What he wants is this.,I didn’t expect Xu Qiang to be said.。

He has come so many times without Xu Qiang so successful.。
He also has a little change in the eyes of Zhao Xiaoli.。
I feel that this Sao Niang is like Xu Qiang.,As long as she said to her,Giving out some ideas,It’s easy to hook each other.?
Think here,His eyes are also a bit hot。
But think of Liu Dafu,Think about your relationship with Liu Dafu,He is still silent.。
Xu Qiang heard Zhao Xiaoli already hook,It is also a laugh:“no problem,Although you can cast,As for the boss of your Li, let’s talk about it.,After all, Li Boss is a man.,I am not interested in men.,Of course, I still care about Li Boss’s money.。”
Zhao Xiaoli heard this,It also feels that Xu Qiang seems to have something.。
But she did not pick up this 茬。
“Row,wait for me a while,I will give you money.。”
Say,Zhao Xiaoli took a thousand cash from the drawer from the office to Handed Xu Qiang。
Xu Qiang is in charge of money,It is also a gently gently use finger to scribble on the opponent’s hands.。
moment,Zhao Xiaoli saw the other side of each other。
But see Xu Qiang’s clothes do not have a look,She is also very sensitive to she can’t help but feel too sensitive.。
“I write a receipt for you.,I will send you money on time tomorrow.。”
Zhao Xiaoli originally thinks about it,But since the other party said,She did not stop。
She also wants to see the other party is really a fake。
Referring to the receipt,The other party is no longer born more。
Soon with Liu Jiashan。
Two after leaving,Liu Jiashan frowned。
“Hadron,What is the set of sets is that you stop in the pyramid scheme.?”
“Hey-hey,Or Liu Da Ge knows me.,Although I have a lot of losses for so many years,But I also learned something.,I still have1024project,There are other casages that come from find a project code from the Internet to take out a lot of money.。”
“But now people are smart.,Not cheat,But this is far from,Many people don’t understand,I feel that I can make a profit.。”
Xu Qiang said this,I am also excited in my heart.。
After all, this is his first time.,I used to take him with him.,Now that he is doing others。
Although Liu Jiashan took him over,But he understands,For this set of Liu Jiashan is a gate,Mao is not understanding。
Liu Jiashan heard this,Also, I can’t help but look at Xu Qiang.。
I always feel that Xu Qiang IQ has a problem.,Otherwise, it will not be deceived.,But today it seems,Not necessarily the IQ problem,It should be big,Want to fight,The kind of bicycle changed motorcycle!“You are not a little higher this threshold.,100,000 can be investive!”
“Hey-hey,100,000 is really not high,And do you have the two money??
Let’s make a big hurry, the running road is the right path.,Otherwise, we have been played by others for a maximum of one week.。”
I heard this,Liu Jiashan has some unexpectedly。
“Are you not very good??
How to play by others?”
“I am not very skilled.,Moreover, people will let us take the deputy to take the deputy.,You say where you come so much money?”
“100,000 pieces,Ten days, no,I still owe 100,000 people,Don’t understand?”
Xu Qiang said like this,Liu Jiashan also understands。
I haven’t eaten pork but always see the pig run.。
“What you mean is that these days, as long as someone hooks?,Then constantly develop,Ten days from around ten days to a certain number of people,Go straight to the road?”

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