“Beautiful lady,We will be there in five minutes。”The best and largest five-star hotel in Bangkok booked by Chen Geng:The Mandarin Oriental Hotel specially went to the airport to pick up Chen Geng’s extended Mercedes-BenzSDriver,Remind Mirren softly。

“Thank you。”Collect all doubts,Mirren just put one in10Dollar tip。
See Franklin and face value in front of you,The driver who did not expect that the other party would directly give us dollars was overjoyed:Sent!
Mirren wondered how the officials in Bangkok knew the news that the boss came to Thailand、How could they come to the hotel to visit them?boss,So when the next day at 9:30 in the morning,The hotel front desk informed Mirren through the exclusive butler of the presidential suite,A deputy mayor of Bangkok city government named Piyola wants to visit his boss、When is it convenient for my boss,Mirren was shocked:How is this operation played?
“Oh,Very simple,”Facing Mirren’s doubts,Chen Geng said casually:“I asked Alex to say hello to the U.S. Embassy in Thailand,Let me speak from the U.S. Embassy in Thailand to the Bangkok City Government。”
She doesn’t know what to say,A current U.S. mayor personally called the U.S. Embassy in Thailand,Of course, the US Embassy in Thailand cannot fail,When the Bangkok City Government received a call from the U.S. Embassy in Thailand,Said that a rich man from the United States is going to come to Thailand for inspection、investment,How will the Thai government react?
Mirren does not yet know how the Thai government will react,But he felt,With Thailand’s economic situation no better than China,They havebossShould be no less enthusiastic than ChinabossEnthusiasm。
“that……What do i need to do?”
“Nothing needed,”Chen Geng shook his finger twice:“remember,Thai people are begging us now。”
“Shouldn’t it be like in China?”Mirren’s doubts。
Chen Geng pouted:“You think too much。”
quickly,Mirren knew how his boss plans to play in Thailand。
Facing the deputy mayor of the Thai capital,My boss is not at all like the one that faced the Chinese government……how to say?It’s like a child who has been away for many years, eager to do something for his family,In Mirren’s view,At the momentbossIs really a qualified boss:It’s totally indifferent to Pia Yola……
“Mr. Piayoula,I must remind you to understand,I came to Thailand to invest,But just have this idea,Will it invest、How much to invest,It depends on the specific survey results。”Chen Geng sat on the sofa stiffly,Look defiant。
On the contrary,Whether it’s Piyola or the staff of the Bangkok city government who came with him,I don’t even think there is anything wrong with Chen Geng’s attitude——During the Vietnam War,Approximately from Bangkok90The U-Tapao Military Base was once the U.S. Air ForceB-52One of the main bases for strategic bombers to bomb Vietnam,Such a close distance,Thai、Especially Bangkok people are really familiar with American virtues,in1972Piyola, who was the deputy mayor of Bangkok in 2016, is even more familiar with American virtues.,Chen Geng’s appearance is considered to be“Amiable”Up,Facing Chen Geng’s attitude,He even feels flattered。

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