“Wang Muzi,The big man somehow has a woman’s name。Just call Muzi!”Xiaoyu looked disgusted。

Look at her,I seem to really hate my boyfriend。
But Chen Yunxi has no doubts,After all these years,There are so many friends。
In fact,Muzi was also very depressed at this time。He just came back with Qin Feng,It’s just who would have thought that someone would be arrested and play a boyfriend?
Yes,This Muzi really went with Qin FengBMuzi who fiddled with intelligence。
Originally fromBAfter the city comes back,He feels he can relax and rest。
Who ever thought,Was pulled away on the street。
He is not Xiaoyu’s boyfriend,of course,He also knew Xiaoyu at first,I chased Xiaoyu early,But the latter seems to look down on him,So afterwards, this matter disappeared。
Who can think of,Now Xiaoyu actually let him play her boyfriend,This makes Muzi even more depressed。Because if it’s just acting,At most, hold hands and hug on this occasion。
This kind of tofu will make Muzi unsatisfied,I’ll even be provoked by evil thoughts,It happened to be on fire but didn’t help him put out the fire,So Muzi is also very depressed。
Even try to avoid more physical contact with Muzi。Because he is also afraid of being ashamed in such a place。
“Mr. Muzi,Come and sit,I used to be good friends with Xiaoyu。Since I haven’t seen you in years,Of course get together,correct,How do you know Xiaoyu.”
Chen Yunxi chatted with the two of them balabaratly。
have to say,Chen Yunxi is still very enthusiastic,But Zhang Yong, who knew her, smiled while drinking。Because it is obvious that the more approachable Chen Yunxi is at this time, the more he is showing off。
It’s like telling Xiaoyu, look,How nice i treat your boyfriend,And didn’t you find out?Your boyfriend doesn’t look at you anymore,All the attention is here。
Muzi would never understand these intrigues。He was just dumbfounded by Chen Yunxi being pulled into a chair and sitting down, then pouring wine and asking questions。
In order not to reveal that he is an intelligence officer, Muzi can only say that he is a manager of a large company based on the script designed by Xiaoyu.。

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