Shower bodybuilding method

Shower bodybuilding method

If you add different things in the shower, I believe there will be many different effects!

Can make you easily enjoy the happy feeling of thin bath!

  First, add essential oils to multiply the effect. When bathing, the combination of exercise and aromatherapy makes bodybuilding effects more outstanding.

The following three essential oils have a slimming effect. Choose your favorite scent, drip 4-5 drops in the bathtub, stir it into the bath, and slowly breathe the aroma while doing exercise!

Baby’s own health, we must take care of every cell in the body.

  Second, grapefruit essential oil improves obesity. Grapefruit essential oil has a fresh citrus aroma, which can promote blood and lymph circulation, eliminate sludge and slight excessive obesity, and help beautiful women who have reduced obesity to perform body cleanup and play a dieting effect.

It is also effective for indigestion and hangovers.

  Third, Juniper essential oil eliminates edema Juniper essential oil contains Juniper scent, which can enhance kidney function, eliminate excess water and old things, and eliminate edema.

Strong irritant, not suitable for pregnant women and weak kidneys.

  Fourth, Cypress essential oil improves the physical pain of poor blood circulation. Cypress essential oil contains resin incense, which can remove congestion and edema, adjust endocrine, and has a curative effect on women with physical pain and excessive menstrual blood.

In addition, it has a good astringent effect on oily skin, but it is not suitable for pregnant women.

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