Yoga practice should be different for each person to avoid sports injuries

Yoga practice should be different for each person to avoid sports injuries

Yoga, with its unique charm, attracts more and more followers, especially women who like to be fit and slender, and practice yoga in order to lose weight.

However, due to improper training methods or quick success, some practitioners suffered sports injuries.

  According to experts, yoga is a fitness exercise that is very suitable for women. It can strengthen the tenacity of muscles, and also has the effect of losing weight.

There are many patients aged between 40 and 50 who have muscle and ligament strains, and some have sprains in the waist or joints. Most of them have problems after practicing yoga for a month or two.

The first reason is that some yoga practitioners have chronic diseases such as lumbar disc herniation, arthritis, etc., the increase in the amount of transformational exercise and the increase in the range of movement, coupled with improper methods in the exercise, resulting in the recurrence of the old disease.Eager to achieve success, in order to achieve the effect of weight loss, often strive to achieve the rate of compliance, excessive training, resulting in muscle, ligament strain or lumbar spine, joint sprains.

  Experts reminded that yoga is a kind of peaceful and coordinated exercise. The emphasis is on regulating physiology, taboos, impatience, and quick success. Attention should be paid to the following three points: First: Women who understand their physical conditions and want to practice yoga are participating in trainingBefore class, it is better to do a physical examination to determine the exercise plan and training program according to your physical condition.

People with high blood pressure, high blood pressure, heart disease and poor brain blood supply are advised not to practice yoga.

Because the posture of yoga movements changes greatly, the inverted and bow movements cause the blood to flow backward, which may cause accidents due to insufficient blood supply to the heart and brain.

Women with distal lumbar disc herniation, spondylolisthesis, knee arthritis or osteoporosis are not suitable for high-intensity yoga training.

These people can choose some sports that are more suitable for their physical conditions.

  Second: The training method should be scientific, moderate in intensity and gradual.

The purpose of practicing yoga is to cultivate self-cultivation, cultivate deep inner comfort and physical harmony, so it cannot have too strong a utilitarian color.

Many people mistakenly believe that every movement that a teacher can do is the standard movement of yoga, and for this reason, they are forced to reach the target in order to ignore their own conditions.

In fact, each person’s physical conditions are different, and the length of the practice is different. In the practice, it should be appropriate to the person, easy to difficult, step by step, and unity cannot be forced.

Especially for some serious and higher movements, if the scale is not well grasped, it will easily cause sports injuries, and the first thing is the tissues with poor range stability and poor stability, such as the lumbar spine, knee joints, and ligaments.

  Third: In the early stages of yoga practice, it is normal for you to feel soreness and pain. If you have longer hidden pain, especially the lumbar spine and joints, you should promptly consult a professional coach or go to the hospital for examination, under the guidance of a doctor.Regulate through proper rest or necessary treatment. Do not carry on or practice with pain, so as not to cause irreparable injury.

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