“You want to buy a pig?”I heard Wang San’s intention,Boss asked。

“Correct,About a hundred catties。”Wang San nodded,Look around。
176 died
“Generally you buy two or three hundred catties for pigs,You buy about 100 catties,It is when the fat is growing,The price is more expensive。”The boss says。
“how much is it?”
“five hundred!”
“You fart?The fat and lean meat in the vegetable market is only five yuan a catty,You sell pigs at the price of white meat in the market?”Wang San glared at the boss。
Farmer,Seeing killing every day,Bold,Wang San stared at him,He doesn’t care at all,said laughingly,“Big brother,Don’t stare at me,Really,A hundred catties of pigs are long fat,I can’t bear to sell,Not long,Just two hundred catties。”
“Forget it,Don’t care about you,Four hundred bars,Lao Tzu really suffers,More expensive,You help kill。”
“Row,Help you kill,I’m serious,Food is expensive this year,The pig price is a bit more expensive,Last year, the rice was only 80 cents per catty.,This year is one and two。”Kill a pig,No trouble,It’s solved with one cut。
“Shit,Your pig eats rice?correct,Chopped all four feet,I do not want。”Wang San is watching him kill the pig。
“The price of feed has risen,This year is four years,Do you think it is still the price of zero and zero?”Speaking skills,The boss has helped Wang San kill the pig。
“Lend you a motorcycle。”Wang San motioned to the boss to put the pig on the motorcycle。
“This……”The boss looks at Wang San,Hesitate。

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