  It is already 17:18!

Desperate, I suddenly found a bridge in the distance, there are cars, trains!

Is it not where you came when you came?

If so, the ship is coming to the station!

  Yes, I saw it. I saw the station pier not far away. It’s really a “dark and bright village”!

I am ecstatic and excited!

I have “save”, I can go back on time!

  I rushed to the shore, hurriedly bought a “burger” and boarded the return train.

This is the casino “European Star” train, the facilities on the car are quite “luxury”.

I sat in a comfortable seat and took a deep breath.

After 3 minutes, the train departed. The above is my personal experience and real feelings, and I will stay in my mind forever.

At the same time, Lenovo will have hundreds of thousands of foreign guests coming to China this year. Many of them are unfamiliar to the upstream and they need our help.

Let us provide the help of our enthusiasm, enthusiasm, love, and love, because we are Chinese!

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The difference between breast milk and milk

The difference between breast milk and milk

Both breast milk and milk are nutritious, easy to digest and absorb, and are suitable for children, the elderly, patients, infirm and harmful workers.

But in comparison, breast milk is a natural milk for children, which is more suitable for children than cow’s milk, so if the mother has grandma, she will try to replace the child with breast milk.

  Only when the breast milk is insufficient or the mother can not breastfeed the child, the milk, goat milk and other formulas are also fed. The milk is also a good nutritious food. It contains rich and comprehensive nutrients, especially for children, it is the most substitute for breast milk.Good substitutes, but breast milk and milk are different in nutrition.


Breast milk and milk contain different adults: (1) different amounts of small amounts: 100 ml of breast milk contains 4 adults.

2 grams, milk contains 姨3 per 100 ml.


9 grams, each adult is relatively close, but strictly speaking, the milk contains slightly lower sputum than breast milk.

  (2) The size of the aunt’s ball is different: both the mother’s milk and the aunt of the milk are suspended in the emulsion in the form of aunt balls.

The size of the aunt is directly related to digestion and absorption. The smaller the aunt’s ball, the easier it is to digest and absorb.

Cow’s milk ball is larger than breast milk and generally has a diameter of zero.

1-10 micron, the mother’s milk dung ball is smaller than cow’s milk, so the digestion and absorption rate is higher than that of cow’s milk.

  (3) Different plasma contents: In a small amount of breast milk, the cholesterol content is also higher than that of cow’s milk, which is very beneficial to the development of children’s brain cells, and also promotes the synthesis of enzymes in the body to regulate the development of children’s body.

  (4) Different contents of unsaturated fatty acids: the content of unsaturated fatty acids in breast milk is more than that in milk, the ratio of unsaturated fatty acids to saturated fatty acids in breast milk is 1:1, and the milk is 1:8, especially in unsaturated fatty acids.Linoleic acid, linolenic acid, and arachidonic acid can absorb at least the essential fatty acids, and the breast milk is higher than cow’s milk. This is not only beneficial for digestion and absorption, but also promotes the development of children’s nervous system. In addition, there is a lipid in breast milk.Decomposing enzymes, which can catabolize and oxidize fatty acids, thereby promoting the absorption of calcium. The small amount in breast milk contains more than 150 different fatty acids. The milk can not replace such poly-fatty acids. The micro-absorption in breast milk is good because of its triglyceride structure.More special reasons.


The protein content in breast milk is about 1/3 of that of milk, and in terms of protein composition, the two are exactly the opposite.

Breast milk is mainly composed of whey protein and has a low casein content.

Breast milk protein acts in the stomach of the baby and stomach acid to form a sesame-sized, soft flocculent clot that is good for infants to absorb.

The content of taurine in breast milk is higher than that of milk, and the effect of taurine on brain development in infants is very important.

In addition, the cysteine in the milk protein, the higher the content of dad, and the lower ratio of tryptophan to cystine, which is important for the growth of the baby, which is better than the milk.

In general, the total protein content of breast milk is lower than that of cow’s milk, but the digestion and absorption is higher than that of cow’s milk, and the protein quality is better than that of cow’s milk.


The difference in vitamins between breast milk and milk: Vitamin A, niacin, and vitamin C in breast milk are high, especially vitamin A. Breast milk contains 150-600 international units per 100 ml.

The content of vitamin B1 and vitamin B2 in cow’s milk is higher, but the vitamin D content is reduced. The vitamin D in breast milk is mainly based on its sulfur-containing vitamin D, so it is easy to absorb, especially the vitamins in breast milk and milk.D content is insufficient, vitamin D content affects children’s absorption of calcium and phosphorus, making children susceptible to rickets, so children should be supplemented with vitamin D regardless of breast milk or milk.

  The amount of vitamin C in breast milk is four times that of milk.

In cow’s milk, not only the vitamin C content is less than that of breast milk, but also some vitamin C is destroyed by oxidation during the heat sterilization and boiling process. Therefore, children fed with milk should also be supplemented with vitamin C.

  Most of the vitamin B family is less in the milk of the mother’s milk. The breast milk contains the ligands of vitamin B12 and folic acid, which can also promote digestion and absorption, but more than the milk B contains more vitamin B family than breast milk.

In the process of disinfection, the vitamin B1 vitamin B12 is destroyed a lot, so children who use cow’s milk should also supplement these vitamins.


The iron content in breast milk and milk is not high, but the biotransformation of iron in breast milk is much higher than that of milk.

The content of copper and zinc in breast milk is also higher than that of cow’s milk, and the biotransformation of zinc can also be cow’s milk.

The calcium and phosphorus contained in milk is several times higher than that of breast milk, and the proportion of calcium and phosphorus in milk is also suitable for children. Especially the high phosphorus content is not good for children. The calcium and phosphorus content in breast milk is lower than that of milk.However, only a proper proportion is beneficial to children’s digestion and absorption. At the same time, protein and lactose in breast milk can also promote the absorption and utilization of calcium. Therefore, breast-feeding children rarely find rickets and rickets.


Another important aspect of breast-fed milk is that it contains a variety of immune substances that protect the baby from penetration.

For example, the amount of lysozyme in breast milk is about three hundred times higher than that of cow’s milk. This lysozyme can dissolve cell walls and kill bacteria.

Breast milk also contains lactoperoxidase, which kills streptococci and staphylococci.

  Breast milk also contains a large number of white blood cells, more than 90% of which are phagocytic cells. Breast milk also contains T cells, lactoferrin, cystine, enzymes and interferons, which are more than cow’s milk and can enhance children’s resistance.Force, this is not enough for cow’s milk, so children should try to breastfeed.

Breastfeeding can promote emotional communication between mother and child.
The process of breastfeeding is the most direct process of mother-child contact, the deepest process of emotional exchange. The baby sucks directly to relieve obesity, and also listens to the familiar heartbeat in the mother’s warm embrace, in the mother’s gentle gaze and soft whispers.Get comfort and get a sense of security.

In addition, the communication between mother and child is also an early training for children’s social interaction ability.

  In the process of breastfeeding, the mother and the baby have unique views, the gentle language of the mother, the touch, the intimate contact between the mother and the baby, and the taste of the milk are all about the baby’s vision, hearing, touch, taste, temperature, etc.Feeling good stimulation is also a unique training to promote baby brain development.

Clinical observations have shown that the IQ of breastmilk replacement infants is higher than that of artificially replaced infants; the longer the breastmilk replacement, the IQ of growing up.

  Combine the above article: 1.

Try to breastfeed the baby as much as possible, and the milk can be used as an auxiliary supplement.


Children, the elderly, and those with weak constitutions are more convenient to use cow’s milk.

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Summer liver protection apocalypse for elderly patients with liver disease

Summer liver protection apocalypse for elderly patients with liver disease

Degenerative changes in liver tissue in elderly patients with liver disease, coupled with long-term complications, liver function declines, and are very vulnerable.

Experts pointed out that at the moment it is summer, if you do not pay attention to maintenance and care for the liver, once you observe the foreign virus, bacterial invasion or other harmful substances, or the stimulation of various adverse factors, the already very fragile liver will intensify and become heavier.The blow causes the liver to fail.

  In the midsummer season, the scorching sun, prolonged mosquito and flies, viruses, bacteria are more likely to accompany unclean food into the body, leading to new infections.

In addition, during the summer, outdoor activities increased, opportunities for traveling, and the elderly were more likely to fatigue, resulting in recurrence of liver disease.

Recurrent liver disease in the elderly is often prone to severe hepatitis and biliary hepatitis. The condition is relatively heavy and the mortality rate is high.

Therefore, Liu Shijing, MD, director of the Department of Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine and Liver Diseases of the 302 Hospital of the People’s Liberation Army, reminded that the majority of elderly patients with liver disease should be vigilant and do a good job in protecting the liver and protecting the liver from six aspects.

  Timely changing clothes are hot in summer, but the climate is capricious. Sometimes the rainstorms are continuous, and sometimes the heat is hard to bear. Hepatitis patients should change clothes at any time according to the cold and warm weather to prevent colds and colds.

In addition, increased contact with various types of personnel will increase the chances of bacterial and viral infections. Once caused by overlapping infections, it can often lead to recurrence of liver diseases that have been slow for many years.

Therefore, elderly patients with liver disease should try to minimize the activity of densely populated activities, and pay attention to timely vaccination against other effective virus-preventing, bacterial vaccines, such as hepatitis A and influenza vaccine.

  Drinking has a hot summer weather, and the chances of going out to eat are also increased. There are many cases of liver disease recurrence caused by excessive drinking in life.

Acute alcohol should be metabolized by the liver, drink a lot of wine in a short period of time, cause liver cell necrosis, lead to acute alcoholic hepatitis, and long-term heavy drinking or even acute hepatitis, will continue to cause repeated destruction of liver cells, chronic hepatitis or chronicMetabolic disorders cause acute liver; long-term alcohol stimulation, liver fiber tissue will gradually proliferate, so that liver fibrosis forms, thereby forming alcoholic cirrhosis.

Patients with active liver disease should stop drinking alcohol.

Elderly patients with liver disease should not drink a lot during the summer, including a variety of cold beer and draft beer.

  Poor eating habits that lead to good eating habits can cause certain liver diseases, such as high-fat and high-sugar diets or long-term malnutrition, which can lead to obese liver.

Overeating can cause excessive burden of liver and gallbladder, gastrointestinal, scales and other organs, which will aggravate the liver or gallbladder lesions, acute inflammation, acute gastric dilatation, acute gastric perforation, acute pancreatitis and other complications.

Older patients with liver disease must eliminate raw seafood in the summer. Seafood (such as raw buttercups, oysters and other aquatic products) often contain viruses or bacteria that are highly concentrated in their bodies. If they are sterilized, these seafoods haveIt may be the source of infection. If you eat these seafood, it can lead to new infectious diseases.

For relative liver disease patients, the principle of balanced diet is very important, including the following: daily intake of appropriate amount of protein, pregnant women, non-staple foods, daily diet should be balanced, not partial eclipse, daily diet with milk, eggs, lean meat, fruit, all kinds of soy products and green vegetables.

  Optimistic and open-minded, the mood is flat and the summer climate is hot, people’s mood is easy to change.

As everyone knows, emotions are seriously related to liver diseases.

Chinese medicine believes that the liver is venting and regulating the air.

Therefore, the relationship between liver and emotional activities is particularly outstanding.

The theory of “liver gratification” spoken by Chinese medicine practitioners means that positive optimism and comfortable and cheerful emotions are the normal consequences of the liver.

Modern medicine believes that when people’s mood is low, the body’s immunity will decline, people are susceptible to illness; anger, depression, adrenaline secretion abnormality damages the liver, causing liver disease or liver disease of the disease.

Emotional depression makes blood stagnant, affects the regeneration of liver cells and the ability of the liver to metabolize, which is not conducive to the recovery of liver disease, so it is necessary to maintain an optimistic and open-minded state of mind.

  Work and rest, living in a normal life, some patients with liver disease long-term living impermanence, exhausted, even busy all night, check liver function and found that transaminase tends to rise to varying degrees.

This is due to excessive fatigue and damage to the liver.

When a person rests in bed, the hepatic blood flow is significantly increased, which is beneficial to the metabolism of the liver or the repair of damaged liver tissue.

Excessive fatigue leads to hypoxia and contraction of the liver, which makes it easy for the damaged liver cells to become necrotic due to hypoxia.

In the state of fatigue, the immune function of the human body will also be significantly reduced, and the hepatitis B virus will rapidly multiply and make the disease worse.

Clinically, it has also been found that the onset of many hepatitis B virus carriers is also associated with excessive fatigue.

Infected with hepatitis B virus, I often don’t know that the virus is in a “latent” state in the body for a long time, until it encounters a suitable opportunity.

Therefore, elderly patients with liver disease need to work and rest, especially not overworked.

  Regular inspection, patients with early treatment of elderly liver disease if the transaminase is repeated for a long time, should be alert to the possibility of cirrhosis, liver function should be regularly checked, liver fibrosis indicators and B-ultrasound, etc., if the above examinations are abnormal, you should seek medical advice promptly.

In daily life, there are some traces of retinal retinopathy that are worthy of attention, such as sudden appearance of skin and yellow eyes, bloating of the bloating, bleeding of the teeth and nose, fatigue, loss of appetite, etc., often indicating that the condition has changed, the patient needsGo to the hospital in time.

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Thin people gain weight and improve gastrointestinal absorption first

Thin people gain weight and improve gastrointestinal absorption first

Super: I am a woman, how do fat people gain weight?

I want to make the hands and feet not become fat, how should I practice?

M: I really don’t know how girls practiced.

  Super: No.

  M: Women’s physique is different, as long as the absorption of the stomach is improved first, and then eat more high-conversion things can be fat, regardless of men and women.

  Super: How to improve?

How should we improve its absorption?

  M: In the morning, ginger + brown sugar + eggs are washed.

Before going to bed at night: rock sugar + red dates + longan meat washed water.

This can improve the absorption of the stomach and stomach. If you want to gain weight, you should eat it like this.

Sticking to half a month has an effect.

  Super: How do you know?

Do you use hot water?

  M: Because I am eating 7 pounds like this, it is more powerful than any expert.

Of course, use hot water.

  Super: Who are you listening to?

  M: I’m thinking about fat and not implementing it.

An old Chinese doctor said.

  Super: Have you seen the old middle school?

But I am afraid of eating raw eggs, can I melt with boiling water?

Where do you buy ginger tablets?

I use ginger, brown sugar and eggs to go to soup?

  M: In the vegetable market, buy ginger and buy a knife. When you eat, cut about 5 slices.

Hey, at least half an hour, you have time to squat, I have to go to class every day, no time to give me a jealousy.

  Super: But I am still at school, ginger is also to eat, so it is not very troublesome to get it.

  M: The problem is that I am also in school. As long as there is no personal determination to increase fat, there is not much problem.

Don’t worry, rush with hot water and the eggs will be cooked.

  Super: Where is the longan meat to buy?

Is it still fresh?

  M: Dry.

Going to Wal-Mart and buying everything.

  Super: And I want to ask, is it to eat breakfast or eat those first?

M: Eat egg soup first, then eat breakfast.

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Antibiotics are double-edged swords: killing 10,000 and self-damaging three thousand!

Antibiotics are double-edged swords: killing 10,000 and self-damaging three thousand!

Click on the red attention button in the upper right corner, pay attention to “Daily Health Care”, exchange health knowledge together, and focus on health care friends are concerned about it?
How can the “Atomic Bomb” in antibiotics be bought at the pharmacy? The old Liu Dafu, a urology department in a famous top three hospital in Beijing, has published such a microblog: “Today, a patient with a urinary tract infection came to me and said that I bought a good drugstore.”Take the medicine and show it to me.

I was stupid at the time: Faropenem sodium tablets, this is the so-called oral ‘Tai Neng’.

In the case that existing pharmacies can buy antibiotics at random, I really don’t know what the people of the State Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) have approved for the listing of oral carbapenems.

In the comments below this Weibo, the medical staff exclaimed, and the general public was confused. They kept asking: “What happened to this medicine?”

Why do people who buy this medicine at a pharmacy make the medical staff so angry?

“Explain this, starting with the abuse of antibiotics and the grading of antibiotics.

Simply put, antibiotic abuse may lead to the production of super-infected bacteria. Once the super-antibacterial bacteria are flooded, there may be no antibiotics to treat it. Humans will likely return to the era when the infectious disease was rampant before the antibiotics were produced.Passing pneumonia will kill people’s lives.

In order to avoid this, since August 2012, our country has imposed strict restrictions on the use of antibiotics in hospitals, and divided the different types of antibiotics (Note: the medical terminology is “antibacterial drugs”) into three levels.: The classification management of antimicrobial drugs in different regions will be different. Appendix 1 of the book on page 230 of this book can be used as reference for the “Classification Management of Clinical Antimicrobial Drugs in Shanghai”. It is possible to use doctors with different qualifications to open different levels of antibiotics.

Primary antibiotics are antibiotics that are safe, effective, and have little impact on bacterial substitution and are relatively price-sensitive.

This level of antibiotics is called “unrestricted use of antibiotics” and can be prescribed by doctors with prescription rights.

Compared with unrestricted use of antibiotics, secondary antibiotics have limitations in terms of efficacy, safety, preventiveness against bacteria, and drug prices. They are not suitable for use as unrestricted antibiotics and are called “restricted use of antibiotics.”

When patients need to apply restrictions on the use of antibiotics, they should be used according to the indications of the drug, and should be supervised by those who are qualified for the professional and technical positions of the attending physician.

Tertiary antibiotics are antibiotics that have obvious adverse reactions, are not suitable for use at random or require clinical protection to prevent the bacteria from causing serious consequences, and include new antibiotics and clinical or clinical data on efficacy or safety that have not occurred or are not initiallyExisting antibiotics and antibiotics with expensive drugs.

This level of antibiotics is called “special use of antibiotics”. When patients need to use special antibiotics due to their condition, they should be approved by an infection specialist or relevant expert.

The “Falopenem Sodium Tablet” noted in this microblog is just in the second grade, and the “Ace” antibiotic “Tai Neng” (general name: Imipenem / Western Division) for the treatment of various serious infections in clinical practice.Sodium butyl is a class of carbapenem antibiotics.

Popularly speaking, typical antibiotics can be called “atomic bombs in antibiotics”. It is a way for doctors to treat bacterial infections. It is not useful unless it is used. The more bacteria is used, the easier it is to produce too fast.Outstanding.

Injectables of these drugs can only be used in hospitals, and the repetition may be relatively small, while the oral dosage form of faropenem sodium tablets is convenient to take and more susceptible to abuse.

Once super-sterilization is caused by the abuse of oral faropenem sodium, the entire brand of carbon bronze molds (including “Tai Neng”) has no effect on the bacteria.

In order to protect this handcuff, the United States did not approve the oral sale of faropenem sodium tablets, but now the Chinese people can buy this drug casually in the pharmacy, which is terrible, so the article begins with this microblog.The medical staff will question the State Food and Drug Administration’s approval of its listing.

We all know that the supervision of pharmacies by the relevant departments is still not in place. The old Liu Dafu said in Weibo: “It is a relatively high-profile thing to buy antibiotics at retail pharmacies.

The pharmacy hired a retired doctor to sit in the hall, what medicine do you buy, what prescription he gave you, and the regulatory authorities also opened one eye and closed one eye!

Therefore, this limited use of oral antibiotic pharmacies will certainly be sold casually, because pharmacies as a business is profit-seeking, ordinary people do not know the harm of the abuse of this antibiotic, they will take these drugs as a cold medicine to eat casually!

In fact, most ordinary people never know the dangers of using antibiotics. Often, coherent drugs are antibiotics, so they are sometimes abused and unaware.

Let’s take a look at some of the drugs commonly used by ordinary people are antibiotics, and please remember these drugs, do not go to the pharmacy to buy.

They include: penicillins (such as amoxicillin), cephalosporins (such as × × cephalosporins, commonly known as “Pioneer X”), erythromycin (such as Aqiqi), tetracyclines (such as doxycycline), DCrotones (such as fluorophenyl acid, × × sand star), sulfonamides (such as compound sulfamethoxazole, synergistic sulfur), metronidazole, chloramphenicol, gentamicin and so on.

In daily life, most people use antibiotics as anti-inflammatory drugs.

They have such misunderstandings because from the pharmacy clerk to the large hospital clinicians, and even some big professors, they all use the term “anti-inflammatory drugs” to explain antibiotics. The misinformation of the name is often fatal.

I remember once I was traveling by train. I met a young couple in the car and took a baby in a baby less than one year old (common name: pediatric compound thiamine dimethoxy decomposition).

I asked them why they should give this medicine to their baby. They said that the child does not sleep. Taking a little medicine hopes to promote the nerves.

I quickly stopped them and told them that this is an antibiotic for the treatment of bacterial infections, not a tranquilizer.

Taking medicine based on the understanding of the name of the drug, this is amazing behavior!

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The morning exercise of the elderly is not necessarily a good thing.

The morning exercise of the elderly is not necessarily a good thing.

The proportion of older people who have recently developed from morning exercise has increased.

Then, how do the elderly perform scientific morning exercises and what should they pay attention to during morning exercises?

  30 minutes of outdoor sports, the most suitable for Beijing Baodiwo Fitness Club, Baiyunbo coach pointed out that the time for the elderly morning exercise should be controlled at around 20-30 minutes.

Middle-aged and elderly people should pay more attention to some internal muscle coordination and flexibility during exercise, such as slow walking and Tai Chi, which will maintain the stability of muscles and organs.

  At the same time, Bai coach also said that morning exercises should give some scientific guidance, but not necessarily very professional.

These guidelines are mainly based on safety, that is, it is best to carry out some preparatory activities before exercise, such as squeezing, bending and squatting, etc., to warm up the muscles, to avoid sudden explosive force and cause muscle strain and fracture.When the situation occurs, it also causes the heart and lung circulation to not affect the wife.

  Some food should be eaten before morning exercise. Some elderly people like to practice morning and then eat breakfast. In fact, this is unscientific.

Dr. Ye Jing, from the Department of Brain and Cerebrovascular Diseases of Xuanwu Hospital, said that before the morning exercise, the elderly should eat some food properly, especially those with chronic diseases.

Because the nutrients are digested and absorbed overnight, the body is in a low-metabolism stage. If you get some supplements before exercise, it will easily cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

But don’t eat too much, to prevent insufficient blood supply to all parts of the body during exercise.

  At the same time, for the elderly with chronic diseases, the medication should be used correctly according to the instructions of the doctor or the medicine.

For some patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and high blood pressure, it is best to take some blood pressure lowering drugs before morning exercise.

  According to the morning exercise index, there is a part of the forecast of the morning exercise index, which is used to guide people to carry out morning exercise activities.

According to the director of Dingde, the professional meteorological station of Beijing, the morning exercise index mainly integrates some basic meteorological requirements. For example, it is divided into five grades according to different wind direction, wind speed, temperature, humidity and air pollution.

The first level indicates that all kinds of meteorological conditions are good, and it is the “most suitable morning exercise” situation.

Level 2 will have some meteorological changes relative to level 1, like the wind is slightly larger, or the temperature, humidity has some increase, but the overall will not cause obvious changes, this is the “suitable morning exercise” activity.

By analogy, the fifth level means that the meteorological conditions are not very good, and it is not suitable for morning exercise activities.

In the case where the morning exercise index level is not much different, there is no fixed requirement for the separation of the amount of exercise, which is mainly determined according to its own situation.

  After the sun, the morning exercise is carried out. Some elderly people think that morning exercise should be as early as possible. Therefore, it is unscientific to like to go out to exercise when you are not bright in the morning.

Director Ding said that after a night’s time, the accumulation of air in the air is limited, and the breathing of these dirty air will have a harmful effect on the human body.

After the sun comes out, these impurities will decompose and decompose in the air, and the air quality will be relatively better. Under such circumstances, the morning exercise activities are more suitable for the body’s metabolism.

Therefore, in the absence of strong winds or significant rainfall, it is not appropriate to conduct morning exercises before the sun comes out.

  Indoor exercise pays attention to the fluent air. Sometimes, due to high-level weather, some people exercise indoors. At this time, pay attention to some things.

Coach Baiyun said that if middle-aged and elderly people are exercising indoors, they can carry out some simple exercises, such as squatting, lunge walking, etc., and if they are allowed by the body, they can also do sit-ups or dumbbell exercises.However, it must be noted that the amount of exercise should not be too large, generally it is sufficient to master 50%-60% of the above exercise.

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Old man morning exercise avoiding fasting

Old man morning exercise avoiding fasting

With the increase of age, children have already established a family, the elderly have nothing to do, they like to go out to exercise and exercise, long people have developed the habit of morning exercise.

Sometimes even cold winds can’t stop the enthusiasm of the elderly to practice in the morning, but sometimes the weather is not very good in the morning, which will affect the health of the elderly.

Let’s take a look at some taboos for the morning exercise of the elderly: 1. The morning exercise for the elderly should be moderately suitable for the elderly after the morning, and the exercise time should not be too long.

Tai Chi, Qigong, jogging, freehand exercise and other soft, slow activities are more suitable for the elderly to get up early.

Activities should be accelerated with a slight heartbeat, a little irritability, and must not be able to avoid the movements that are fast, rotating or over-headed.

Elderly people with emphysema, coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis, diabetes and other diseases should take a walk to avoid accidents.

  2, morning exercise should not be greedy early morning exercise can not be greedy early.

Because the time is too early, the light is unknown, the temperature is relatively low, the elderly exercise in such an environment, it is easy to fall or get cold, causing colds, angina, myocardial infarction or stroke (stroke) and other diseases.

Especially in the winter and early spring, the weather is cold, and it is not necessary to go out early.

Therefore, the morning exercise of the elderly should be arranged after the sun rises, and keep warm.

  3, avoid morning exercise in the fog, the elderly in the morning in the fog is harmful and unprofitable, should try to avoid.

Because the foggy weather gathers at low altitude, the exhaust gas is not easy to dissipate, and the air pollution is more serious than usual.

Experimental studies have analyzed that there are a large number of pathogenic microorganisms that are harmful to toxic elements and precipitates in the fog.

Exercise in the fog will absorb a lot of harmful substances, which can cause bronchitis, pharyngitis, keratitis and allergic diseases.

  4, morning exercise should not be fasting Some elderly people are used to morning fasting exercise, that this can not only breathe fresh air, but also help to lose weight and prevent fat.

However, fasting exercises are not scientific and are likely to endanger health.

  This is because fasting exercises can easily cause hypoglycemia in the elderly, making people feel dizzy, dizzy, and even fainting, so pay close attention.

If you want to take part in exercise in the morning, take appropriate food first, then take a break after a meal and exercise to prevent accidents.

  Warm reminder, although the saying goes, “One day is in the morning,” the elderly must go to morning exercise on the basis of ensuring their health.

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Vegetarian considerations

Vegetarian considerations

Fruits and vegetables are popular foods, which are needed by everyone in the four seasons, but pay attention to the following contraindications: Do not think that all fruits and vegetables can be eaten raw.

Rinse well to prevent insects and pesticides.

Starch, such as raw potatoes, is not easy to digest (digest food).

  Don’t take the effective part and discard it.

As much as possible, you can think of ways to eat all the fruits and vegetables, unless it is difficult to digest or poisonous.

The so-called radish leaves contain four times more calcium (calcium food) than the roots, and other vitamins are more than roots.

You may wish to eat fried tofu with oil (oil food).

The minerals of the Ma Ling Department are four times more than Pirin.

Celery, we often remove the leaves, if it can be used is very nutritious.

Eat carrots, mainly vitamin A, but the skin contains twenty-five times the roots.

The leaves are fried, with seasonings, and they are very refreshing.

  Do not eat one or two fruits and vegetables for a long time.

Because each fruit and vegetable has two flavors and different nutrients, if it can be eaten alternately, it is easier to obtain balanced nutrients, and it is also more fresh.

  Don’t wait until the fruits and vegetables lose their essential flavor.

So keep it fresh, that is, maintain nutrients.

  Don’t blindly eat raw juice, or you won’t see it. It’s not good for Mr. to get sick.

If the carrots are raw and juiced, the absorption rate will not be high. Once the oil is fried, the absorption rate is three times higher.

  Do not think that it can be eaten with absolute neutral detergent, but it should be washed more, and it is better to heat it if necessary.

  Do not think that the fruits and vegetables that are taken out of the refrigerator are very clean. They should not be washed out when eating, especially raw food.

  Do not buy spoilage, sprouting.

If the potato has buds, it will not be edible.

  Do not cut vegetables (vegetable food) too thin and too broken.

Too fine is easier to oxidize and reduce nutrients.

  Do not leave the juice for a long time before drinking, or cut the fruit for a long time (fruit food), are susceptible to bacteria, oxidation failure.

  Do not discard the boiled soup.

Because the soup is cooked, the nutrition is the best.

If necessary, try to use vegetables.

  Do not place the cut fruits and vegetables in tin or copper.

The copper pot for cooking is even worse, and the iron (iron food) pot is not as good as the steel pot because the built-in is not easy to destroy nutrients.

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Gu Yu’s tea drinking customs

Gu Yu’s tea drinking customs

Gu Yucha is also the tea before the rain. It is the spring tea harvested during the rainy season. It is also called the spring tea.

The spring temperature is moderate, the rainfall is abundant, and the tea tree survives for half a year in winter, resulting in the spring shoots and leaves, the color is green, the leaves are soft, and the vitamins and amino acids make the spring tea taste fresh and pleasant.

In addition to the tender buds, Gu Yucha also has a bud, a tender leaf or a bud and two young leaves; a bud and a young leaf of tea are soaked in the water like an ancient gun that unfolds the flag, known as the flag gun;The young leaves are like the tongue of a bird, known as the tongue; the same as the Qingming tea is the best of the year.

Generally, the price of tea before the rain is relatively economical, the shape of the water is good, and the taste is not inferior to that of the previous tea. Most tea drinkers usually pursue the rain tea.

  The China Tea Association and other relevant departments plan to use the annual lunar calendar “Gu Yu” as the “All People Drinking Tea Day” and carry out various tea-related activities.

The tea farmers said that the real Gu Yu tea is the dry tea made by the fresh tea leaves collected by Gu Yu. It is the real Gu Yu tea, and it should be harvested in the morning.

The folks also said that the real Gu Yu tea can be resurrected by the dead, certainly many people have heard of it, but only legends.

I can think about how high the weight of this real rain tea is in people’s minds.

The teas picked by the tea farmers on that day are left to drink or use to entertain guests. When they give you tea, they will show off to the guests with ostentation. This is the tea that Gu Yu did on that day.

The implication is that only the guests will come out and give it to you.

There are many rains and rains in the valley. Here are some recommended wet teas and five-flowered teas. The five-flowered teas are more average for the body and are suitable for people who have no obvious cold or hot body.

Different from the place of origin, the formula of Wuhua Tea is slightly different, generally including lentils, kapok, plumeria, honeysuckle and so on.

Its main function is to clear the heat, detoxify, cool off the heat, and urinate.

General supermarkets, pharmacies are available for sale, you can take some soaking water every day.

  For those who are obviously hot on the body, easy to get angry and sore, constipation, you can choose Yinchen, Prunella vulgaris, which is also the formula of most herbal tea; while the body is cold, diarrhea, chills, even summer hands and feetAlso cold people, suitable for cockroaches, cockroaches, glutinous rice, you can choose this kind of material soup porridge.

  Bamboo leaf drink modulation: bamboo leaf tea a small amount, crystal sugar amount, brew with boiling water.

  Efficacy: heat, dampness, diuretic.

Bamboo leaf tea is available on the market. The “Compendium of Materia Medica” says that it has the functions of heat-clearing, detoxification, and diuresis. The smell of tea brewed after adding rock sugar is a good smell of refreshing heat and dampness.

  Xin Liang drink modulation: glutinous rice 30g, musk 3g, Perrin 3g, white bean coix seed 3g, because glutinous rice is difficult to use the brewing method to extract the active ingredients, first use hot water to cook glutinous rice for half an hour, then use glutinous rice soup toBrew in three other teas.

  Efficacy: This is basically the plant is always considered to be the top grade of dampness, taking can help the spleen and stomach to dissolve the body’s moisture.

At the same time, glutinous rice has the effect of replenishing the spleen and stomach, which can enhance the ability of the spleen and stomach to resist moisture and prevent moisture from invading again.

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Cold hands and feet, whole eight recipes, no cold hands

Cold hands and feet, whole eight recipes, no cold hands

Onion and mutton mutton material: mutton (skinny) (200 g), green onion (50 g), celery (25 g), pickled cucumber (25 g) Cooking method: 1.

Cut the mutton into slices of three centimeters, add pepper, mix well with salt, diced green onion, sliced celery, and sliced sour cucumber.


Inject oil into the frying pan, heat into the meat, stir fry the water, add the spicy sauce to cook, inject the chicken broth into the right amount, simmer for 15 minutes or so, until the juice is dried.


Inject the flour into another frying pan and heat it. Add the scallion to the onion, stir fry the celery. When it is slightly discolored, stir it into the flour and stir it. Add the tomato sauce and stir-fry it. Add the chicken clear soup, salt, MSG, sugar.Minced garlic, sour cucumber slices, peaches, tune into juice, pour into the meat pot, and then simmer for a while, until the juice is cooked.

Efficacy: Mutton is warm and sweet, can be supplemented by food, and can be used for therapeutic treatment. It is an excellent strong rickety food, which is beneficial to qi and tonic, warm and warm, kidney and aphrodisiac, muscle strengthening, and resisting the effects of wind and cold.

Braised burdock material: burdock (lumbar socket) (600g), carrot (50g), rapeseed (50g) Cooking method: 1.

Wash the burdock, put the whole piece into a small pot, add water to cover the burdock, cook 1 with a small fire.

5 hours; 2.

Remove and drain, and cut into 3 cm segments after cold;

Leave 1 bowl of raw juice for use; 4.

Stir in the wok, stir fry the onion, ginger, garlic, add soy sauce, sugar, wine, star anise, stir well, add the sirloin and the original juice to cook;

To be rolled up, cover the lid, and continue to cook for 20 minutes with a small fire until the sirloin is so soft;

The whole rapeseed is cooked, and is torn into a sheet by the knife under the heart of the dish, which is arranged on the edge of the plate;

The burdock is placed in the tray, the sauce is kept in the pot, the carrot ball is cooked, and the sugar color is added. The starch is thickened and then drenched on the burdock.

Efficacy: Beef is rich in protein. The amino acid composition is closer to the human body than pork. It can improve the body’s disease resistance. It is especially suitable for people who are growing and transforming after the disease, and supplementing blood loss and repairing tissues.It can warm the stomach and is a good product for the season.

Crystal shrimp material: prawns (250 g), frozen skin (200 g), green onions (5 g), ginger (5 g), salt (3 g,) MSG (2 g), cooking wine (8 g), coriander (10 grams) cooking method: 1.

Wash the prawns (prawns), choose the sand line, peel the skin, and make the net shrimp meat;

Onion, ginger, minced; 3.

Coriander to choose to wash clean; 4.

Put the pot to ignite and pour the water. After the water is opened, pour the shrimp into the bowl and boil it out and put it into the bowl.

The pot is ignited again, poured into the skin and frozen, poured into diced green onion, ginger, salt, cooking wine, monosodium glutamate, boiled and allowed to cool for use;

Place the shrimp in a bowl, add a few pieces of coriander leaves, and pour in the meat skin frozen soup. After the skin is frozen, buckle it in the dish and cut into pieces.

Efficacy: Shrimp is rich in nutrients, and the meat is soft and easy to digest. It is an excellent food for people who are weak and need to be nursed after illness.

Eating shrimp in the winter can make your hands and feet not so cold.

Gold and silver ribs soup materials: pork ribs (large row) (400 grams), cabbage (250 grams), mustard dried (50 grams), almonds (50 grams), salt (5 grams) cooking: 1.

The ribs are washed and the water is too cold.

Add the almonds to the boiling water and cook for 5 minutes to wash the clothes; the vegetables are soaked in soft and short; the cabbage is washed.


Put a proper amount of water on high heat for 6 minutes to roll, add ribs, cabbage, dried vegetables, almonds, peel, medium heat for 40 minutes, season with salt.

Efficacy: Pork ribs provide high-quality protein essential for human physiological activities. A small amount, especially rich in calcium, can maintain bone health; it has the effect of nourishing yin and moistening, benefiting essence and blood, suitable for lack of blood and yin deficiency.

Ai Ye ginger egg material: egg (150 grams), ginger (15 grams), Ai Ye (9 grams) cooking method: 1.

Put ginger, wormwood, and eggs in a casserole and add water to fry.


After the egg is cooked, remove the egg and take it for a while.

Go to the dregs.

Efficacy: Gingerin in ginger can resist aging, and the elderly often eat ginger in addition to “age spots”.Ginger extract can stimulate the gastric mucosa, cause reflex excitability of the vasomotor center and sympathetic nerves, promote blood circulation, and stimulate stomach function.

Three black pork soup materials: pork chop (800 grams), psoralen (30 grams), black beans (30 grams), black sesame seeds (15 grams) cooking: psoralen, black beans, black sesame soaked in cold water for 2 hours, put it into the washed pig’s bladder, tie the mouth tightly, and put it in a casserole and cook it with a simmer.

Efficacy: It has the functions of cold cold and cold conditioning, strong waist and kidney conditioning, nocturia and other conditioning.

Fish and sheep double fresh material: sheep front leg meat (900 grams), squid (300 grams), green garlic (30 grams), coriander (15 grams), red pepper (15 grams) cooking method: 1.

Cut the lamb into 2.

5 cm four squares, boil for 10 minutes in boiling water, remove and wash, drain the water juice to taste.


Heat the wok in a hot pot, pour 300 grams of oil, sauté the shallots, ginger (sliced) slices, red pepper, star anise, cinnamon, and sauté the mutton for a while and then add soy sauce, monosodium glutamate, pepper, brown sugar, wine, soupBoil for 2 hours on medium heat. If the soup is too little, add the right amount of soup, add the onion, ginger, red pepper, star anise, cinnamon, and discard it.


Squid scrapes off the scales, removes the internal organs, washes them, stirs them in a hot oil pan for a while, then removes the drain juice and puts them in a mutton pot for 20 minutes.


Sprinkle garlic on the noodle soup (cut) and cilantro (cut) before serving. It is delicious.

Efficacy: limb cold and cold conditioning, spleen appetizer conditioning, winter conditioning conditioning.

Rutabaga porridge materials: first rice (100 grams), cabbage (50 grams), lamb (cooked) (50 grams), green onions (5 grams), ginger (5 grams), salt (2 grams), MSG (2 grams),Fragrance oil (25g) cooking method: 1.

Wash the kohlrabi first and cut into pieces; the cooked mutton is also cut into pieces.


Put the wok on the fire, add the sesame oil, add the kohlrabi, mutton stir-fry, add 1000 ml of water and wash the cleaned rice. Start with a fire, then cook over the simmer, cook until the rice is rotten and then add the onion.Cut the end)), ginger (cut), salt, MSG, cook for a while.

Efficacy: limb cold and cold conditioning, gastritis conditioning, diabetes conditioning

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